Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 43 – Connection! The Child Prodigy!

Ghost 43

While Aria watches her brother’s real, naked body descend from the Great Eye, everyone at the temple gathers at Papa Tenkuuji’s grave for Obon.

Ghost 43

Grampa Sennin says Ryuu was correct when predicting Takeru will surpass him. But Takeru says that when everyone’s thoughts connect, that becomes hope and it started with their group of buds back then. Now they’re an even bigger group of friends.

Takeru thanks them all and promises to come back to life.

Later that night, a little boy creepily does math, chugs honey and begins humming a weird-ass song which makes his TV go crazy. The song goes out across the city, much to the delight of Igor.

With five days left for Takeru, Akari and Onari are in the lab hard at work with more research. Akari is encouraged by all the hard work their good friend Bills-san is doing at Deep Connect with the amazing Demia Project.

Grampa Sennin says there are three Ganmaizer left and they must stop Adel before he can connect with the Great Eye.

Ghost 43

But over in the Great Room, Aria watches as her naked brother bursts out of the ice block. Igor appears, congratulates Adel for connect with the Eye and reports that the Demia Project is about to be set in motion.

Ghost 43

Naked Adel is pleased, but maybe not as much as Igor who is excited about being 2nd in command finally over Edith.

Sennin sneezes at Takeru while being talked about.

Kanon comes down to the lab to tell them they have a client.

Ghost 43

The client is the creepy boy, Hiroki’s mother and she explains the creepy situation. Shibuya finds posts online about other similar situations. They all agree there must be a connection between them all. Wanting to be useful, Onari says he’ll investigate. But Takeru goes with. Makoto, Narita and Shibuya will check out the other reports.

Over at Deep Connect, Igor and Bills set a 7+ hour countdown lock. Igor henshins to Onpu.

Ghost 43

Takeru and Onari interrupt Hiroki’s creepy song to introduce themselves. Hiroki starts babbling about famous mathematicians and how he himself has come up with better formulas. Just then, Hiroki’s eyes flash red.

Makoto, Narita and Shibuya have also seen strange sweet-thing-eating people solving long equations. Akari excitedly discovers that all the creepy people are using Demia’s beta contact lenses.

Takeru and Onari go see their good friend Bills-san who explains how the electronic contacts connect people like the internet to electronics and even other people. Bills adds that this is only one part of Demia and that they believe this is humanity’s future. Takeru says that’s why it might get used for evil purposes, just like making people hum creepy tunes.

Ghost 43

Bills says he is not aware of such side effects. But the 50 million pairs of contacts already distributed will be activated in six hours and they have no way of stropping the project. Takeru says they’ll figure something out.

While Onari decides to put the contacts on, Takeru tells Akari that the Ganma must have somehow infiltrated the Demia Project. Akari will not let anyone ruin the dreams of her good friend Bills.

Onari begins to jump around reciting the exact number of pi. Yurusen says he’s an idiot.

Igor suddenly appears. He admits using Demia Project. Takeru henshins to Boost and goes Beethoven to counter Onpu.

Ghost 43

Back in the Great Eye Ballroom, Adel explains what Demia Project actually is to Aria. It will make the human and G worlds as one.

While Adel summons the three Ganmaizer, cloneMakoto appears. Makoto henshins and easily dispatches it. Before disappearing, cloneMakoto says he will become Makoto very soon.

The Deep Specter Eyecon glows and Makoto is in pain. Adel does something and the three Ganmaizer tablets appear before multiplying and engulfing a whole circle of Makotos. The tablets return to Adel’s person while the dozen Makotos combine into one. “I have become the real me,” Makoto2 says.

Ghost 43

Narita and Shibuya help Makoto back home.

Takeru and Hiroki’s mother watches Hiroki talking to himself. “The world has finally become one,” Hiroki says.

Akari believes the way to stop the Demia contacts is to destroy the main server connecting them all. Alain takes his driver and goes to help.

Igor will not allow that. Takeru henshins to Mugen. But in addition to two Ganma, Igor summons Demia zombies which he turns into Eyecons, Onari included. The Eyecons become basic Ganma and Takeru must fight them off.

Ghost 43

Alain arrives and says if these are anything like the Ganma back home, all they have to do is destroy the Eyecons to return the souls to their original bodies.

Simple enough and they are able to return all the people back. Igor doesn’t care because it’s too late for them to stop their plans. He leaves.

Ghost 43

Takeru tries to get Onari back to his body. But Onari doesn’t want to just yet. He inserts himself into Alain.

They see a news report that Demia Project begins in three hours. Takeru is anxious to see their best friend Bills-san.

Ghost 43

Episode Thoughts

WTF this cliffhanger though. I really don’t give a crap about Bills-san or the dumb contact lenses or Igor’s song. This really has been the worst part of the season, honestly. What little development it’s had has been nonsense. Even nakedAdel wanting to combine with tablets has more solid footing than any of this Deep Connect stuff.

And even worse, this Deep Connect stuff makes our heroes gullible and incredibly stupid. Akari’s “I won’t let anyone interfere with Bills-san’s…” I’m all SHUT THE HELL UP! WTF.

And then they go and end the episode with Takeru eager to go save their good friend.

Shut up. Seriously.

Ugh. I hate all of it. And this episode was all about it. So, it certainly wasn’t very enjoyable for me.

Anyway. Since we’re here. That creepy kid stuff definitely felt inspired by a certain Arthur C. Clarke novel with all that stuff about becoming the world or whatever. Creepy kids flying into the sky in the next episode, probably.

The one fun thing in the episode at least was seeing Hayato Isomura playing Onari at the end and into the next episode. Fun, but it’s an episode that should’ve been done in the 30s.

So overall, this was a big

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  1. Okay, I will admit, for a scifi nut like me, the premise for Demia and that genius kid was at least a bit interesting. But also felt like the premise for an entirely different show and not Ghost. And like I have said before, it has really come to the point that I don’t really care about it anymore no matter how interesting. What a real waste of that storyline.

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