Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 42 – God Arrives!

Ex-Aid 42

The Gamedeus virus has infected almost everyone in Tokyo. Seito Hospital is overflowing with patients, young and old.

Asuna reports to Kyotaro-sensei and tells him this is all because of the birth of the last boss.

Kuroto cannot believe this is happening since he never wrote this pandemic into Chronicle‘s programming. Kiriya figures it was Papa Dan. Indeed, Papa Dan maniacally celebrates the infection of the world so he can rule it.

Gamedeus is downtown, continuing to infect people. But Emu and Parado show up to fight him. Asuna believes they’ll be able to defeat Gamedeus and cure everyone. But Kuroto says he specifically made Gamedeus unbeatable.

Kuroto is kinda proud of his accomplishment, but Asuna tells him to calm down since this is nothing to be proud of. She points the Bugvisor at him, but Kiriya takes it from her.

Ex-Aid 42

Kiriya takes Kuroto into the patient room. He says he’s been thinking about them having revived as Bugsters even though they died. Because of that, they have something only they can do. Kiriya henshins and takes Kuroto into the game to make him “pay” for starting all this in the first place.

Kiriya infects Kuroto with Gamedeus virus and tells him to find a way to overcome it before his Continues dry up. They battle, with Kuroto losing half of his lives. He thinks Kiriya is just enacting revenge on him. But Kiriya says Emu’s reprogramming removed that trait in him. Kuroto’s repentance holds no longer holds any meaning.

Kiriya inserts a blank Gashat into Kuroto’s driver and explains that Graphite was able to adapt to the Gamedeus virus. So now, Kuroto must find a way to survive and adapt to the virus as well.

Ex-Aid 42

Kuroto only has five lives remaining. Kiriya infects him one more time. He summons his bike and attacks Kuroto with a Bakusou Critical Strike. Kuroto Continues, but this time he says he has finally overcome the virus.

The virus starts to overcome Kiriya after Kuroto infected him earlier. But Kuroto manages to suppress the virus in Kiriya. They’ve done it!

Ex-Aid 42

They head back to the CR and Kuroto furiously works to finish the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat.

Kuroto declares himself an immortal god, but Kiriya sucks him into the Bugvisor and takes the Gashat.

Ministry officials are at the CR demanding they hand over Kuroto. Kiriya hands them the Bugvisor with Kuroto in it before hurrying over to Emu with the new antibody Gashat.

Ex-Aid 42

Emu uses the Gashat and delivers a Doctor Mighty Critical Finish at Gamedeus which is able to counter the virus. The infected people across the city immediately start feeling better. Papa Dan, monitoring the situation, will not allow Gamedeus to be defeated.

Emu and Parado team up against a weakened Gamedeus. But before they can deliver the finisher, Papa Dan appears to protect Gamedeus. Or so it seems. He delivers a Critical Crews-Aid at Gamedeus and then sucks Gamedeus into his Bugvisor.

Papa Dan then infects himself with Gamedeus to combine its power with the power of Chronus. He also surrenders his humanity to become a Bugster and the true last boss.

Ex-Aid 42

Back at the hospital, Asuna suggests Nico become a nurse. Hiiro also compliments Taiga on being an awesome doctor. Taiga, however, says he’s leaving that in the past. Hiiro doesn’t believe that’s how he really feels.

Later, Kyotaro-sensei commends the CR on their good work. He asks Kiriya to join the CR full time and he even gets a CR coat. About Kuroto, Kyotaro-sensei says he will allow him to continue working at the CR thanks to his contribution to the antibody. But he will be under stricter control from now on.

Ex-Aid 42

Kuroto announces he no longer will go by Shin Kuroto. Instead, he wants to be called Kuroto Shin.

Episode Thoughts

So this was an interesting episode. I kinda feel like this ep was filmed the week they filmed for the movie. lol All the henshined fights and all.

I feel like they kind of rushed through the pandemic scare. When thinking about it, a pandemic should be the final obstacle against a virus big bad, right? So it should be interesting to see how Papa Dan proceeds.

I did think it was a nice and clever way to use Kiriya being a coroner and the idea of finding the antibody in infected people, sometimes dead people. It also was a great way to remind us that both Kiriya and Kuroto really are dead. Kiriya basically said as much.

But speaking of dead or the undead… Will Papa Dan or even just Chronus really ever die? Like how many times does he need to get blown up for there to be any effect? lol When you think Papa Dan’s out for the count, he just pops up next episode like nothing happened. And he doesn’t even need a Continue tube to do it.

Seeing full-on maniacal Papa Dan though reminded me of when Kuroto was just simply maniacal as well instead of just comic relief. I kinda miss those days lol

The scenes at the hospital were nice. And it was very refreshing to see Poppysuna as just Asuna this episode. Though those scenes with the Ministry people were completely unnecessary and basically 1 minute of filler.

Overall, I do think everything that happened this episode drew on various things that have happened in the story or to the characters themselves. It wasn’t necessarily a climactic episode for any one story or character. But it felt like it fit. And as long as it sets up the final episodes, then it’s alright.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 42 – God Arrives!

  1. I feel like they kind of rushed through the pandemic scare. When thinking about it, a pandemic should be the final obstacle against a virus big bad, right? So it should be interesting to see how Papa Dan proceeds.

    This was what I was saying a few months back. I also kinda wished they stretched this a bit to 2-3 episodes just to emphasize how dangerous Gamedeus is.

    That whole part with Kiriya and Kuroto was both hilarious and charming. When Genm realized what Lazer was trying to do, he was suddenly “Come on, man!! We can do this! We can do this!!” But yeah, this part really supports the idea that this two aren’t exactly the same Kiriya and Kuroto that died before.

    As for Papa Dan, there are still a few issues, but he still strangely feels a much better villain than, say Banno. There’s this aura to him that really works in depicting him a truly menacing. And, oh boy! that scene with him fusing with Gamedeus was legit horrifying.

    One thing that I like with the hospital scene was Asuna noting that Nico actually has the knack to a nurse. It would be interesting in the epilogue (if this series does get an epilogue) is they show her indeed becoming a nurse. That would be a nice narrative close for her, mirroring Emu’s transition from hardcore gamer to becoming a doctor.

    1. I definitely liked that Nico-Asuna scene.

      With Gamedeus, they’ve hyped him up all this time only to be one and done, basically. Though I guess it fits if it was to help the whole Graphite-Kiriya-Kuroto antibody thing. And also merely to give Papa Dan one final power up with him being the real final big bad. Still, it definitely would’ve been nice to see Gamedeus and the pandemic stuff for more than just one ep.

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