The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 11

Another one so soon? Why sure! Why not? =) Strike while the iron’s hot!

This 11th season is going to feature some vastly contrasting cultures and environments. Should be fun, yeah?

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way…
By now, you know the drill. TARPHDME is to help encourage TViva5 to order a real 3rd season of The Amazing Race Philippines and show that it is possible… so on and so forth. =) Some recycled Legs and/or tasks, but as much originality as one can have without actually setting foot in the actual country. Or if you work on The Amazing Race US.

And get Racing! Wooohooooo!

Leg 1: “We’ve never been put out in the real live ocean. Water over your head… if you fell, you’re dead!”
Philippines → Vietnam

Leg 2: “Does my pempek taste good?”
Vietnam → Indonesia

Leg 3: “Do you want him to eat me?”
Indonesia → Australia

Leg 4: “Please don’t chop my hand off.”
Australia → United States

Leg 5: “I wasn’t going to touch you until you slammed my head backwards”
United States

Leg 6: “I’m sick of doing stuff I can’t do.”
United States → Costa Rica

Leg 7: “I’m not sexy enough for this.”
Costa Rica → Spain

Leg 8: “I did not enjoy slamming my face into the water.”
Spain → Morocco

Leg 9: “Diyos ko! Please give me milk!”
Morocco → Burkina Faso

Leg 10: “I’m not a book, you can’t judge me!”
Burkina Faso

Leg 11: “It’s okay! Just run them over!”
Burkina Faso → Lithuania

Leg 12: “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Lithuania → Philippines


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