Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 27 – It's Summer! Chozetsu Star Is Born!

Ninninger 27

Western Youkai Ookami Otoko is rampaging downtown when the Ninningers arrive. Kinji arrives a little late and the others allow him to take the Youkai that killed his father and brother himself.

Kinji takes on Ookami Otoko while the others take care of the Jukkarage. When it seems like Kinji’s done the job, Ookami Otoko just laughs at his guitar and mocks his family.

Takaharu calls over to Kinji not to act recklessly. Ookami Otoko initiates a bloody moon attack and forces Kinji to dehenge and collapse.

Ninninger 27

The others run to Kinji and Kasumi whisks them away on Byunmaru.

While unconscious, Kinji has a nightmare about that day Ookami Otoko killed his brother and father. He wakes up and remembers how he would rarely see his father and brother as they were always out hunting. The photo he keeps with him is the only time they all ever took a trip together.

Ninninger 27

Kinji gets up and thanks a sleeping Nagi and Fuuka who had been watching him. As he leaves, Grandpa appears and says how pathetic it is he lost to the Western Youkai. Kinji apologizes and says that will not happen again.

Kinji goes to leave, but Grandpa says he should walk the night alone. Kinji insists this is his fight since Ookami Otoko killed his family.

Ninninger 27

Grandpa asks if Kinji only wanted to become a pupil to enact revenge. Kinji denies that, but Grandpa says maybe he should only be a Youkai Hunter and not a shinobi. Until Kinji realizes that, he is banned.

Ariake no Kata complains at how useless the Western Youkai are. Ookami Otoko refuses to collect fear or finish off the shinobi until he takes care of all the Youkai hunters first.

The next morning, the Ninningers decide to go look for Kinji.

Ninninger 27

Kyuuemon is the first one to find him though. Kinji henges, but Kyuuemon just wants to talk. He says he is basically his elder since they both have the same mentor.

Ninninger 27

Back at the dojomanse, Grandpa says Kinji is banned because he does not allow pupils fighting for personal reasons. Takaharu says they should just let Kinji get his revenge, but Grandpa says ninja powers are not to be used for personal gain. Imagine what you would do if certain people got them angry.

Takaharu, Fuuka and Nagi see his point. But Grandpa says Kinji is dangerous right now as he is not in the right state of mind to deal with his powers. He is similar to Kyuuemon in the past.

Kyuuemon says Kinji is like Last Ninja in the past in how impatient he is. Kyuuemon tells him humans do not have the power to defeat Ookami Otoko, but he can help by giving him the same power as him.

Ookami Otoko appears nearby. Kinji pauses and Kyuuemon takes that to mean he accepts his offer. She uses the mallet to initiate a Youkai Fusion Technique to give Kinji some of her power.

Ninninger 27

Grandpa says allowing Kinji to fight for personal reasons will led him to be weak and indecisive which in turn leads to worry, fear and contempt. Grandpa regrets now taking Kinji on as a pupil.

Takaharu, Fuuka and Nagi disagree. Takaharu thinks Grandpa is saying all these things, but is really the most worried about Kinji. Grandpa tries denying it and poofs away.

Ninninger 27

Yakumo and Kasumi find Ookami Otoko and they henge. The others arrive as Kyuuemon is anxious to finish the Youkai power transfer.

Ookami Otoko does another blood moon attack, but the Ninningers are resolved to hold steady until Kinji arrives. Ookami Otoko laughs that Kinji isn’t here because he’s just weak and pitiful. But Takaharu stands up for Kinji and believes he will defeat Ookami Otoko.

The Ninningers believe they need Kinji to fight alongside them.

Ninninger 27

Kyuuemon says he and Kinji are the same and are fated to join forces as there is a darkness in their hearts. Kinji refuses the comparison and uses Thunder Technique to break free of the transfer.

Kinji no longer wants to be the naive fool and is finally opening his eyes. He runs off to help his friends just as Ookami Otoko is about finish them off.

Takaharu tells Kinji to go and prove Grandpa wrong, but Kinji says Grandpa wasn’t wrong. He admits that in addition to wanting revenge, he also wanted to obtain the Finishing Shuriken of the End to revive his father and brother. But now he sees that the real reason he should Grandpa’s pupil is to become a ninja that protects people.

Ninninger 27

Ookami Otoko again insults Kinji’s father and brother, but Kinji says he will now fight as a ninja who will protect the people of the world.

Kinji henges and they all try to fight Ookami Otoko who reminds them that human swords won’t do a thing to him.

In that case, Takaharu hands Kinji the Chozetsu Changer and he uphenges to Chozetsu.

Ninninger 27

Yakumo tosses Kinji his sword to use and now Ookami Otoko isn’t as invincible as he was earlier.

Kasumi suggests they lend him an extra hand so they help set up the finisher that Kinji uses to finish off Ookami Otoko’s first life.

Kyuuemon embiggens Ookami Otoko and the Ninningers hop into Ha-Oh ShurikenJin.

With one Appare Buster, Ookami Otoko is gone for good. Yeehaw!

Ninninger 27

Back home, Kinji tries to apologize to Grandpa for his true intentions. But Grandpa stops him and says his grandchildren hit him in a sensitive spot earlier. He has learned to start believing in his pupils a little more.

Ninninger 27

So starting tomorrow, Kinji will no longer be an apprentice, but a full-fledged student.

Ninninger 27

Meanwhile, Ariake no Kata cannot believe how pointless the Western Youkai were. Kyuuemon offers to take the lead.

Episode Thoughts

Well, this episode was definitely better than the recap last week of course.

It was a good Kinji focus I think. Him wanting the Finishing Shuriken of the End is a little random, especially since the father and brother plotline only appeared in that one hallucination episode. It would’ve been great to have a little more detail sprinkled in throughout the episodes that would lead you to be a little more suspicious of Kinji’s other intentions. It would’ve added a lot more to his character and brought about a lot of nice story and drama.

Still, this episode was good. The flashback scenes of Kinji and his father and brother were effective and used well.

It was especially nice to see Grandpa soften up a little and see another side of him other than him just popping in and out being stubbornly vague about everything.

I hope everyone gets a chance to go Chozetsu.

I have to agree with Ariake no Kata. The Western Youkai were pointless! lol Just normal monsters of the week. You’d think they’d at least give the Ninningers a little more trouble. But oh well. Hehe.

Anyway, this was a good, solid episode and nice little focus for Kinji. And some great action as well.

And yes, I guess Kyuuemon is now officially male.

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