Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 31 – Strange! The Power of the Ganmeizers!

Ghost 31

Takeru, Makoto-niichan and Alain go to the park where Grandma Fumi’s cart would be standing. Alain tells them that he vows to protect the treasures of this world and that someday, he will change his own world to be more like this beautiful human one that has cute babies.

Alain asks Takeru and Makoto for their help and they both gladly oblige.

Ghost 31

Akari, Onari and Kanon are also happy.

Ghost 31

Meanwhile, Adel is in the Prayer Room watching as a Ganmeizer monolith tablet returns to its place. Edith seems to have just explained that these are indestructible, immortal beings. Adel wants to use this power to create a perfect world. And to help do that, he will absorb the human world.

Adel turns to the Ganmeizers and asks to show him what they can do. Two of them pop on down. One of the Ganmeizers sends some burning balls into the human world. When one comes in contact with an adult, they suddenly turn into children.

Back at the temple, Takeru tells Akari and Onari about being able to see a person’s memories when he touches them. He wonders why he has this kind of power. Akari suggests they ask Grampa Sennin.

Ghost 31

Onari shines spider lantern to see is Gramps is here, but it’s only Yurusen.

Yurusen says Sennin isn’t here, but he thinks Takeru’s power is pretty cool. Takeru asks Yurusen about the power, but Yurusen says Takeru has more important things to worry about. Like how he only has 39 days left before he dies for good.

Kanon comes down to the lab to tell Takeru-kun that Alain-sama is here.

They all head upstairs to listen to Alain explain that he created gates or portals between the G World and the human world. And when fused together, they can create a large gate to allow for a large-scale invasion. They must now destroy these gates.

Ghost 31 Ghost 31

While Alain continues his explanation, Shibuya gets a call from his mom. He goes into the other room, but the others are surprised when Shibuya suddenly snaps at her over the phone. They wonder what’s up.

Anyway, they all split up to destroy the gates. Takeru and Onari on one team and Akari, Makoto and Alain on the other. The gates are being guarded by basic Ganma, but they and the gates are easily taken care of.

Narita and Shibuya help evacuate people from the area and report back to Onari and Takeru. Onari’s stomach growls and he suggests they go have some ramen. But Shibuya says he hates ramen. Takeru puts his hand on Shibuya’s shoulder and he suddenly gets a memory flash.

Ghost 31

Shibuya is with his mom who owns a ramen shop. He tells her that he doesn’t want to take over the shop. This prompts her to knee Shibuya in the butt.

She tells him to speak up and be a man. Shibuya replies that he’s not like his tough father and tells her he hates her before running out of the shop.

Takeru tells Shibuya that he shouldn’t hate his mother. Shibuya snaps at Takeru and runs off. Narita goes after him.

At the park, Shibuya’s mother lays a bouquet of flowers for Tetsuya, her husband. She says it’s been 18 years and apologizes that Shibuya is not here with her again.

Suddenly, the blue balls hit her and she becomes a little girl. She has no idea what she’s doing here.

Ghost 31

Adel watches from the Prayer Room and asks the 2nd Ganmeizer to do his thing too.

Ghost 31

Ganmeizer 2’s zap causes quite a bit of rumbling in the castle. Walking along in the basement corridors, Aria feels it and knows it is Adel’s doing.

Over at Deep Connect, Igor compliments Bills on a job well done getting the gullible Takeru-tachi to trust him. Igor says (for the 87th time) that it’s time for their plan to move forward. But first, he wants to go watch a fun show.

Akari, Makoto and Alain arrive at another gate, but it appears even before Alain has drawn it open. A gravity wave throws Makoto and Alain back. A surge comes through the eye gate and Makoto gets a memory flash of his own to when Edith warned him about using the power of the deepness.

Makoto quickly goes Deep and destroys the eye gate. He wonders what he saw.

Kanon calls Akari and Takeru to tell them about a huge mess at the temple. Makoto tells Akari to head back home while he and Alain finish off the rest of the gates.

Shibuya’s mom comes running to Makoto and Alain for help. She tells them that when she went home, it was suddenly a ramen shop and her parents are gone.

Takeru and Onari arrive home and find the room full of the kids adults. They can’t believe it, but Principal Murase is here and confirms it. He knows these “kids” because he was the principal of the local elementary school most of his life. So he knows everyone in the area.

Akari says it’s mass reverse aging in which their cells grew in reverse. Seen in jellyfish, but not humans.

