The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 8 Wrap-up – "Walang kaibi-kaibigan dito."

Well, it’s been hard doing Leg Wrap-ups for Legs that were missing an episode or chunks of episodes. So I guess it would be impossible to do a Wrap-up for a Leg in which I missed four episodes of.

But I’ll do one anyway. 🙂

It really is a shame though because this Iloilo Leg looks to be the best yet. At least in the previews and on paper.

Starting with the episodes I was able to actually watch, both Monday and Tuesday’s episodes were either great or solid.

Monday’s carabao racing was one of the best tasks all season. It was a Double Battle done in the best way possible, which makes me wonder why the other Double Battles this season were not very good. Next time a TAR goes to the Philippines, this Road Block should definitely be on the list.

Tuesday’s La Paz Batchoy Route Marker was good if only for the fact that teams were forbidden to give each other the answer. That’s a rule that should’ve been in place from the time Derek said “GO!” Then maybe we could’ve seen a lot more exciting competition (like we’ve seen these last few Legs) earlier on.

And then we come to the episodes that do not exist, at least according to the internets. Again, sorry to everyone, Filipino or not, who’s been asking me for links to the episodes. I would LOVE to give everyone links and share the episodes, but I don’t have them unfortunately. And if anyone does have them and would like to share, I and many fans around the world would appreciate it very much.

Only hope of ever seeing these episodes are if TV5 uploads them, but judging from the Cebu “episodes” they uploaded last week, they’re having some problems. Half of the videos abruptly end after 30-60 seconds into them. =( I don’t know what’s going on there, but I’m happy that at least both TAR China and HaMerotz LaMillion have official episode uploads on their official YouTube and tv.Sohu channels.

Wednesday’s body painting Intersection is probably the closest TARPH will ever get to a nude painting Fast Forward. lol It would’ve been fun to see the awkwardness doing that task, especially, judging from the previews, Roch and Jet. 😉

The Detour was one of the excellently spoiled tasks this season, so it would’ve been exciting to see it play out in the episode. Also great to see apparently AJ & Jody easily overcome the U-Turn. The tasks themselves seemed nice and physical too.

Thursday apparently had a nice little emotional Route Marker with the blind kids. And the rock task was apparently very good as well, one of the better puzzle-y tasks of the season.

I keep saying “apparently,” since I’m basing it on comments from the few people that actually did see the episodes.

And Friday’s zombie episode was one of the tasks I was most looking forward to. It looks like it could be one of the most fun and creative Route Markers in a long time on ANY TAR. But I wouldn’t know since other than the tweets from back when they were filming and the daily preview clip and screencaps I would have no idea how the task actually played out.

Finally, the Pit Stop. I think they should’ve alerted teams to the Double Elmination earlier in the Leg, if not at the start of the Leg. Just like in TAR19. It actually adds a lot more drama with teams giving it their all just to avoid being bottom two. It’s more dramatic and exciting than a SHOCK result at the Mat, honestly. Sure a Double Elimination was expected either this Leg or next, but to just drop the 2nd to last team without any warning is a little unfair.

So this could’ve been the best Leg of TARPH so far. Maybe even the hypothetical Emmy episode submission (if it was in the TARUS format). But who knows? Well, other than those who actually have clear TV5 reception or better yet, Cignal in the Philippines.

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Leg

Very sad to see AJ & Jody get caught up in the Double Elimination, especially after last week’s amazing display of heart by them. When you think about it, they really got screwed over this Race. First, they weren’t given a prize for actually winning a Leg. And now this. =/ It was great to see them really grow over the course of the Race. It’s always great to see a team develop in a positive way as they run the Race. So as they finally got things clicking for them, it makes their unexpected elimination even more sad.

Roch & Eji… Roch appeared to be THE STAR this Leg. So fun and hilarious. From her screaming and shrieking and awkward giggling while painting Jet’s… yeah, Roch was awesome. And that’s just from the previews too. Roch’s screams at the zombie task was so good it was pre-show trailer-worthy, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing the episode. Too bad. But Roch & Eji have definitely stepped it up, Race-wise.

Jet & Yna have been very consistent and I am still surprised they haven’t yet been able to give that extra push to get them on top and actually win a Leg. The last Leg is most important of course, so it should be interesting if they’ve saving all their energy for that final run.

Strangely enough, Kelvin & JP are a little less fun to root for when they’re not the underdogs or getting ganged up on. They’re still fine, no problem there. And they’ve got a great shot at the final Leg. Matt & Phoebe won the Leg, I think. So they’re back to proving that they are maybe the strongest team right now since they’ve been able to overcome U-Turns and Yields and their own mistakes to still be in the Race.

Not sad about Vince & Ed getting eliminated, in last, this Leg. They really rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way with their strange attitude. It was very surprising. Instead of being snarky fun, like when they seemed to be anti-Blondies for just voting for them, they (especially Vince) became very condescending and overconfident. It was very odd and so opposite of how they introduced themselves and were introduced at the start of the Race. And their defeatist attitude at the end of last Leg brings to mind Derek’s sermon to RR & Jeck.

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      1. yes sobra… and this finale week mukhang maganda din.. ung 10 commandments part.. di ba pag finale dapat top3 lang?? so may maeeliminate pa ulit sakanila?

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