Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 30 – Forever! Cries of the Heart!

Ghost 30

An ambulance’s siren. A crowd has gathered at Grandma Fumi’s takoyaki cart.

Grandma Fumi is dead! Alain cannot believe it.

At the temple, the gang is concerning themselves with Deep Connect when Houdini again possesses Yuki. But Shibuya runs in with the news about Grandma Fumi.

They’re all shocked. But not as much as Kanon who faints after realizing she left her dying on a park bench.

Ghost 30

Meanwhile, Aria enters the Prayer Room where Adel is staring at his tight spandex-wearing clone/Ganmeizer. She asks what his plan for Alain is. Adel says he’s going to die eventually, but he’ll have to deal with Alain earlier if he gets in the way.

Alain is on a rooftop wondering about the feels he has right now. If having a heart means having this kind of pain, then he doesn’t want one.

Ghost 30

A long line of people have gathered to pay their final respects to Grandma Fumi Fukushima.

Ghost 30

Kanon is still beside herself with guilt.

Ghost 30

Alain arrives as Akari and Takeru speak to Fumi-baa’s granddaughter. She is sure Grandma Fumi would be happy to see all these people come see her. Takeru adds that Fumi-baa would be upset if everyone was all sad.

The people in line reminisce about all the times Grandma Fumi helped them in life. Alain does not understand the different emotions everyone has.

Takeru approaches Alain and says he should come pay his respects too. Takeru explains that even when someone dies, they live on in everyone’s hearts. Including Alain’s.

Ghost 30

Alain can’t take the feels so he leaves.

Back at the temple, Shibuya shows Takeru a note Yuki left saying she was going back to Deep Connect.

Yuki meets with Deep Connect President Bills. The others arrive and Akari says he’s in cahoots with the Ganma. Yuki says Bills is actually their ally.

Bills pleads with them to help save his company. Takeru and Makoto-niichan reluctantly agree. But Akari cautions them

Bills happily takes them to the Development Department to see Yuki’s father. But Igor stops them. He goes Axe and slaps Bills to the ground. This apparently proves Bills has no connection to the Ganma.

Akari and Bills leave while Makoto henshins to fight off the various Ganma. Yuki tries to approach her father, but Takeru grabs her arm.

Once again, Takeru is able to see memories. This time it is of Yuki and her father on his birthday, the day he died.

Ghost 30

Takeru henshins to stop the Ganma from approaching Yuki. She runs over to her father, but he does not recognize her and instead knocks her to the ground.

Igor says he only revived her father from his glasses and he has no heart. Yuki can’t believe it.

Igor decides to blow up the development room. Takeru shields Yuki as the Ganma leave.

Ghost 30

Over at the park, Alain watches families playing while remembering happy times with Grandma Fumi. He remembers her telling him to follow his heart.

Onari catches up to the others. Yuki is now hopeless about being able to speak with her father. But Takeru tells her not to give up. Yuki is not sure she can face that heartless shell of her father again.

Bills contacts Akari and says he will let them know where the Ganma have moved on to. Turns out, of course, Bills actually is working with Igor and they are setting a trap for tomorrow.

Takeru decides to visit Yuki at her home. She doesn’t really want to talk, but Takeru insists they go see her “father” again as he is sure her heart can connect to his, somewhere deep inside his soul.

He encourages Yuki to tell her father what’s in her heart.

Ghost 30

Moving on, Takeru, Makoto-niichan and Kanon visit Alain in the park. They tell him about the mission tomorrow. But Kanon also hands him the clothes Grandma Fumi bought for him.

Alain smiles remembering how happy Grandma Fumi was when he wore it.

Ghost 30

Next day, Alain, dressed in his Grandma Fumi-sponsored outfit and with a box of takoyaki in hand, strolls into the Ganma’s warehouse.

Alain thinks about how all his new human friends have believed in him, in his heart. With the power of takoyaki, Alain now accepts that humans are pretty cool.

Alain henshins and takes out the Ganma while Adel and Ganmeizdel watches. Adel tells the skintight suit to take Alain out.

Alain finishes off the Ganma, but the Ganmeizer arrives and knocks him around. He is forced to dehenshin and is about to join Grandma Fumi. But he remembers his father and Grandma Fumi’s words.

Takeru and Makoto arrive just then as Alain gets up and vows to protect all the awesome things about this human world. And someday, he will make the G World as awesome as this too.

Ghost 30

The three buds henshin together and fight the Ganmeizer and the other Ganma.

Alain is overwhelmed by the Ganmeizer, but with the power of hearts and takoyaki, he is able to counter it and attack back.

Akari, Onari, Kanon and Yuki arrive to watch. Houdini offers his help as Takeru goes Grateful. The three BFFs take care of the remaining Ganma and Ganmeizer with some Omega kicks.

Yuki approaches her father. Takeru draws an eye to release the Eyecon form his person, only father’s soul remaining.

He is happy to see his daughter again, but says this is goodbye. First, Yuki wants to apologize to him for being so cold on the day he died. She only wanted to surprise him for his birthday. He says it’s okay. He knows how she feels.

Ghost 30

With a final Happy Birthday from Yuki, her father moves on. He leaves behind his glasses.

Yuki picks them up and smiles.

Ghost 30

Everyone else smiles too.

Takeru and Akari return to Deep Connect to talk to Bills who thanks them for their help. Igor just laughs as he watches.

Ghost 30

Alain is back on the rooftop happily eating takoyaki and reaffirm his vow to protect this world’s awesomeness. Grandma Fumi appears to him one last time.

Ghost 30

Episode Thoughts

Oh damn it. They really did kill her. And even worse, Kanon-chan just left her Fumi-baa on the park bench. Thanks a lot Kanon-chan.

I think it was Akari who said it was all very sudden. I absolutely agree. I think they could’ve definitely went a bit deeper into how Grandma Fumi basically helped straighten all the young people in the city out. Other than the first episode we meet her, we don’t really know much about her relationship with the four kids. Fleshing that out a little more and maybe establishing how she was basically a second mother to so many people would’ve helped boost Alain’s story as well.

But it almost felt like Fumi was originally intended as a one-off character they suddenly decided would play a big part in the story.

That’s not to say Alain’s pain and that funeral scene wasn’t effective because that was all still pretty sad. But I think if we were going to culminate Alain’s story with not only his father’s death, but the death of a human civilian too, there should’ve been a little more build up than there was.

Alain and Grandma Fumi’s most significant conversation was only in the last episode. Otherwise their convos would only be about being a weird boyfriend. That said, Grandma Fumi still had the biggest hand in Alain’s human “transition” than anyone else. She was a more impactful character than half the “main” characters of the show. So her death should’ve been treated as such instead of quickly and suddenly.

Anyway, now that they’ve wrapped up Alain’s full human transition, I definitely hope we get on with learning more about what the Ganma actually are. What’s their purpose? Where did they come from? What do they do with human corpses? Still lots of questions.

Elsewhere… I see you wearing yellow Arisa Komiya! She was really awesome these two episodes. It was great seeing her again.

Overall, I guess I liked the episode. It worked, relatively speaking. But it certainly could’ve been much more epic and exciting with more foundation.

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