The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 2 – Leg 8 – Thailand

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Leg 8 – “Pang-‘Beki Boxer’ ang peg ko ngayon.”

This is Curzon Hall at the University of Dhaka. From here, six teams will set off on the 8th Leg of The Amazing Race Philippines.

Teams open their first clue telling them to fly from Dhaka to Bangkok, Thailand. Teams will be flying directly on Bangkok Air departing Dhaka at 10:10pm and arriving at 1:40am.

Once in Bangkok, teams must hop into taxis to take them to Democracy Monument.

There, teams will find the Detour for this Leg: Boxing Kick or Foodie Trip.

In Boxing Kick, teams must head to the Sor Vorapin Gym where they must learn a series of muay thai techniques from a professional kickboxer and then perform the routine in front of a trainer to receive their next clue.

In Foodie Trip, teams must find the food carts along Soi Rambutrri and taste eight local street food staples from eight different flagged food carts.

The dishes: som tam (papaya salad), khao niaow ma muang (mango sticky rice pudding), pad kaprao (stir fried meat with basil), kai jiaow (Thai-style omelette)

Mod daeng (red ants), jing reed khai (mini crickets), rod duan (bamboo worms) and nhon mhai (silk worms).

They must then head to the yellow and red food cart and correctly identify the snacks by reciting their Thai names to receive their next clue. Teams must eat any snack they bite into every time they make a guess.

Teams must now make their way on foot to Phra Sumen Fort and check in at the Double U-Turn board before taking their next clue.

That clue tells directs teams to Yaowarat Road in Chinatown. There, teams must choose a group of locals and a “party taxi” where they must sing karaoke for the other passengers while being driven to their next destination.

Once they’ve arrived at the destination, teams will be handed the next clue by the driver, but they must open the clue before exiting the taxi.

That clue reveals the Road Block: Who’s feeling blessed?

The sun is rising and teams have been driven to Khaosan Road. For this Road Block, teams must search amongst 25 flagged barrels of clues submerged in cold water. Only one barrel contains the correct clue while others will tell teams to try again. What teams don’t know is they will be participating in the annual Songkran Festival and will be doused with water by the locals as they search.

Once teams have found the correct clue, they can make their way to the Pit Stop: The Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

The first team to arrive here will win P100,000 from Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to arrive… will learn that this is a Non-Elimination Leg. They will choose a non-elimination penalty which will be assessed on the next Leg.

AND that next Leg begins RIGHT NOW! This is a Zero-Hour Pit Stop and teams must continue racing immediately!!!

“Director’s” Commentary

So most of this Leg will be taking place in the early morning hours. (yay night leg!) And the areas around Khaosan Road and Soi Rambutrri are great (and safe) places for a night Leg in Bangkok. I like the Detour. And it’s a good one to have a U-Turn at. It’s in the same area and it’s at the beginning of the Leg too.

The kathoeys task was great back in TAR14 and Filipinos will certainly have no problem with this one.

The Road Block was my attempt at teams getting to participate in Songkran. Teams in TARPHDME1 took part in Holi in Delhi, so now it’s time for season 2 teams to take part in Songkran. The hope, of course, is fun insanity with teams getting drenched and shot at with water while still needing to immerse themselves in barrels of it too.

A solid Leg up to the Pit Stop where they will learn that they’re still Racing. And this is a great spot for a SuperLeg/KOR/TBC as teams will be (SPOILER ALERT!) crossing the Thai/Cambodia border over land (inspired by TARAU3’s Cambodia to Thailand crossing). I also made it a point to clearly state this was a Non-Elimination Leg and not the usual SuperLeg/not Non-Elimination kind.

I really like this Leg I think.

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