Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 35 – Kinji Enters the Youkai Labyrinth!

Ninninger 35

The others are watching as Nagi and Kinji face off. Nagi unleashes a new Work in Progress attack, but Kinji manages to deflect. They dehenshin and the others approach.

Takaharu and Kasumi ask Kinji if he’s alright since he was moving a little funny, but Kinji says he’s alright. Yakumo walks over to Nagi who is reading a Ninjutsu manual he found at home. He hopes to find something that can help him develop a new technique that will take them all by surprise.

To win the Last Ninja race, Nagi feels he should use a curveball. Kinji says he understands, but maybe Nagi should just stick to straight pitches. He says Nagi is careful about being aware of his surroundings and others, which might keep him from taking a good look at himself.

“I think you could believe in yourself more.”

Nagi says Kin-san just doesn’t understand being the youngest.

Ninninger 35

Elsewhere in the forest, a hooded Kyuuemon with a new scar on his face stumbles through.

Ninninger 35

Later that night, Kinji has a nightmare about turning into a Youkai. He wakes up and he looks at his arm which glows purple at three scratch marks.

In the living room, Nagi looks for a scroll that tells him more about the Demon Sword Urasame which he read about in the book. The sword devours Youkai power and uses it for itself. Nagi wonders if it can be used for Ninjutsu.

Ninninger 35

He hears someone coming and jumps up to the rafters. He sees Kinji quietly leaving, so he follows.

Ariake no Kata wants Masakage to gather fear for her. It turns out Kyuuemon was pretty useful. But Masakage is not sure he’s really dead anyway.

Kyuuemon is pleased to run into Kinji in the forest. He knows about strange things happening to Kinji’s body and proceeds to explain: Kinji will soon become a Youkai. Kyuuemon was interrupted while filling him with Youkai power. But after that, Ookami Otoko’s Youkai power entered his body. And Ookami Otoko has the power to turn people he hurts into Youkai.

Ninninger 35

It wasn’t Lion Ha-Oh’s power that defeated Ookami Otoko, it was the Youkai power within Kinji that is now overflowing.

Kinji says he could never tell the Igasakis about this. But Kyuuemon has a way to help him. He tells Kinji to follow. Nagi is also in the forest, wondering where Kin-san could be. Masakage watches Kyuuemon.

Ninninger 35

The Gamagama-jus alert the cousins back home and they head out.

Kyuuemon and Kinji arrive at a building downtown. But Kinji wants to know what Kyuuemon wants in return for this help.

They are suddenly attacked. Kinji henges.

Masakage’s just-brought to life Advanced Youkai Oomukade appears and says he will be taking in Kyuuemon.

Kyuuemon is defiant and tells Kinji to protect him in exchange for the help. Kyuuemon is not confident without the mallet.

Ninninger 35

Nagi watches, confused at the situation as Kinji and Kyuuemon run into the building. Oomukade follows.

The others arrive and the five of them henge before heading inside as well. Nagi does not tell them what he saw.

On the roof, Masakage decides to create a maze of indecision inside the building to trap them all.

Kyuuemon tells Kinji about the Demon Sword Urasame, which is right here in this building.

The cousins take on Oomukade who is more concerned with finding Kyuuemon. Nagi is still unsure of letting the others know of what he saw. But they all pursue anyway, though it is a little more difficult with Masakage’s indecision obstacles.

Kyuuemon recognizes the trick. The more one hesitates, the more obstacles and false paths there will be. Kyuuemon tells Kinji not to have second thoughts. Kinji understands and fully follows Kyuuemon. That allows for only one path to appear.

The Ninningers find Oomukade again. They demand to know why Kinji is with Kyuuemon, but Oomukade has no idea either. Takaharu, Yakumo and Fuuka fight Oomukade. Kasumi asks Nagi to spill what he knows.

Ninninger 35

Nagi hesitates and falls through a hole in the floor, causing him to dehenge.

In the basement, he spots Ookami Otoko. But actually, it’s just Kinji.

Kyuuemon comes and tells Kinji to hurry. But Kinji says for him to go on ahead and he’ll catch up. Kyuuemon leaves.

Kinji tells Nagi that he is looking for the Demon Sword Urasame, but that he’ll explain more after everything’s taken care of. He asks Nagi to trust him.

Ninninger 35

“But [Kyuuemon] betrayed Grandpa and stole Uncle Tsumuji’s power!”

Kinji says he knows, but… “I have no time! Nagi, am I not worthy of your trust?”

Nagi says of course he trusts Kinji. Kinji tips his hat and runs after Kyuuemon.

The others fall down too and Nagi tells them about Kinji asking them to trust him. They say Nagi shouldn’t have let him go, but Nagi says he didn’t because he believes in Kin-san.

Ninninger 35

Takaharu understands. If Nagi believes in Kinji, then they should too. He asks them to believe in him too and they do.

Oomukade again pops in and they henge.

Kyuuemon finds the Demon Sword Urasame and hands it to Kinji so it can suck up the Youkai power. Kinji hesitates, but Kyuuemon assures him that it’ll be fine. He can even take it and go back to his friends.

Kinji runs off as Masakage pops up with Kyuuemon.

The cousins do a roll call as they kick Oomukade out of the building and take the fight to the plaza below.

Nagi asks to borrow the Chozetsu brace and he uphenshins to take on Oomukade.

Ninninger 35

The cousins marvel as their once little Nagi now all grown up and sticking it right to Oomukade. He and Shishioh deliver a Transcendent Yellow Nin Slash Perfect Edition to finish Oomukade off.

Masakage embiggens Oomukade.

Kinji arrives and apologizes for worrying them. But he says he’s fine now.

They hop into Gekiatsu Dai-Oh and take care of Oomukade.

Ninninger 35

Masakage confronts Kyuuemon about using Kibaoni’s persona Youkai to create karakuri and for conspiring with the enemy. Is Kyuuemon planning to take over the Kibaoni Clan?

Kyuuemon tells Masakage that this is all a scheme, a game like Masakage enjoys. He points below as the Ninningers walk home.

Ninninger 35

Kinji look at the sword and Kyuuemon motions. The sword flies out of its sheath and Kinji grabs it. The rust falls off and the Youkai power suddenly engulfs Kinji.

The cousins watch as Kinji turns into a Youkai right before their eyes!
Ninninger 35

Episode Thoughts

Oooo! Okay. Okay, I liked that!

I thought it was a great episode. Kyuuemon is alive! Woohoo! I think Kyuuemon’s been pretty good as that mysterious villain. We still don’t know what he’s all about, and I really hope finding that out and fleshing out his motivations will be what drives Ninninger to the finale. I’m expecting a big twist related to the Igasakis.

Kinji turning into a Youkai is a nice little twist, though the preview pretty much spoils that it will be very short lived and that this is all to give Kinji a new poncho. Still, it’s fun and adds some drama even if for a little bit.

At the very least it helps build on the bond that the Ninningers have with each other. That’s always an important aspect to develop and strengthen on superhero shows that involve teams.

I loved Nagi going Chozetsu. I hope they all get a chance to do it as well.

The fights were also really good this episode, from Nagi and Kinji to the Ninningers vs Oomukade.

Overall, a good, fun episode.

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