Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 19 – The Sprite of the Forest Planet Keel

Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 19 – The Sprite of the Forest Planet Keel

As Champ continues to be worked on, Stinger leaves his Kyutama on the waiting bench and leaves, hood up.

Kyuranger 19

Meanwhile, a huge armada of Moraimarz are flying toward Earth. And all of them sucking up the Planesium would blow Earth up instantly. The Kyurangers start to leave to face the armada, but Commander Ronpo says the only way to defeat Jark Matter is with the Argo Ship. Balance hands Naga the Rashinban Kyutama and he uses it to pinpoint the Ryukotsu Kyutama on the Planet Keel.

Elsewhere, Don Armage orders Scorpio to destroy Earth as soon as the huge fleet arrives. Scorpio mentions the Argo Ship and Don Armage says that is none of his business.

Scorpio is sure now more than ever that the Argo Ship really does hold the key for him to overthrow Don Armage. He revives Madakko who is even more in love with him now. He tells her to watch over Earth while he intercepts the Ryukotsu Kyutama before the Kyurangers.

Lucky, Hammy, Spada, Naga and Balance arrive on Keel and split up.

Kyuranger 19

Back on the Orion, Kotaro calls in to tell them Stinger is gone. Kotaro had been worried about Stinger lately. He also updates them on Champ’s condition, but it will take a while.

Naga and Balance are walking through the forest when they are suddenly tied up and hung by vines.

Kyuranger 19

Lucky, Hammy and Spada come across the locals being forced to hard labor by the Daikaan Omeega. They quickly morph and take on the Indavers. Hammy uses the Chokokugu Kyutama to give Omeega a facelift before she, Lucky and Spada drive him away.

The locals thank them for their help. They ask if they’ve seen a Kyutama anywhere and the elder says legend has it such a treasure is being protected by a powerful forest spirit. The three of them don’t care and hurry into the forest anyway.

Kyuranger 19

Lucky and Spada find Balance and Naga hanging from the tree. Suddenly, they too get tied up as the forest sprite Ellis appears. She will not have trespassers in her forest.

But invisible Hammy is able to free the boys. Lucky runs at Ellis and grabs her staff, saying they need the Ryukotsu Kyutama. She will not let them have it, but she immediately softens when she sees Spada.

Kyuranger 19

Ellis thinks Spada is hot and she immediately hurries over to wrap her arms around him.

She apologizes for acting like a witch earlier.

Lucky asks her to tell them about the Kyutama, but she refuses. Spada asks her and she immediately obliges.

Lucky asks why she says yes to Spada, but not him. Ellis says she likes hot guys. Balance steps up and says he’s a hot guy too, but she coldly tells him to go back to his planet.

Ellis says she has guarded the Ryukotsu Kyutama for many years after being entrusted to her by a great man. She keeps it in her staff as the brave man had said one day, a savior will come seeking the Argo ship. Until that time, she must keep it safe.

Kyuranger 19

The five of them show that they are the ultimate saviors of the galaxy, but she’s not impressed. Hammy says with the Ryukotsu Kyutama, they’ll have all three. Ellis wants to see the other two then, but Spada says they don’t have the Kyutamas with them.

While Ellis thinks Spada is hot, she can’t trust him or them so they must leave.

Suddenly, Scorpio appears with Omeega and uses his tail to smash Ellis’ staff and grab the Kyutama. The Kyurangers quickly morph.

Kyuranger 19

Back on the Orion, Stinger appears as Raptor and Garu are monitoring the battle on Keel. He doesn’t say a single word and walks over to grab the case holding the two Kyutama. Stinger then stings both Raptor and Garu, leaves his jacket and Seiza Blaster and walks out. Commander Ronpo comes into the bridge seconds later and is too late when he sees Stinger already flying away.

Lucky takes on Scorpio while the others fight Omeega.

Scorpio thinks Lucky is naïve for wanting to avenge Champ and says comrades only exist to be used as tools and pawns. For example, Scorpio injects venom into Omeega to turn him completely evil. Scorpio orders Omeega to kill everyone on Keel. Omeega bounces off.

Lucky tells Hammy, Spada, Balance and Naga to go follow Omeega while he stays and takes care of Scorpio. Ellis protests, saying retrieving the Kyutama should be the priority. But Lucky says they cannot ignore the people of his planet.

Lucky and Scorpio resume fighting. Scorpio admits he wants the Argo Ship to overthrow Don Armage so he can rule the galaxy himself. Lucky says the galaxy does not belong to one person. He goes Taiyou and is able to gain the upper hand against Scorpio until the Ryukotsu Kyutama goes flying into the air.

Kyuranger 19

Lucky catches the Kyutama. Scorpio then uses his tail to grab Ellis.

Scorpio demands Lucky hand over the Kyutama or Ellis dies. Ellis tells Lucky her life isn’t important and to just take the Kyutama and run. But Lucky agrees to Scorpio’s deal. Ellis screams no.

Scorpio punches Ellis in the face before letting her go. She slowly walks toward Lucky who tosses the Kyutama to Scorpio. Lucky quickly runs to shield Ellis when Scorpio moves to sting her with venom anyway.

