Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 2 – Become the Last Ninja!

Ninninger 2

Grandpa brings everyone to the brand new Ninjutsu Dojo he built. But he won’t be training them himself. Unless they catch him.

Takaharu henshins, but Grandpa shows off his ninja skills, his Nintality. They’ll all have to learn Ninjutsu as well as gain more Nintality if they want to earn his title of Last Ninja.

Grandpa poofs away and in his place, Father will have take over their lessons. He tells them to practice with the Goton Nin Shuriken Grandpa left behind. These Shuriken allow the Ninningers to use elemental attacks.

Ninninger 2

But they seem a little rusty. Nagi, Kasumi and Takaharu’s attacks end up hitting Fuuka instead. Even Fuuka’s water attack backfries. But Yakumo seems to have a good handle on the powe.

Back at the dojo, Takaharu does not appreciate Yakumo’s blasé attitude toward Ninpou and preference to the magic he was learning in Europe. Takaharu believes Yakumo’s attitude is also disrespectful to Grandpa.

Ninninger 2

Yakumo says he doesn’t really see what makes Grandpa so great anyway. Takaharu lists off Grandpa’s accomplishments like defeating 30 pandas or a 30 meter long snake or talking to aliens 30 times or eating a giant gyoza in 30 minutes. Yakumo tells Takaharu they’re not kids anymore. And even if all the things Grandpa did were true, ninjas are still old fashioned. Yakumo isn’t even interested in Grandpa being the Last Ninja. Takaharu demands Yakumo apologize to Grandpa.

But suddenly, the five Gamagama-ju alert them to the new Yokai Kappa that is rampaging in the city. Kyuemon Iyazoi continues collecting fear in her gourd as the Ninningers arrive.

Ninninger 2

The Ninningers henshin. Yakumo stands back and observes as Nagi, Fuuka and Kasumi take on the Hitokarage. Takaharu takes on Yokai Kappa and the others come to help him. Yakumo concludes his observation and uses his Goton Nin Shuriken to blast fire at the Yokai who has to run off.

Takaharu is a little peeved that Yakumo had to jump in, but Yakumo tells Takaharu to be a little more aware of their opponents. Anyway, it seems like the most skilled of them should take on the Yokai.

Ninninger 2

“And you think the most skilled is you?” Takaharu asks Yakumo.
Pretty much. Yakumo says it is pretty obvious from training earlier. Plus, he’s the only one who has mastered Shuriken Ninpou.

Yakumo poofs himself away, but Kasumi follows. He knows she has something to say to him.

Yakumo says while he does understand this is their responsibility as the descendants of ninjas, he doesn’t really see the appeal of it. He has no interest in carrying on Grandpa’s will. But Kasumi asks maybe that’s because he knows he can’t beat Takaharu as a ninja?

Ninninger 2

Yakumo denies that and says Kasumi-neechan should’ve seen herself that Takaharu was no match for him.

“Oh, really?”

Yakumo replies that Kasumi’s got as sharp a tongue as always. But fine, he’ll prove no one can beat his Ninpou.

Yakumo leaves and finds Yokai Kappa. He henshins and fights, but can’t counter Kappa’s foam attack. Kappa doubles the power and forces Yakumo to dehenshin.

With Kappa about to finish Yakumo off for good, Takaharu arrives to block the attack and send a fire attack right back.

Yakumo is surprised since Takaharu couldn’t even do it earlier. Takaharu says he’s the type who does better in battle.

Ninninger 2

“It’s your right if you don’t want to be the Last Ninja. But if you want to talk big, you must surpass Grandpa first! Actually, try beating me first.”

Yakumo smiles, “It’s on Taka-nii. Let’s do this.”

The others come out and they all henshin.

They take care of the Hitokarage. Takaharu and Yakumo turn their attention to Kappa and use the Kin metal Shuriken to drop a pot on his head, cracking his head plate. They then team up to deliver a Ninja Violent Slash finisher.

But Kyuemon embiggens Kappa and the Ninningers use their Otomo Nin to summon and hop into ShurikenJin.

Ninninger 2

Takaharu disengages Shinobimaru from ShurikenJin again, but he falls too short and Kappa grabs him. Yakumo decides to go help in Dragomaru and helps to get Shinobimaru out of Kappa’s grasp.

Ninninger 2

Yakumo then decides to take center stage and initiates ShurikenJin Drago with Dragonmaru taking a seat instead of Shinobimaru. The Ninningers unleash a Drago Burst and Kappa is finished for good.

Ninninger 2

Father and Grandpa are watching from the park. Father asks why Grandpa won’t explain anything to them. Grandpa says he no longer has the strength to fight Kibaoni again. All he can do is wait for his grandchildren to surpass him. He knows they have that potential. Perhaps.

Ninninger 2 Ninninger 2

Fuuka and Nagi run over to Takaharu as he picks up the Sealing Shuriken. Kasumi tells Yakumo that Takaharu doesn’t really worry about anything. Which is why he may be the most amazing as a ninja. But that could also be because he’s an idiot.

Yakumo smiles at Kasumi’s sharp tongue again before he walks over to Takaharu.

Ninninger 2

“I still don’t find ninjas that appealing. But for now, I’m going to work on beating you and Grandpa. Then I will become the Last Ninja.”
“Bring it on! But I’m not gonna lose, ya know.”
“Too easy.”

Meanwhile in a dark corner, Kyuemon uses the liquid fear she’s collected to bring back to life the First Spear of the Kibaoni Army, Gabi Raizou.

Ninninger 2

Episode Thoughts

Now this was a good episode, but I didn’t love it as much as the premiere.

Part of that is because it was another one of those typical “let’s work out our team dysfunction” episodes where someone isn’t a team player, but of course learns to work with the others or becomes fully invested in the fight by the end of the episode.

It was one of those “I’ve seen that already” episodes.

And then there’s Yakumo’s random magic. I know it’s part of his backstory, but I feel like it is completely random and not even in a really fun way. What’s the connection? It isn’t really amusing or anything like that. Is it some kind of nod to Magiranger and the siblings? I have no idea, but it doesn’t really fit. Couldn’t they have given him something else to do?

Now the kind of random I like is more on Grandpa multiplying himself or Takaharu suddenly engaging in a sumo battle or doing a 9.8-worthy landing in the water.

Overall, it was a good episode. Some nitpicks from me, but still good.

Also, it’s great to see the hierarchy of the cousins. Kasumi is the oldest, followed by Takaharu then Yakumo then Fuuka and Nagi is the youngest.

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  1. we dont know whats going to happen in the future but I’ve got a feeling that the creators are going to make Takaharu the last ninja they always make the red one the hero but I want someone else to be the hero

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