Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 18 – Emergency Dispatch! Space Heroes!

Kyuranger 18

The Rashinban Kyutama has been stolen by Madakko who wants to impress Scorpio. Lucky, Hammy, Naga, Garu and Commander Ronpo are in pursuit, but Madakko suddenly gets sucked into a black hole. Despite everyone’s warnings about the dangers of a black hole, Lucky pushes through. The others all get sucked in as well.

Kyuranger 18

They end up… on Earth?

DekaRed, patrolling in orbit, sees them flying through the hole.

Madakko’s ship explodes on impact, but she’s fine and encounters Space Sheriff Gavan Geki Jumonji.

Kyuranger 18

Lucky and Naga crash land together, but their Voyagers did not suffer any major major damage. But Naga is unable to contact Hammy, Garu and Commander Ronpo.

Kyuranger 18

Lucky and Naga realize this is Earth, but without any Moraimarz. They see Madakko with Geki so they morph and jump down to demand the Rashinban Kyutama. Geki, however, intends to protect cutie Madakko from these “stalkers.”

Geki transforms into Gavan and they fight.

Kyuranger 18 Kyuranger 18

Hammy, Garu and Commander Ronpo, meanwhile, land near an amusement park. They are surprised, but happy to see the people in this universe’s Earth so free and happy. Suddenly, DekaGreen Enari Senichi and DekaPink Koudo Koume arrive to place them under arrest after reports of illegal aliens arriving on Earth.

The Dekarangers confuse Garu for being a relative of Doggie Kruger. Commander Ronpo tries to explain that they are not hostile illegal immigrants aliens. Umeko asks for their visas, but they have no idea what that is. Sen-chan and Umeko cuff Hammy, Garu and Commander Ronpo.

Meanwhile, Geki has the upper hand. He kicks Naga to the ground before turning his attention to Lucky. They face off. Geki does not like Lucky mounting him. Naga tries to get them to calm down by literally getting in the middle. But he instead gets punched by both.

Lucky tries slapping Naga awake as Geki realizes the cute little miss octopus has left.

Kyuranger 18

At the DekaBase, the Hammy, Garu and Commander Ronpo are trying to explain their situation to Sen-chan and Umeko, but the interrogation goes nowhere. Doggie Kruger enters and Hammy immediately says he’s Garu’s older brother.

Kyuranger 18

For a moment, Garu believes it. Commander Ronpo bows in thanks to Doggie for his “little brother” being a big help to their cause. Doggie Cruger says he should be the one thanking them for taking care of his broth…

Anywy, Doggie Cruger warns the Kyurangers that their window to return home is closing fast.

Lucky and Naga are able to get Geki to understand their situation. But the more important question for Naga is what a police officer is. Geki explains and Naga says they don’t have anything like that in their galaxy since Jark Matter is in control of everything.

Kyuranger 18

Geki describes how he and his comrades try to make their galaxy a safe and peaceful place. Lucky says that’s what they are trying to do as well, but they are the ultimate saviors, thus much cooler.

Just then, Madakko comes flying overhead… in Geki’s spaceship. Lucky and Naga summon their Voyagers and Geki hops in with Lucky. Geki forces Lucky to get the Voyager right above his ship so he can jump out.

Kyuranger 18

Geki confronts Madakko and they fight. With no one operating the controls, the ship comes crashing onto Earth and ejecting both Geki and Madakko. Lucky and Naga arrive. And just as Madakko readies to shoot Geki, Lucky pushes him out of the way. Madakko’s shot causes a huge explosion and it actually sends Lucky flying right into her chest, knocking her back.

Geki compliments Lucky and they become friends. Naga thinks they make a great combi.

Kyuranger 18

Madakko is about to shoot at the distracted three, but DekaRed Akaza Banban appears and shoots at her instead, sending her over the cliff.

Ban explains that he saw them falling out of the black hole which is now quickly closing. He says the other Kyurangers are working with the other Dekarangers to help delay the wormhole’s closing. They only have 30 minutes left.

Kyuranger 18 Kyuranger 18

Ban and Geki say they will do what they can to help them get home.

Madakko vows to kill them all and she summons a Deathworm. Ban tells Lucky and Naga that they are his kouhai since they are both space Sentai.

They all morph. Lucky and Ban take on Madakko while Naga and Geki team up to take care of the Deathworm.

The four of them finish off Madakko and Lucky is able to retrieve the Rashinban Kyutama. The Deathworm embiggens. Geki hops into his Electronic Starbeast Doru. Commander Ronpo arrives and says he’s always wanted to team up with another dragon.

Kyuranger 18

Lucky thinks that looks fun so he hops onto the top of RyuVoyager with Geki on top of his own dragon’s head. Ban notes that there’s really no reason for them to do that.

With only 10 minutes left until the wormhole collapses, they quickly blow up the Deathworm. Lucky thanks Geki and Banban-sempai before hopping onto his Voyager.

Kyuranger 18

The five Kyurangers hurry through the wormhole just before it collapses.

Kyuranger 18

Doggie, Sen-chan and Umeko watch as the Kyurangers return home. Doggie asks if they’ve gotten their visas for their wedding on a different planet.

Kyuranger 18

Back on the Orion, Spada has some fresh, hot takoyaki for everyone. He, Balance and Raptor are all jelly that they didn’t get to go on the big adventure.

But everyone is encouraged and motivated by seeing the peace and happiness in the parallel universe. They hope to attain that peace in this universe too very soon.

Meanwhile back at Rebellion HQ, Stinger puts on his hooded cloak.

Kyuranger 18

Episode Thoughts

Ooo! I don’t even know why but that little final scene made Stinger look very badass. lol I wonder what’s next for him. We didn’t really see much of him when he was all rogue and alone, other than that flashback with Commander Ronpo. I would love to see him go at it on his own, going after his brother. But then of course, he learns that it’s better as a team. Typical Sentai lesson of course, but it would be really great here considering the strong foundation they’ve set up with Stinger’s character.

Anyway, this was a fun episode. I only read after watching the episode that it really exists merely to promote the new V-Cinema with the Dekarangers and Gavan. That’s fine. I dig it. You come to expect things like that with Toei and Bandai. lol

But it’s certainly a logical crossover between the space properties of course.

It’s interesting though that Kyuranger is set in a different universe/dimension than basically the rest of Sentai. Though of course, this won’t be the last time the Kyurangers interact with other Sentai teams or Kamen Riders. If this were Power Rangers, some fans would be having a complete fit. lol But since it is Sentai, there’s plenty of leeway with continuity and all that.

I’ve never seen a single episode of Dekaranger other than the Gokaiger tribute. And I’m not really a fan of SPD. But from the few times I’ve watched anything Dekaranger, it seems like I’d enjoy it and like it a lot more than SPD. So one of these days maybe I’ll check it out.

With Geki, I don’t remember his personality being so Lucky-like in Go-Busters and Super Hero Taisen. But it’s been a while so maybe I don’t remember much. It was kinda weird, but I guess it kinda fit with Lucky’s antics.

I guess we don’t really need to know how Madakko actually stole the Rashinban Kyutama and that whole thing was just to set up the crossover.

I kinda felt sorry for Madakko this episode. Like she was pretty beat up this ep and then they repeated that highly suggestive scene from last week with Madakko’s face right at Scorpio’s crotch level. And then her dying and resurrecting and losing a bit of herself each time. That’s really brutal and kinda gross, especially if she continues to allow Scorpio to basically enslave her like that. That’s depressing and he could totally top Ninninger‘s Mangetsu as most disgusting villain if this keeps up. Especially after he allowed the genocide of his own people of course.

Overall, a fun episode.

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