Scorpio leaves.

Kyuranger 19

Ellis is upset Lucky just surrendered the Kyutama and wasted her years of hard work. If only he hadn’t sent the others way. But Lucky says her life is just as important as the Kyutama. They can’t be saviors if they can’t even save her or the other people of Keel.

Lucky says he wants to be a savior of the galaxy and Ellis is of course part of that galaxy.

Ellis flashes back to the “great man” who entrusted the Kyutama to her. Lucky runs to join the others and Ellis comments that he reminds her of “Orion-sama.”

The others have just taken care of Indavers before focusing on Omeega. They play jan-ken to wear Omeega down before delivering an All Star Crash to take care of his first life.

Omeega embiggens and they join Lucky to form KyuRen Oh. Omeega is knocking them around quite a bit so Lucky uses Hikari Kyutama again to go Taiyou. That energizes Balance and, for some reason, Naga as well. The buddies kick Omeega back to the Moraimarz. And together, the Kyurangers deliver a Super Galaxy Meteor Break to finish off Omeega and destroy the Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 19

Ellis apologizes for not trusting them earlier. She forgets about Spada and now crushes on Lucky. She tells them that she now knows they are the saviors Orion-sama mentioned to her when he entrusted the Ryukotsu Kyutama to her.

Orion-sama was also one of the saviors who saved the galaxy in the past.

Just then, Commander Ronpo calls to tell them about Stinger taking the Kyutamas. Lucky tells him Scorpio took the Ryukotsu Kyutama from them as well. Commander Ronpo is worried that Scorpio will now have the three.

Scorpio is in his ship when Madakko tells him he has a visitor… Stinger.

They meet in an abandoned building. “What’s come over you?” Scorpio asks.

Kyuranger 19

Stinger says he wants to believes Scorpio’s offer about saving the galaxy. He tosses the Kyutama case at Scorpio.

But before Scorpio can pick it up, Stinger aims his tail as him.

In reality, Stinger is seething and is ready to cut his aniki down for good.

Kyuranger 19

Episode Thoughts

Very nice cliffhanger! I do enjoy episodes where the main plot is maybe lighter while there’s a more dramatic undercurrent that leads to a big cliffhanger like this one. Though Scorpio was certainly involved in the main plot so it was a well-developed episode.

First, the episode plot and Ellis was some nice fun. Having a guest character of the week fall in love with or have a crush on one of the Rangers is certainly a mandatory episode, it seems, for every Sentai season. So it was done alright here. But Ellis was certainly more important as the guardian of the Ryukotsu Kyutama and for dropping that little tidbit about “Orion-sama.”

I gasped when Ellis mentioned “Orion-sama.” I forgot all about Raptor calling Orion-gou her “uncle.” (Though translations differ, I remember “uncle” being the accepted one.) Is it possible Orion isn’t just the ship, but an actual being? Maybe some kind of power as well that powers the living ship? A spirit? Who knows. It’s also possible that Orion may be Lucky’s father or something. They looked to be wearing the same white (royal?) robes. Also, the idea of a team before the current Kyurangers having saved the galaxy in the past. Either way, I like that there seems to be something there. Looking forward to seeing where this little (big?) story goes.

Now to the other big development of the episode. I like how they are making Scorpio pretty irredeemable. Not as slimy as Mangetsu in Ninninger, but just downright evil. It really helps build the tension for the whole Stinger/Scorpio plot. And it in a way justifies Stinger being so messed up. It’s not hard to see how Stinger can be so broken now after being completely betrayed by his brother, seeing him murder someone in person while remembering the genocide of their people at the hands of his older brother. That’s all insane stuff that would make anyone unstable.

Episode 16 still resonates so much with me. And I am just so happy and excited to see this story playing out. It developed well and it is continuing to develop well. Though I certainly don’t want to see it overwhelming the entire season and leaving the other characters on the side. But I think it’s good for a couple more episodes, maybe even wrapping up for the midseason climax.

Still, Stinger’s story has definitely involved the others, especially Champ and Kotaro. It’s been great to see Kotaro checking in. But it looks like next week we’ll see what I’ve been hoping we’d get to see. Kotaro helping Stinger work out his issues. That connection has definitely been established well so I’m very excited to see how next week’s episode plays out.

To maximize the effect though of Stinger’s level of contempt for his brother, I think Champ should stay offline a little while longer. If, for example, he is activated next episode before Stinger has even engaged in a battle with Scorpio, I think it would diminish the gravity of the situation. And especially if Champ is back to normal immediately. No signs of memory loss or anything like that.

Kyuranger has done a pretty good job outlining and depicting the consequences of certain actions as well as how grave the situation is with the entire galaxy under Jark Matter control. So I’m hopeful this story and others that are being teased will not disappoint, at least in that regard.

Elsewhere, I enjoyed that little bit of CGI in the mecha battle. I’ve really loved the CGI battles in Dino Force Brave and I really hope the main Sentai series incorporates more well done CGI in the mecha battles as well.

Overall, a pretty good and very enjoyable episode. Definitely a nice lead-in to Episode 20, whatever it may have in store for us.

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