Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (19) 39 – "Enjoy the last day of your lives!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (19) 39 – “Edge of Extinction”


Sledge oversees the sprucing up of his ship for the wedding while also making plans to get rid of Snide. Down on Earth, the Rangers bring a strange dinosaur-looking egg back to the command cave for Kendall to analyze.


Heckyl is enjoying a big, delicious meal at the cafe saying “A man should be able to enjoy his last meal.” He tells them the egg will hatch a Greenzilla monster and that Sledge has planted six of them around the world: Tokyo, New York, China, Hawaii, London and Amber Beach.


They ask for his help to save Earth like he tried to save his planet. But Heckyl says that guy doesn’t exist anymore. There’s no goodness left in him. But Shelby and the others try to convince him he’s with them and they’re with him.

“It’s over Rangers. Enjoy the last day of your lives.”

Down in the command cave, the Rangers see the other eggs have already hatched. The one in their possession is about to hatch, but they blast it. Keeper leads everyone in a final cheer (“Rangers Forever!”) before they split up into their five Megazords to take care of the Greenzillas.

Up on the ship, the wedding begins. But there’s a mouse scurrying around. Poisandra gets thrown into the cake as Fury comes running in with the news of Greenzillas getting killed.

Snide takes the Dark Energem as everyone is deployed to keep Sledge’s plan on track.

Tyler is able to defeat the Tokyo Greenzilla. But the others are struggling bad.


Big cities around the world are being evacuated. People are panicking. Heckyl is enjoying a snowcone amidst the chaos. But he sees a little girl crying. Her mother is nearby looking for her. He decides to reunite them. The mother thanks him and kisses him. Heckyl remembers Shelby being nice to him as well.

Koda and Shelby get Ankylo help in New York, Tyler joins Ivan, Chase and Riley in London while Zenowing gets new Chargers in China.

Snide, armed with the Dark Energem, breaks into the now evacuated museum as that’s where the missing egg is supposed to be. He realizes there must be something underground, so he bursts through the floor just as Kendall and Keeper celebrate the Greenzilla’s being killed.


Keeper pushes Kendall out of the way as the ceiling comes collapsing down.

“Allow me to provide the museum with two new fossils!”


Snide destroys the Energem crystals. Kendall will not have any of it. She puts her helmet on and battles Snide. The command cave is wrecked. Just when it looks like Kendall and Keeper are dead, Heckyl arrives to protect them. Snide runs, but Heckyl and Kendall run after him.

Sheby and Koda arrive just before Snide can jump back into his pod. The other Rangers arrive as well, including the Ultrazord. Snide calls for the Magnabeam, but Sledge tells Wrench to just leave him to die.

“Because of me you’re in this world, and I couldn’t be happier to help you leave it!”


Heckyl joins the Rangers to finally kill Snide for good.


Up on the ship, Wrench presides over Sledge and Poisandra’s wedding. They are pronounced husband and wife, but Sledge forgot the beautiful Energem ring… which is now gone.

The Rangers look for the Dark Energem amidst the bits and pieces of Snide’s body and they find it. But it doesn’t even have a scratch on it from the huge attack. Heckyl wants to help, if they let him.

Suddenly, Kendall sees that the command cave is under attack… by Fury! Keeper is there! They hurry over.



Episode Thoughts

Much better episode. Exciting, though a little long on the Megazord vs. Greenzilla battles.


The best part of the episode though was Helmetless Kendall and her and Keeper holding the fort. Kendall vs. Snide was also amazing. The show has really shortchanged Kendall when it comes to action stuff during the season, but they made up for it here.

Heckyl turning good was alright. Very typical storyline, though I think they should’ve planted the seeds to it even before he split with Snide.

I wish there was more of a threat this episode to help lead into the finale. But the level of danger feels pretty low, especially since we don’t know what Sledge can or will do. The Greenzillas were basically MOTWs only instead of a big endgame. So we’ll see happens next week.

Hopefully it’s a big finale finale.

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