Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 25 – It's Summer! Beware of Dracula

Ninninger 25

Fuuka is at the mall with her friends when a James Satou, a producer from Kyoei Movies scouts her and asks her to come audition for the lead role in a new movie. Her friends are excited for her because they are huge fans of the movie’s lead actor, Silver.

When she gets home to tell everyone, they seem to be shocked and surprised. Their doubtful reactions only motivate her to audition even more.

Ninninger 25

They wish her luck as she leaves. But Kasumi grows suspicious as she studies the audition poster. Seeing the movie is about Dracula, she remembers Kinji mentioning the three Western Youkai when they met Franken. She asks what the other two Youkai’s names are.

Satou is with Silver as they look over the hopefuls. Someone is flashing Dracula fangs as Silver is especially smitten with Fuuka.

Ninninger 25

Fuuka gets to the camp where the auditions will be held, determined to show the others how wrong they were.

But Fuuka is surprised when she sees Kasumi is there to audition as well.

Ninninger 25

They walk in and Fuuka recognizes Yakumo and Nagi… only, they are dressed as women.

Ninninger 25

Kasumi ushers her out only for them to run into Takaharu trying to get into the auditions and Kinji disguising as security.

Ninninger 25

They decide to come clean with Fuuka and explain that this whole audition might be related to the Dracula Western Youkai. Anyway, they’re here just in case and Fuuka can focus on the audition.

Silver appears and is very pleased to see “cute” Fuuka in person. He is convinced she can be his “white rose” and his leading lady.

Ninninger 25

Silver gets on his knee and kisses Fuuka’s hand.

Ninninger 25

Yakumo and Nagi are jealous. Silver leaves as the wheels begin turning in Kasumi’s head.

Meanwhile, Ariake no Kata tells Western Youkai Dracula to hurry up with the fear gathering. He sweet talks her before getting to work.

Fuuka has some of the lunch Kinji prepared for her and wonders if she really wants to be doing this. That’s when she hears a scream. Dracula has just bitten one of the women.

Ninninger 25

Fuuka and Kasumi hurry down to find a bunch of women unconscious and having nightmares. Even Yakumo and Nagi.

Silver can’t believe this is happening. He runs to get help and Kasumi follows him upstairs.

Kasumi loses him, but she walks toward an open door only to get bit by Dracula. Fuuka hurries upstairs and henshins when Dracula tries to attack her.

Dracula tosses her out the window and they fight in the woods. But Dracula manages to force Fuuka to dehenshin. He says he is excited to taste her too.

Ninninger 25

But he seems to stop himself from biting her neck which allows Takaharu and Kinji to jump in and help Fuuka.

They run after Dracula who heads back into the mansion. The first person they see is Silver.

Satou tells Silver that he tried to call for help, but the lines have been cut.

Ninninger 25

Anyway, Satou says they’ll have to cancel the audition. But Silver says it’s fine as long as he has Fuuka whom he will protect. Takaharu demands Silver show his true form and admit he is Dracula. Silver says he is indeed Dracula… in the movie.

Kinji explains to Fuuka that unlike the old blood-drinking Dracula, the modern one sucks up life energy, putting people to sleep and inducing nightmares to collect fear. So they’ll just have to defeat Dracula and everyone can wake up. But Kinji says they must reveal his identity first.

Fuuka remembers Dracula pulling back from sucking her earlier. Kinji asks if she ate the bentou he made for her. That gives him an idea.

Ninninger 25

While waiting, Fuuka asks Takaharu what he thinks about her becoming an actress. When the Youkai made Takaharu forget his dream of becoming Last Ninja, it made Fuuka think about her own dreams. When this audition came up, she wondered if becoming an actress was it.

Takaharu says she should do what she likes. Especially if she gets a WHOOOA feeling inside. And when she decides what that dream is, he will support her 100%.

She thanks her Oniichan just as Kinji comes in to tell them dinner is ready.

Ninninger 25

Fuuka and Takaharu sit at the dinner table with Silver and Satou as Kinji serves them a huge platter of gyoza. Takaharu and Fuuka dig in, but Silver is not interesting in foods with strong smells.

Fuuka insists and decides to feed him one. He eats it. And loves it!

He removes his fake vampire teeth and eats some more.

So if it isn’t Silver, then…

Silver feeds Satou a gyoza and he suddenly recoils before turning into Dracula. Turns out Kinji’s gyoza is made of garlic.

Ninninger 25

Fuuka, Takaharu and Kinji henge. Fuuka tells Silver to hide in his room.

Ninninger 25

As they fight, Silver marvels at “excellent” Fuuka. Just then, the coffin opens and out pops the real Satou all tied up.

Dracula says he has no business with the men. But Kinji uses Wind Technique to waft the smell of garlic gyoza toward him. That gives Takaharu time to go Chozetsu. And together, they finish off his first life and all the women wake up.

Kyuuemon embiggens Dracula and Takaharu hops into Lion Ha-Oh. But Dracula sucks up Lion Ha-Oh’s energy.

Ninninger 25

That’s when Yakumo, Kasumi and Nagi arrive to help and allow Takaharu to deliver a Big Shuriken Crush to finish off Dracula for good.

Ninninger 25

Silver is still smitten with Fuuka and says her cuteness shines even more when she fights. That’s why he proposes to turn the movie into Dracula vs Ninja: the Serenade of Love.

Fuuka thanks him, but she has to turn him down. The others say this is a great opportunity for her, but she says for now, she must focus on being a ninja.

Silver understands, but says if she ever does decide to become an actress, she can come to him and he’ll help her.

Ninninger 25 Ninninger 25

Episode Thoughts

Another fun summer episode! Even better that we again got some great character moments from everyone. There was some great brother-sister moments between Fuuka and Takaharu. Kasumi was her usual observant self. Kinji showed that he too can think on the fly. And Nagi and Yakumo secretly want to be pretty movie actresses. Lots of fun all around!

I’ve definitely been a fan of CROSS GENE and their music and also of Shin Wonho since first seeing him on KBS’s Big. He was pretty good here, definitely playing up that “movie star”/”idol” personality of Silver very well. I wouldn’t mind starting to ship Fuuka and Silver. Hee.

The three Western Youkai are turning out to be duds. I kinda expected they’d be a little more fearsome and badass, but they’ve turned out to be regular monsters of the week. Sorry Ariake no Kata. lol

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  1. I ship Fuuka and Silver as well. Hehehehe anyway I liked this episode and I got so happy that Kasumi said Kinji’s name instead of Star. I ship Kinji and Kasumi hehehe.

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