Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 8 – “She doesn’t talk that much. But hey, that’s cool.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 8 – “Can I See Your Kuna?”


Teams will be flying to *SHOCK!* Panama City, Republic of Panama with $550 on their BMO CashBack MasterCards.

Once in Panama City, teams must head to the Biomuseo, designed by world renowned Canadian architect Frank Gehry and search for the white wolf to get their next clue.

That clue tells teams to make their way to Paseo Esteban Huertas in Casco Viejo. And that clue reveals the Road Block: Who’s ready to meet their match?


For this Road Block, teams must choose a mola, memorize the design and search the old city for the one Kuna woman wearing a matching mola. They must bring the woman back to the mola kiosk and if correct, will have Jesus give them the next clue.

Karen, Adam, Paul, Korey and Ryan decide to do the Road Block. Paul finds the correct woman first followed by Adam and Ryan. Korey is next. That means Karen is last and she feels it. She becomes teary and frustrated and says she is considering taking the penalty. She heads back to Bert who encourages her. They reread the clue and she finally knows where to look.


The next clue reveals the Detour: Up for a Drink or Down for the Count.
In Up for a Drink, teams head to Las Clementinas Hotel where they must identify the flavors of five different craft beers from Casa Bruja.
In Down for the Count, teams must head to a gym where they will learn and perform a series of six boxing combos.
Sam & Paul, Adam & Andrea and Kenneth & Ryan all choose beer. Korey & Ivana choose the boxing. Sam & Paul, the first to arrive at the beer, decide to switch after several failed attempts.

Being drunk definitely is not helping Sam & Paul as Karen & Bert arrive. Adam & Andrea decide to switch Detours as well. Kenneth & Ryan stay behind, but eventually decide to switch too.


Korey & Ivana step in the ring and deliver a pair of TKOs. They can now make their way to the Sports Complex at Escuela Dr. Belisario Porras. Here, teams learn the moves of a drum majorette to lead the Banda de Musica Virgilio Escala del Colegio Pedro Pablo Sanchez.

Sam & Paul and Adam & Andrea finish the Detour next. Bert is a southpaw and has been learning the combos with the wrong hand. That allows Kenneth & Ryan to pass them.

All the teams catch up at the marching band. Korey & Ivana are on their 2nd attempt and fail.

Sam & Paul go for their 1st attempt and get the thumbs up. They are given a picture of Jon in front of the Panama sign. But teams have to figure out that there are two Panama signs and will need to look closely at the photo to determine which one is the Pit Stop.


Korey & Ivana are right behind Sam & Paul, but Sam & Paul step on the Mat first and win a trip to New Orleans. Korey & Ivana are dropped off at the other Panama sign. They realize their mistake and hop back in the taxi.

That allows Kenneth & Ryan, who get the thumbs up on their first attempt, to officially finish as Team #2.

Karen & Bert also get it on their first attempt. Adam & Andrea pass on their 4th attempt.

Adam & Andrea manage to step on the Mat as Team #3. Karen & Bert are taken to the other location too.

Korey & Ivana have to settle for Team #4. That means Karen & Bert are last, but this is a Non-Elimination Leg.


Episode Thoughts

Definitely the best Leg of the season, no question. And I doubt any of the final Legs will be able to top it. It’s just different when you have teams away from home. Just a different dynamic. Not to mention, international destinations allow for a wider variety of tasks instead of the obvious scraping of the barrel by remaining in Canada. Which is still crazy because I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff to do in these Canadian locations, yet the show decides on the simplest, most generic or recycled task.

Anyway, let’s get to this Leg. Which I also think was so much better than the Cuba last year.

Lol at having to mention “Canadian architect Frank Gehry” right at the top, but it’s okay. It was just a Route Marker.

The Road Block was great. A task involving the molas of Panama is a no-brainer. (It was a very familiar Road Block in Panama City lol, but I think this one here is a little better since it needed to bring the woman back to the starting point.)

The Detour was very good. The beer tasting task comes two weeks after TAR China’s version aired. So it was familiar for me who watches both. But in general, it was a typical TAR task. Even TAR Canada task, really. (We miss you DQ! lol) The boxing side of the Detour was good too and it appeared to be at least, a little physical considering the teams were drenched in sweat. Plus the heat of course.

And the final task with the band was alright. While it’s not ideal to have a Get in line task at the end of a Leg, it’s okay here since it was a Non-Elimination.

The final clue with just a picture and the two locations was also good for a Non-Elimination, but probably too cruel for an Elimination Leg.

Overall, the best Leg of the season, no question.

My Subjective Team Rankings

I love Korey & Ivana. They will definitely be my favorite team of the season, no doubt. They were awesome and fun this episode, as always. I cringed when Ivana talked about taking a penalty at the band task, but thank goodness they didn’t. Sucks that they weren’t able to get the win.

Happy that it was Karen & Bert who were saved by a Non-Elimination. Again, I cringed when Karen wanted to take a penalty at the Road Block. But it’s great that she continued on instead. They still have a lot of fight left in them and can very well get out of last place next Leg.

Adam & Andrea and Sam & Paul are just alright. They seem like they both have a good shot at winning the whole thing. But they’d be okay, though boring winners for me. =/ I dunno. I just don’t feel excited for them, though Sam & Paul have been Racing very, very well these last Legs.

Kenneth & Ryan, ugh. So grating

Episode Quotes

Ivana: “I think I just had a heart attack.”
Korey: “Yeah playa!”

Andrea: “It is so hot here I can’t even breathe.”

Korey: “We’re gonna walk a little quickly today because I got another girl who will get real mad at me if I didn’t get back to her in a respectable amount of time.”

Korey: “She doesn’t talk that much. But hey, that’s cool.”

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