Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 46 – Awaken the Final Shuriken!

Ninninger 46

Grandpa and Father charge toward Kibaoni first with the cousins following to back them up.

Ninninger 46

Grandpa tries a Raining Shells Technique while Father, Takaharu and Fuuka follow up with a Combined Parent-Child Slash Technique.

Grandpa, Father and Takaharu try a Three Generations Technique and the entire family tops it off with an All-Igasaki Appare Nin Violent Slash.

They think that has killed Kibaoni Gengetsu for good. But he just laughs at them and sends a huge attack their way, throwing them back.

Takaharu charges toward Kibaoni, but he just swats him away. Grandpa follows up with an Ultimate Finisher. A huge explosion, but nothing. Kibaoni laughs some more and says Grandpa indeed cannot escape fate.

Ninninger 46

Grandpa doesn’t know what he means. Just then, Kyuuemon zips in and impales him with his mallet stick. Tsumuji and the cousins gasp in horror.

Kyuuemon says this is just what he’s said all along. It will be him who takes the Last Ninja title. He uses his mallet and absorbs all of Grandpa’s power before one more thrust into Grandpa’s body.

Ninninger 46

That thrust brought out the Finishing Shuriken of the End which was keeping Grandpa alive all this time. Grandpa admits to his family that he already died. Kyuuemon says his fate was already sealed 444 years ago.

Kyuuemon slashes at Grandpa one more time and he disappears into glitters of light. The Igasakis scream out to him, shocked at what has just transpired.

Kyuuemon proclaims himself the Last Ninja. Kibaoni Gengetsu is very proud of his son and gives him the last Sealing Shurikens. The five Shurikens attach to Kyuuemon’s body and transform him into a frightening and monstrous new form.

Ninninger 46

Kyuuemon slashes at the Igasakis forcing them to dehenge. Kibaoni and Kyuuemon laugh at them and before they leave, tell them to watch as the Kibaoni Clan takes over the world.

At the castle, Gabi Raizou congratulates Kyuuemon, but Ariake no Kata is still mourning the death of her son. Kibaoni tells both of them to go into battle as soon as morning comes.

Ninninger 46

At the dojomanse, the Igasakis are mourning their grandfather. Takaharu apologizes for not doing more to save him, but Kasumi says it’s not his fault. The only thing is they weren’t even able to say goodbye.

Yakumo leaves and Nagi and Fuuka follow him. He says he just doesn’t want to be in the living room. Nagi says that’s pretty cold of him, but Yakumo explains that they still have to fight and not give in to their grief.

Ninninger 46

While of course it’s horrible that they’ve lost their grandfather, Yakumo says, the one he’s been chasing after was Takaharu. He came this far so he could beat him. Fuuka says she understands as she too has blindly followed her Oniichan.

Father asks them to come inside.

Ninninger 46

He shows them a box and a note saying “Open when in trouble.” This is what Father found in the tanuki earlier.

Takaharu opens it, but it’s empty. That is until a hologram of Grandfather pops out.

Ninninger 46

Grandfather recorded this message in the event that he is gone. He scolds them knowing none of them have become the Last Ninja. He then explains how he died in his final battle against Kibaoni. But the Finishing Shuriken of the End was able to help him remain in a human form.

Grandpa apologizes for not telling them sooner… then yells at them for being fools, knowing they’re sitting here sulking and miserable. He reminds them that they’ve worked hard and brought out the best in each other. And most of all they’ve supported each other, which is why they’ve made it this far. As long as they are together, they have nothing to fear.

He sends them off to do what they need to do with a final “Ciao!”

Ninninger 46

HoloGrandpa disappears. The cousins understand Grandpa’s words and find a new resolve to move forward and finish what they started.

Next morning, the six cousins head out to face Gabi Raizou and Ariake no Kata.

“Fighting for revenge?” Gabi Raizou asks.
The cousins say there is no such thing and that they are here because they’re going to do what they want.

Ninninger 46

The cousins henge.

Hyakkarage appear to back up their bosses and the battle is on.

Kasumi takes on Ariake no Kata while Takaharu faces off against Gabi Raizou. Suddenly two embiggened Hyakkarage and a red kitsune piloted by a regular sized Hyakkarage appear.

Back at the dojomanse, Father is praying with the tanuki when the hologram box falls to the floor.

Ninninger 46

HoloGrandpa pops out again with a P.S. Father listens. Addressing the six cousins, HoloGrandpa says he is sure they will surpass him and create a brand new Last Ninja tradition.

Grandpa says Yakumo is the most competitive of the six, but the others rely on him as he will be a ninja that bring everyone together.

Yakumo tells Nagi and Fuuka to take care of the embiggened arrivals. He then takes Gabi Raizou off of Takharu’s hands so he can go retrieve the Finishing Shuriken of the End.

Ninninger 46

While Nagi and Fuuka are in ShurikenJin, Grandpa continues. Nagi is the most considerate of them all and will become a most well-beloved ninja around the world. Fuuka may be a bit clumsy, but she is full of energy and pep. She too will become a ninja everyone will love.

Kasumi fights Ariake no Kata. Grandpa says she supports everyone with her wisdom and ingenuity. And now that she has been able to experience defeat, she will become a ninja that will lead others to new heights.