Ghost 31

Narita arrives and he’s brought Shibuya home. Principal Murase recognizes Shibuya as Miho’s son.

Mommy Miho brings Makoto and Alain to the strange tree with the strange flowers. Alain says there’s an eye gate near here. And sure enough, basic Ganma are dragging themselves around. Alain tells Miho to run for it while he and Makoto henshin.

Principal Murase takes Takeru, Akari, Narita and Shibuya to the neighborhood where all the kid adults came from. Suddenly, more blue balls come flying at them and it hits Murase.

Ghost 31

The four try to avoid the balls. But Shibuya is shocked to see his mom running by. He goes after her to confirm it.

Shibuya tries to get her to remember him, but she thinks he’s weird with a girly face. She runs away.

Back at the temple, a man comes looking for Takeru. Kanon tells him Takeru is out. But the man recognizes Kanon and remembers the day she got sucked into the monolith. He is grateful that she is alive.

Over at the park, Miho returns to Makoto and Alain. But the others also catch up. Miho decides to run from all these weirdos.

Takeru manages to catch up to her and when he grabs her, he gets a memory flash.

Ghost 31

Miho is confronting three local Gentarous pompadoured bullies who are littering in the park. Before they mess with her, another guy arrives to stop them in a very cool way. He compliments Miho on being very brave. She instantly falls for him, her “Prince.”

The others catch up to Takeru and Miho. But just then, two Ganma appear with… Jairo, Alain’s instructor in the fighting arts.

Akari, Narita, Shibuya and his mom all run to safety.

Ghost 31

Jairo is disappointed his former pupil has joined the humans and says Alain must be retrained. He henshins as does Takeru, Makoto and Alain.

The three take on Jairo, but he seems very strong. He is able to face-off against all three and get the upper hand over all of them.

Takeru suggests they attack at once. He goes Grateful while Makoto and Alain downhenshin to their base forms. They each attempt from Omega Final Strikes, but Jairo rewinds them and prevents the attack. Instead, he fires at them. But the three manage to escape.

Igor is intrigued by the show.

Back at the temple. Miho kicks Shibuya and tells him to stop calling her “Mom.” She also kicks Takeru for butting in.

Alain tells Makoto and Kanon that this too is his fault and he will return to the eye gates to destroy them all.

Kanon tells Takeru that a man is waiting for him. The man is Igarashi!

Takeru quickly heads to the lab. Kanon asks Makoto who this Igarashi is. She feels it is weird how he knew about her. Makoto explains that Igarashi was a scientist who studied the monolith with Papa Tenkuuji ten years ago.

Ghost 31

Takeru reaches the lab where Igarashi is waiting. He tells him that he has been temporarily released from the hospital and that he will tell Takeru everything about ten years ago.

Suddenly, Takeru has another sort of flash. He wonders what it could be. But he seems to be in another time.

Grampa Sennin is at the monolith. But also in the room are Igarashi and Saionji. They are working together on the project.

Ghost 31

Someone enters the lab. Takeru turns around. His father!

Ghost 31

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know if I’m in a really really good mood right now (and I doubt that, because the kids are wailing on the videoke downstairs and have just started singing a Vice Ganda song WTF), but I really enjoyed this episode. Like, that was an awesome episode. Maybe one of the best of the season!


There was definitely tons of stuff going on, but it wasn’t the strange quick cuts they used in the recent episodes. Different things were happening with almost every character, yet it flowed well and actually did build excitement.

It wasn’t some climactic episode, but there was plenty of movement. And I think all that helped to set-up the big cliffhanger which actually was exciting and surprising.

Elsewhere, the little moment about Grandma Fumi at the beginning was nice. Seeing Kanon saying things other than “Alain-sama” or “Oniichan” was refreshing. Having every single character pop in and be involved in at least something was good. Backstory for a minor supporting character? That’s great! I hope we get Narita, Akari and the mysterious rebellious past of Onari too. Aria popping up for a few seconds, I’ll take it! Adel having a clearer goal than Daddy Adonis or Alain? Go for it!

The only parts of the episode I didn’t fully enjoy were Igor being a creeper and anything about Deep Connect or Bills. That’s all very annoying.

Otherwise, I definitely enjoyed this episode. One of my favorites of the season. How awesome if all the rest of the episodes were like this one.

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  1. One thing that I found hilarious here was Igor musing when Jairo/Gyro entered whether he is Javert’s replacement (for the mission to eliminate Alain). Pretty meta considering that Javert is pretty much all but written off from the story at this point.

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