Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 37 – Shuriken Legend ~The Road to Last Ninja~

Ninninger 37

Nagi is meeting with his guidance counselor about his future and says he thinks he wants to take over his grandfather’s job… as the Last Ninja. Nagi tries to explain what that job actually entails, but his counselor says that doesn’t really sound like a stable career. He tells Nagi to think things over and hands him a Career Survey to fill out.

Nagi heads home and Grandpa is there to welcome him. Good timing as Nagi asks him exactly what the Last Ninja’s responsibilities are.

Grandpa explains that in a world of light and shadows, the Last Ninja helps use the light to overcome the darkness and create peace and harmony. That explanation doesn’t really help Nagi who also still doesn’t know exactly how he can become the Last Ninja.

Ninninger 37

Grandpa says Nagi can experience it. By playing an online RPG game ~Road to Last Ninja~.

Across town, Kyuuemon has found Masakage who doesn’t really trust him right now. But Kyuuemon says they have the same goal, to revive Kibaoni. And to prove his sincerity, Kyuuemon offers his gourd.

Masakage doesn’t immediately take it, so Kyuuemon places it on the ground and adds that he can be summoned anytime Masakage feels he can trust him again.

Back at the dojomanse, the others arrive and Nagi tells them about the RPG game. They all want to play, but Grandpa says Nagi must be the protagonist. Fuuka calls Kinji over to play too.

Ninninger 37 Ninninger 37

Ready to start, Grandpa poofs them right into the computer.

Ninninger 37

Nagi meets King Grandpa who describes the objective: Nagi must defeat Dark Lord Suppragon who attacked Shinobii Land by gathering three Legendary Keys somewhere in this world. With them, he can obtain the Finishing Shuriken of the End. Nagi can go to the village to form a party and set off on the journey together. He also gets a manual to help when needed.

Nagi heads into the village where he gathers his five comrades:

Ninninger 37
Hero Takaharu

Ninninger 37
Wizard Yakumo

Ninninger 37
Priestess Kasumi

Ninninger 37
Warrior Kinji

Ninninger 37
Elf Fuuka

Nagi asserts his position as leader as they set off.

Only four members of the team can battle at a time in the game. Since he’s leader, Nagi should decide. But all of them want to fight, so Nagi decides to choose with rock-paper-scissors.

Ninninger 37

Takaharu, Yakumo, Kasumi and Fuuka end up fighting first and they work together to face the first three Wild Jukkarage obstacle.

Ninninger 37

Nagi says they better let him and Kinji in the next battle.

Meanwhile, Ariake no Kata is getting weaker with no youthful fear energy. Masakage orders the Hyakkarage to take her to rest while he gives life to computer keyboard Advanced Youkai Mokumokuren.

Yakumo and Fuuka sit out the next challenge. Nagi prepares to take care of a Ghost Jukkarage, but Takaharu steps in front and does it himself. The Ghost Jukkarage leaves a treasure chest and inside is the first Legendary Key of Strength. Nagi hopes to get the next key.

Ninninger 37

Takaharu and Kasumi sit out the next challenge. They are about to take care of a Wandering Supparage. But Fuuka says to wait as it runs behind a tree. Something is off with this one. Yakumo suggests they use a mirror for the Supparage to show its true form: a Prince!

The Prince returns to his human form and hands Fuuka a Legendary Key of Kindness.

Elsewhere, Mokumokuren sucks kids into the video game world. The fear fills up the gourd.

The Ninningers notice the lights flickering in their game. But suddenly, another treasure chest appears in front of them. Instead of the last Legendary Key, the chest contains the Finishing Shuriken of the End!

Ninninger 37

Takaharu hands it to Nagi. But they wonder how they got it already when they’ve only found two Legendary Keys. Maybe it’s an error in the game. Nagi looks in the manual and finds the Shuriken can defeat Dark Lord Suppragon and allows them to reset the game and go back to the start.

The Ninningers continue on and find Suppragon. It’s Nagi and Kinji’s turn to sit out this challenge. But Mokumokuren suddenly appears and shows them the crying children trapped in the video game world.

