Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 4, Episode 6 -"I'm not dumber than the dumbest person you've ever met."

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 4, Episode 6 – “Am I Actually Operating the Plane?”


Teams are heading to Hamilton, Ontario with $400 on their BMO Cash Back MasterCard. They will be flying via Vancouver to Toronto where they must then take a taxi to the Hamilton main branch of the Bank of Montreal.

Julie & Lowell are first to arrive and are given a tablet with a special message from home. For them, it’s their parents and kids. And their parents tell them to make their way to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

That next clue reveals the Road Block: Who’s the best backseat driver.

For this Road Block, teams will learn how to fly a 1952 single engine, two-seater de Havilland Chipmunk. After a brief lesson, the pilot will take them up to 2000 feet at 200 km/hr, the teams will take the controls and perform a rate one turn, 360 degrees at a consistent speed and altitude.

Steph and Julie decide to do it. Steph and Julie both fail their first attempt. Julie barfs. Frankie & Amy arrive at the museum and decide to use their Express Pass.


Jillian & Emmett and Rita & Yvette arrive and Lowell tells them about the Fire & Ice using the Express Pass. They are all trying to figure out how Frankie & Amy could’ve gotten one. Kristen is worried about being found out.

Joel & Ashley, in last place, arrive at the museum. Ashley and Kristen make a deal. Ashley won’t tell everyone about the Express Pass and Steph & Kristen must promise not to U-Turn father and daughter.

Steph and Julie both pass on their 2nd attempts. Jillian is next to finish on her 1st attempt. Rita and a screaming Ashley get it on their 2nd attempts.

After the Road Block, teams must make their way to Bayfront Park where they will complete a MEC-sponsored action sport course including bike riding, kayaks and a climbing wall.


Frankie & Amy finish the sports course and get the clue for a limited stations Detour: Dry Dock or Art Rock.
In Dry Dock, teams will head to Heddle Marine Service where they will weld two steel plates together.
In Art Rock, teams must recreate a custom craft beer label using stencils and spray paint to used by Collective Arts Brewery.

Frankie & Amy choose Dry Dock, but Steph & Kristen and Jillian & Emmett are able to catch up to them. Julie & Lowell head over to Art Rock.

Steph & Kristen pass on their 3rd attempt and can now make their way to Dundurn Castle, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race. Jillian & Emmett pass on their 6th attempt. Julie & Lowell’s artwork gets the thumbs up on their 1st attempt.


After their 8th failed attempt, Frankie & Amy decide to switch to Art Rock.

Over at the Pit Stop, Steph & Kristen step on the Mat first. They win a trip to Delhi, India. AND their next clue telling them to train it to Kingston, Ontario.

Jillian & Emmett and Julie & Lowell are Teams 2 and 3. Rita & Yvette and Frankie & Amy are 4th and 5th.

Steph & Kristen, already on a train, think a team so far behind might not even make the last train from Toronto to Kingston. Joel & Ashley head to the Mat and tell them they’re still Racing.


Episode Thoughts

It’s been a long 3 weeks since I last watched TAR Canada. Thank you to the kind soul who was able to share Episodes 6 and 7, finally. I felt like I was watching The Amazing Race Philippines 2 again with the search for episodes online that don’t exist. TAR Vietnam and China has spoiled TAR fans around the world with making their episodes available for anyone who wants.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say this episode was worth the wait. It was pretty average. Not bad, not amazing.

The Road Block was pretty cool. It was a solid challenge for teams and different from just taking a simple ride in the sky.

The MEC-sponsored extra tasks were alright. Necessary to keep the show up and running, but not the most exciting stuff to watch.

The Detour was straightforward. I would’ve thought the welding would be easier. But I guess not. I don’t know the distance between the two Detours, but that and the slight imbalance is okay for a TBC/zero-hour Pit Stop/Keep Racing Leg.

And speaking of, the editing at the end was pretty strange. It’s almost as if they had nothing else to fill the hour so they had to include all that train stuff. A little odd.

Overall, an okay episode and Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Other than Julie & Lowell being awesome, the teams were all pretty quiet this Leg and episode. Jillian and Frankie & Amy had like 5 seconds each of hilariously raised voices. But otherwise, nothing noteworthy to really change my opinion on any of the teams.

Episode Quotes

Julie: “This is the first time we’ve seen the front of Steph & Kisten’s faces. Usually it’s the back… of their heads and butts.”

Amy: “Don’t mind my butt sweat.”

Jillian: “I’m not dumber than the dumbest person you’ve ever met.”

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