Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 7 – Spring Ninja Festival!

Ninninger 7

Father comes in and sees the Ninningers are training harder than ever. Yakumo says it’s because they want to finish the job against the enemy next time they meet.

Meanwhile, Fuuka is too shy to thank her brother for saving her life last episode.

Ninninger 7

Father tells everyone to rest for a little bit as he has something to say. He regrets not being able to learn Ninjutsu and thought maybe he might pick a little bit up while studying with them. When Fuuka was captured, he realized how powerless he us, though he was glad to see them all able to handle it. Which is why he’s brought in some teachers for them.

Ninninger 7

In pop Sasuke, NinjaRed of Kakuranger and Yousuke, HurricaneRed of Hurricaneger.

Before they begin, the senseis ask what being ninja is all about. Takaharu steps forward to say ninjas do not give in to fears or worries or take things lightly. But the senseis say while important, ninjas become shadows to strike down evil, hidden from the people of the world.

Ninninger 7

The senseis bring them out to the woods for a little demo to show them a Cloning Technique and a Substitution Technique with a real body double.

The senseis turn it over to the Ninningers to see if they’ve got the new Ninpou. Kasumi and Fuuka can’t quite get the hang of the cloning while Nagi is still at the straw dummy level of Substitution. Yakumo then uses some magic to get himself to float away from Nagi’s attack, but Yousuke sensei says that’s not allowed.

Takaharu is sparing with Sasuke, but he also fails the Substitution Technique.

Ninninger 7

Gabi Raizou again repeats to Kyuuemon to leave the red guy to him. In the mean time, Kyuuemon thinks about what Grandpa said regarding the Finishing Shuriken of the End. She remembers the last time she saw the Shuriken…back then.

Back at the dojo, the Ninningers get their report cards for that day’s training. Yakumo and Kasumi both get 3 out of 5 while Nagi and Fuuka get 2 out of 5.

Takaharu thinks the “1” on his report card is a good thing.

Ninninger 7

But one thing’s clear, none of them are even close to becoming real ninjas. Especially Takaharu. That means training will be even stricter from now on. Takaharu thinks that’s hot!

Across town, a Sealing Shuriken has attached to a watch to become Youkai Nekomata.

The Gamagama-ju alert the Ninningers, but the senseis forbid Takaharu from going out, despite the Ninningers insisting it is thanks to Takaharu that they’ve been able to fight well enough to defeat the enemy so far.

Takaharu starts to go anyway, but the senseis tie him up and hang him from the rafters. The senseis tell the other cousins to move out. But Takaharu starts to chew on the rope.

Nekomata’s power is to reverse time. He starts terrorizing the people when Kyuuemon arrives. She asks him if he can retrieve the Finishing Shuriken of the End for her from the past. Sure, the Youkai says.

But the Ninningers and ninja senseis arrive, already henged.

Ninninger 7

Kyuuemon fires at the ninjas and asks them not to interfere as Nekomata takes care of a favor for her. Nekomata jumps through a portal to 2005.

Suddenly, Takaharu comes running and he jumps in too. The senseis call after him to stop, but it’s too late.

“We failed to save him,” Yousuke says.

The ninja senseis say, “Takaharu went into the past… which is where he dies.”

The Ninningers are shocked as the senseis explain.

Ninninger 7

Ten years ago, a Youkai suddenly appeared and attacked all ninjas he could find as he searched for the Finishing Shruiken of the End. As Yousuke and Sasuke tried to finish the Youkai, a new ninja suddenly appeared. This ninja, as they would find out, was Takaharu.

Nekomata easily swats Sasuke and Yousuke away. Takaharu tries to grab Nekomata before he returns to 2015, but the Youkai knocks Takaharu away and sends a Super Pawprint Bomber his way.

The senseis watch as Takaharu is killed, blown to smithereens. Nekomata manages to return to 2015.

They show the cousins the burnt up report card of Takaharu’s which they picked up. The Ninningers cannot believe it.

Especially Fuuka who regrets not being able to thank him for saving her life.

Ninninger 7

But Yakumo and Kasumi both believe Takaharu would never be cut down so easily. They think he’s still alive.

Nekomata appears through the portal, back with the Finishing Shuriken of the End which he hands to a Hitokarage to give to Kyuuemon.

The cousins are ready to fight, but the senseis say this is their fault to take care of.

Suddenly, Nekomata is attacked from inside the portal.

It’s Takaharu! He’s alive!

Ninninger 7

But how?! Takaharu tells his senseis not to write him off so easily. He says he used the Substitution Technique they had just taught him and that he usually performs better in battle than in training.

Ninninger 7

After laughing about Takaharu’s sneaky awesomeness, the ninjas all henge and together all take care of Nekomata.

Two Sealing Shurikens suddenly burn Takaharu’s butt and they become Clone and Sky Shurikens meaning their senseis acknowledge them.

Meanwhile, Kyuuemon sees the Shuriken Nekomata brought back was the wrong one. She summons Giant Youkai Gashadokuro and the Ninningers hop into Shurikenjin.

Sasuke tells Takaharu to use the new Shurikens. He first uses the Kakuranger-themed Clone Shuriken and then the Hurricaneger Sky Shuriken.

They finish it up with a Splendid Slash.

Ninninger 7

The Ninningers hop out of Shurikenjin and find their senseis have gone. Maybe the Shurikens are indeed certifications of the completion of their training.

Ninninger 7

Fuuka pulls Takaharu aside and thanks him, though she doesn’t say for what.

The senseis watch them from a cliff and say maybe it’s time for shinobis that do not hide.

Ninninger 7

Approaching them are AkaRanger and Grandpa. Grandpa asks them to watch over his grandchildren and AkaRanger says of course they will, as they have over all other Super Sentai as well.

Ninninger 7

Episode Thoughts

Well that was a nice little tribute episode. It was fun for what it was even though the story itself probably didn’t make sense and the strange Power Rangers-style edits of jumping from one location to another in one scene were weird.

I do like how they used bits and pieces from last week and other episodes into the character interactions for this episode. I think they did much better with the emotional character stuff this episode like Father telling the kids about his insecurities (and them actually understanding him instead of just brushing him off or acting like he’s a weirdo) and Fuuka appreciating her older brother.

The Shuriken of the End stuff is kinda flat. There’s no sense of urgency or consequence for finding it or not for either side.

Gabi Raizou is also getting repetitive, almost like Chase was getting on Kamen Rider Drive. But I doubt there will be some kind of twist that’s made Chase’s story not feel too draggy. We’ll see.

Overall, a fun episode. But I definitely still hope they can step up the story and do better with character development.

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