The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 2

Woohoo! Season 2!

I had a lot of fun coming up with my own Amazing Race Philippines Route last year. About an hour flight to Salt Lake City turned into a fun little project that resulted in The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition (Season 1). Doing it reminded just how much work goes into putting together The Amazing Race. Any Amazing Race, really. Just figuring out which locations to go to and how and what tasks to do just by scouring the internets was hard enough. But imagine actually needing to scout locations, check and double check tasks and be prepared for any logistical nightmare you might encounter.

It definitely made me appreciate the work that goes into The Amazing Race. (Though, that’s not to say the TAR team, whether TARUS or TARPH, shouldn’t step up their game and put in more effort. Hehe)

And so, as The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 and The Amazing Race 25 were on, I’d pop into my little word doc and jot down notes on possible locations and tasks I’d like to see on TARPHDME2.

Again, this is just a fun little project and me just scouring the internets and recycling plenty of TAR tasks from previous seasons and editions while trying to come up with hopefully fresh tasks as well.

And the result is what you’ll be seeing here! Enjoy! =]

And let’s hope The Amazing Race Philippines Season 3 isn’t just a faraway, unattainable dream! (Hee)

LEG 1: “Kaka-simula lang, I’m already tired na.”
Philippines → Singapore → Malaysia

LEG 2: “Ikaw na lang. Mukha ka naman matsing, eh.”

LEG 3: “Do you think ginusto kong mabasag yung plato sa mukha ko?!”
Malaysia → Indonesia

LEG 4: “Do you want me to sew your bibig shut instead?”
Indonesia → Sri Lanka

LEG 5: “How can I be sure they won’t let me drown?”
Sri Lanka → Maldives

LEG 6: “Please let me hit your balls!”
Maldives → India

LEG 7: “I’m stuck between two kawayans.”
India → Bangladesh

LEG 8: “Pang-‘Beki Boxer’ ang peg ko ngayon.”
Bangladesh → Thailand

LEG 9: “Get it out of my mouth!!!”
Thailand → Cambodia

LEG 10 – “Why do you always run away from me?!”
Cambodia → Mongolia

LEG 11 – “I don’t know what a sampan is!!! Sasampalin na lang kaya kita?!”
Mongolia → China

LEG 12 – “2 million pesos na, magiging bato pa? Literally?”
China → Philippines

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