Nagi and Kinji can’t move since only four can play at a time. So the four Ninningers henge, but Mokumokuren uses cheat codes on them.

Ninninger 37

Mokumokuren puts Takaharu in his chili pepper costume and turns him into a Goof Off.

Mokumokuren erases Yakumo’s magic abilities, poisons Fuuka and paralyzes Kasumi. Mokumokuren then puts Yakumo, Fuuka and Kasumi into coffins.

Ninninger 37

Nagi finds he and Kinji can move now, so they both henge. Mokumokuren puts a mist around Kinji, but he decides to go Superstar.

Kinji is able to jam Mokumokuren’s Enter button so Mokumokuren decides to just attack manually. He hits Kinji who falls to the ground.

Nagi tosses a huge cart at Mokumokuren and Kinji tosses him his Gekiatsuto to help.

Ninninger 37

Nagi tries to attack, but Mokumokuren whips him around and forces him to dehenge. Kinji says Nagi must use the Finishing Shuriken of the End to reset the game as their last resort. But Nagi is not sure how that would affect the trapped kids.

Nagi sees Kinji and his cousins and decides not to reset the game. He’s going to fight fair and square and win!

Ninninger 37

Nagi is ready to charge toward Mokumokuren, but a Legendary Key suddenly appears in front of him! The Legendary Key of Determination. Nagi realizes the Finishing Shuriken appearing earlier was actually a challenge and part of the game.

Nagi taps the three Keys to the Finishing Shuriken and it turns into a brand new Shuriken. Grandpa instructs Nagi to use it and fight. In this form, the Shuriken will not reset the game, but can be used as a weapon.

Ninninger 37

Nagi puts the Shuriken onto the Gekiatsuto and delivers a Chou Chou Gekiatsu attack which zaps them out of the video game world and back into real life. The kids are also returned home.

Kasumi compliments little Nagi for his fine leadership. And the Ninningers focus their attention to finishing off Mokumokuren for good. They henge and take Mokumokuren on.

Nagi finds the Shuriken is still on the Gekiatsuto even in the real world. Grandpa says to use it so Nagi delivers a Ichigeki Ja and Kirameki Issen finisher.

Grandpa tells Nagi and everyone that to become Last Ninja, you not only need strength and kindness, but also the determination to make difficult decisions.

The Shuriken disappears. Masakage embiggens Mokumokuren and the Ninningers hop into Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Ninninger 37

The Ninningers easily take care of Mokumokuren with the help of UFOmaru.

Ninninger 37

Back home, Nagi finishes filling out his career survey. His first choice is to be Last Ninja. Kasumi notes that Nagi is the only to have already obtained the Finishing Shuriken of the End once, so he’s technically in the lead among them. The cousins have fun, reenergized in the Last Ninja race.

But Kinji listens from the around the corner before leaving. Crossing a bridge, Kinji looks back at the dojomanse before walking away.

Ninninger 37

Episode Thoughts

Kinji with his mysterious emo moments all the time! You’d think he was one of the Winchester Bros on Supernatural. Hehe.

In another season, this might seem out of place, but here Kinji’s been put through a lot already from seeing his family killed in front of him to trying to insert himself into a close-knit ninja family and then becoming a Youkai himself. After all that and more, he’s definitely entitled to have some kind of issues. I really hope that little mysterious cliffhanger and his disconnected-ness earlier in the episode leads to something big. I want to see a big twist (or twists) as we head to the finale.

The Ninningers have formed a close bond that’s been reinforced regularly. But throwing a twist in there would be very interesting.

This was definitely a very random episode, but overall amusing and a nice focus for Nagi.

I enjoyed the video game elements. The animations were creative and the music and sound effects were very fun.

I thought Kinji’s SuperStar form was a power up, yet he got knocked down by Mokumokuren so easily! Even if it was in the video game world.

I thought last week was the end of Masakage until a future movie. Hehe. But he pops up this week. Which is fine and actually good since he and Kyuuemon provide the main villain focus this season.

Nagi has gotten a lot of focus these last couple of episodes. It’s very interesting since I don’t think any of the others have really gotten these focus eps in which they are shown to make progress in the Last Ninja race.

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