Ninninger 46

Kinji has suffered much. But he who once had a weak heart, has earned Grandpa’s respect as a student. Kinji will become a great ninja on the world stage.

Kinji joins Kasumi as they tag-team against Ariake no Kata.

And finally Takaharu. Grandpa doesn’t have much to say to him, only that he knows he will become the most powerful ninja in the world.

And with those assessments, the Last Ninja Race has come to an end. It is time for them to follow their own paths. HoloGrandpa disappears.

Father is happy to hear how much Grandpa really looked after the kids after all.

Ninninger 46

But HoloGrandpa reappears for a P.P.S. He apologizes to Tsumuji for not being much of a father to him. He once told Tsumuji he was too kind. But it is that kindness that has saved everyone. Perhaps.

“Take care of the rest.”

Grandpa leaves for good this time.

“Don’t worry,” Father says, “Those kids… I know they’ll win.”

Nagi and Fuuka defeat the embiggened kitsune and Hyakkarage. Yakumo delivers a Ninja Flash and easily defeats Gabi Raizou.

Kasumi and Kinji deliver a Simultaneous Nin Violent Slash to take care of Ariake no Kata.

Ariake no Kata apologizes to her son for not avenging his death. But before she explodes, Kibaoni Gengetsu arrives and says she is no longer of use to him. So Kibaoni absorbs her power as Ariake no Kata cries out.

Ninninger 46

Takaharu arrives at the castle and is met by Kyuuemon. He holds the Finishing Shuriken of the End which transforms.

Kyuuemon places it on his mallet and activates it.

Ninninger 46

The world goes dark and a cataclysmic event releases hundreds of Jukkarage and Hyakkarage as they attack the people.

Nagi and Fuuka, still in ShurikenJin watch as Nekomata and other familiar faces are resurrected and automatically embiggned. Suddenly, they dehenge.

Kasumi, Kinji and Yakumo also dehenge as they are surrounded by the Kibaoni Army.

Takaharu dehenges as Kyuuemon explains that the Finishing Shuriken of the End ends this world and creates a new one. A new world united in fear where the Kibaoni Clan will rule!

Ninninger 46

“You Igasakis have lost your power, and soon, you will all die!”

Takaharu says they are not finished yet. They will not give up here.

“This is hot!”

Episode Thoughts

A very exciting episode. Definitely a penultimate episode feel.

So it was interesting to see Grandpa’s “death.” Of course it was sad, but I don’t know if I was really surprised that he was already dead. I was more shocked when Kyuuemon popped out of nowhere and basically sliced a hole through Grandpa, though I guess it wasn’t even a real human body anyway.

I know we’ve seen Grandpa slowly disappearing lately, but I kinda hoped it was more than just him already being dead and losing his Finishing End Shuriken juice.

I did like the family sitting in the living room though, in the dark and almost silent. It expressed the shock of the whole thing. Yakumo’s reaction was also interesting. I think that scene needed a few more lines instead of Yakumo and Fuuka basically reminding everyone that Sentai will always be Red-centric. =( I think the show left a little bit of good material on the table with that scene.

But I do like how they “revealed” Grandpa’s true feelings for his grandchildren. I guess we can interpret him as specifically grooming and teaching them how to surpass the Last Ninja traditions and encouraging them to forge their own path and future. He was perfectly ready for any of his grandchildren to kill him, since he was already dead, after all. But he also believed that they would never do that in the first place and instead knew (or maybe hoped) that they would find a new path. And they did.

Grandpa also apologizing to Tsumuji was excellent. All season, Grandpa had ragged on Father and even the show sometimes shortchanged him and made him the butt of jokes. But really, since Grandpa was MIA and mysterious and only popping in whenever he felt like it, it was Tsumuji who guided and cared for the kids most of the time. It was a great scene.

Love that Parent-Child Technique! It was awesome to see Takaharu and Fuuka fighting alongside their father.

And I’m gonna repeat it again. Family! Ninninger has done an excellent job of establishing the importance of family and how strong that can make a person. Even ninjas.

Now for the other stuff.

I’m kinda disappointed at the direction they took Ariake no Kata. She went from awesome HBIC to loopy ditz. And now she was easily defeated without some big battle. Plus, Kibaoni sucking her up could’ve been much more impactful if she hadn’t already exploded in grief to end an episode a few weeks ago after Mangetsu died. I did like (hate?) how ruthless and disgusting Mangetsu and now Kibaoni Gengetsu are. It makes you feel excited and happy when the heroes finally kill them off. So the finale will be awesome just for that.

I’m kinda confused though because I was under the impression that Kibaoni was defeated was 444 years ago then came back like 40-50 years ago and that’s when Grandpa sealed him.

But it’s like Grandpa himself sealed Kibaoni 444 years ago? What? I gotta go look that up.

I’m sad we didn’t get more Kyuuemon flashbacks as a “kid.” I think those episodes would’ve been really fun, seeing him become a human then inserting himself into the Igasaki dojomanse and then him leaving to rejoin the Kibaoni Clan. I hope the final battle (almost surely against him) will be an epic one AND with the entire family involved.

And I think there was some drone action this episode too! That shot of Takaharu running toward the castle. Sentai and Kamen Rider should both definitely utilize drones more often. They could get some incredible shots I think, especially with big battles and explosions.

So overall, a great penultimate episode. Very exciting, nice emotions. And a great lead-up to the finale.

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