Recap: Doubustu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 10 – The Most Dangerous Game

Zyuohger 10

Yamato notices Sela is still sad and missing her family so he suggests they visit the beach tomorrow. The others are excited, but Sela says she’s not in the mood.

Meanwhile up on the ship, Naria brings “owner” Ginis a mysterious box he asked for. Cubaru and Azarudo know exactly what’s in it and are both shocked. Ginis says he’s going to use what’s inside the box to get in the game and tease the Earthlings.

The Zyuohgers head downtown to fight off Moebas. But they are surprised when Naria pops in a little too early. She says she’s not here to embiggen players, she’s here to support her owner’s special game.

Ginis appears to Earth and introduces himself. He has a special game for them today.

Ginis snaps his fingers and turns the show into Under the Dome. A section of the city is encased in a dome, but it slowly shrinks. The Zyuohgers watch a cat get murdered when the dome touches it.

Zyuohger 10

Ginis explains that any lifeform the dome touches will die instantly. The people run for their damn lives.

Naria explains that the Zyuohgers must find the switch hidden somewhere Under the Dome to be able to escape. Ginis says he has a reward waiting for them if they find it.

Yamato screams that they are not Ginis’ toys. But Ginis replies that lower life forms have no value beyond being his playthings.

Naria announces the game has started. Leo asks why she isn’t going to run since she’ll get killed too. But Naria says she doesn’t care, she only follows Genis-sama’s will.

Zyuohger 10

The Zyuohgers split up and try to look for the switch, but no luck. Tusk, Leo and Sela start feeling hopeless as this is like their search for the King’s Mark. Yamato tries to keep their hopes up, but Leo explodes at him.

Amu tries to get everyone to calm down. She suggests those who want can continue to search while everyone else can take a break.

Amu takes Yamato and the go to look some more. She tells him that everyone’s just frustrated after being away from Zyuland for two months now. Yamato apologizes, but Amu says he’s fine.

Zyuohger 10

Yamato is sure that if they can find the switch, it’ll restore the others’ hope in finding the King’s Mark. He decides to use his eagle eyes.

Tusk, Leo and Amu, meanwhile, feel sorry for how they reacted earlier. Suddenly, the dome has reached the area and people are running for their lives. A little girl has been separated from her parents.

Zyuohger 10

They take the little girl to safety while trying to get everyone to run. The three of them realize that no matter how much they want to return home, they have much to do here.

Yamato finally sees the switch attached to the top of a tower. He sees Sela and the others are near it so he screams for her to hear. Sela points to the switch, Leo climbs up the tower to yank it off and Tusk catches it.

Tusk pushes the button and the dome disappears.

Zyuohger 10

The Zyuohgers reunite, but suddenly the switch turns into some kind of killing robot. It attacks. The Zyuman4 are confused why their tails didn’t alert them to the Deathgalien.

The machine blows everything up around it, including the people who were trying to get to safety.

The tails finally stiffen when Naria appears again. She explains that this robot is Ginis’ “Gift” to them. Pushing the button was Gift’s activation switch.

Zyuohger 10

The Zyuohgers henshin and try to fight Gift. But Gift is able to counter everything they throw at it.

Turns out, Gift is the murderous machine Ginis developed specifically for the Blood Game. And Ginis used it to destroy 10 planets. It was sealed away because it took the fun out of the game,

Ginis just laughs and waits for more delicious screams of pain and fear.

The Zyuohgers try unleashing their beasts, but Gift just swats them away and forces them to downhenshin.

Yamato goes gorilla, but Gift just embiggens itself and extends his attacks a wider distance.

Zyuohger 10

The Zyuohgers hop into ZyuohKing and ZyuohWild. But nothing works against Gift.

Naria laughs as Gift powers up and delivers a finishing blow to Earth and the Zyuohgers.

The Zyuohgers get tossed from the cockpot and fall hard to the ground.

Yamato’s foot is stuck under debris. Just then, more debris falls from the damaged building. He can’t move.

Suddenly, someone swoops in and throws him to safety.

Zyuohger 10

Who could this mysterious eagle-looking man be?!

Zyuohger 10

Episode Thoughts

Wow! What an eventful episode. Very interesting stuff. I like that they remind us the Zyuman4 are basically homesick. I still wish we could see more of them interacting with humans and the human world. There’s lots of material there for them. But it’s still Episode 10 and I doubt they’ll gain access to Zyuland earlier than at least Episode 26.

And finally! A Most Dangerous Game reference! The Blood Game is basically The Most Dangerous Game.

Zyuohger has had a high casualty rate! When the dome was receding, it was passing through the entire city. Does that mean every single person in those buildings died?! It was pretty disconcerting to see that damn cat get killed (lol), but then we saw the dome touching high rises and basically the entire downtown. So it’s safe to assume thousands of people died within minutes. Not to mention when Gift was blowing sh-t up everywhere. Damn!

Because of all the carnage and the cliffhanger, everything felt a little different. It was like a midseason, late-20s type of episode and cliffhanger. Not episode 10. But I see that it will lead us to all six Cubes finally combining. So it makes sense. Still, I just hope the next cliffhangers in the future will be even more exciting and eventful.

We’re getting bits and pieces of character stuff throughout these 10 episodes so far. We got a little tease of Yamato’s backstory last week. I guess Mr. Eagle’s appearance will add to that mystery in the next episode.

Why did Yamato yell to Sela about the switch? They can’t use their cube phones? lol

Naria being a puppet is interesting. I hope she will develop her own mind in the future too. I would be very disappointed if she were just some slave to “owner” Ginis. Speaking of, it was the first time Ginis was referred to as “owner?” That is definitely an interesting angle if there’s more to it.

Basically, everything about this season is “interesting!” lol Lots of potential for the next 40 episodes. But definitely hoping Episode 11 delivers.

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