The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 3

And they’re off!

So I was going to save this “season 3” for a little later on, but since The Amazing Race: Love is Blind Edition is off for two more weeks, I decided why not?

Now I’m doing this just for fun whenever I have free time. But also, I wanted to show that The Amazing Race Philippines can (hopefully) visit plenty of countries in future seasons.

Seasons 1 and 2 and now this season 3 will feature countries that are visa-free or visa on arrival for Filipino citizens and passport holders. The need for visas is definitely something that would be an added and extra hurdle for any TARPH season needing to get off the ground. To ease the trouble, there’s definitely plenty of countries that do not require visas or provide visas upon arrival for Filipino citizens. So those countries are my focus for these “seasons,” with the visa countries being visited in later seasons. (Seasons that will come to be known as the “Visa Seasons” lol)

And of course, for many locations, there will be some familiar tasks and Route Markers since any TARPH (and non-TARUS, for that matter) will be recycling tasks from the mothership and/or other local versions.

So without further ado, here’s season 3 which will feature the longest TARPh route yet! 😉

LEG 1: “You are trying to sabotage us!”
Philippines → China

LEG 2: “You need to close your mouth!”
China → Laos

LEG 3: “I don’t want the elephant to eat me!”
Laos → Thailand

LEG 4: “Why can’t you spin your head around?”
Thailand → Morocco

LEG 5: “Jerk that goat bag until it turns into cream.”

LEG 6: “You almost hit that man’s face.”
Morocco → Tanzania

LEG 7: “Why do you always forget things?!”

LEG 8: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”
Tanzania → Zambia

LEG 9: “I know you don’t wanna get hit by a car, but neither do I!”
Zambia → Madagascar

LEG 10: “Why don’t we fill this basket with your salty tears instead?”
Madagascar → Mauritius

LEG 11: “We’re not going to lose because of recycling!”
Mauritius → Malaysia

LEG 12: “I should have paid attention to the Race more.”
Malaysia → Philippines

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