Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 35 – The Stolen Terminal

ToQger 35

Zett is sitting is on his thrown, thinking about still not being able to absorb Gritta’s sparkle. He sees her reflection in the mirror.

Suddenly, a large amount of darkness emanates through the throne room, much to the shock of Madame Noire, Baron Nero and Marchioness Mork. Zett emerges from his throne in full Shadow form.

ToQger 35

Mork remarks how rare it is for Zett to create such darkness since he hates it. She says they must take this opportunity to crush the ToQgers once and for all.

The alarm sounds at Hyper Ressha Terminal. The President orders the emergency departure of Hyper Ressha, but the approaching Kuliners speed onto Hyper Ressha Terminal’s tracks and prevent it from transforming and high tailing it outta there.

The President’s head falls off and he hastily puts it back on sideways before alerting the ToQgers.

The ToQgers meet Akira on the way to the Terminal. They charge toward the Terminal, but they cannot break through the Darkness. Akira tells the others to quickly back away from Darkness before it destroys their engines.

ToQger 35

Marchioness Mork marvels at this beautiful darkness. Zett says he did not do this for her. But they can do whatever they want with it.

Baron Nero has six additional Kuliner robos guarding the Shadow-controlled Terminal. Marchioness Mork warns him not to mess this up. That ticks Nero off, he hates working for her.

ToQger 35

Zett walks through the Terminal and stops in front of the magic mirror the ToQgers also stopped at. Gritta appears in the reflection. Zett warns that if he can’t obtain her sparkle, it’ll be erased. The “disgusting” amount of darkness in him would wipe her out instantly.

Meanwhile, Schwarz is by the river where Gritta “died.” He picks up a piece of her dress. “You saved my life… so of course, I must return the favor. I swear it.”

ToQger 35 ToQger 35

Back on the Resshas, the President makes a surprise appearance. Conductor stops Right from pointing out the President’s crooked head while the President corrects both Kagura and Conductor for saying he is a bunny and rabbit.

He’s just the President. He seemingly controls Conductor by shutting him up with an invisible string as he explains that they can take back the Terminal by using Hyper Ressha Terminal’s new power. But it only works with all 13 ToQ trains and Support Ressha.

Hikari speaks up. If they need 13 trains, they are missing one. Drill Ressha, Akira realizes. Conductor says Drill Ressha was originally a Shadow Train, but the President says it has great power. Plus he likes drills.

ToQger 35

“Don’t make decisions based on your biases,” Ticket says.

Anyway, they need all 13. And now. Otherwise the Terminal will sink into a Shadow Town and the Rainbow Line’s loss will be assured.

Wagon asks how the President was able to escape. He explains that there are cracks between the Darkness covering the Terminal. They can pass through it as long as they’re not on a train. The ToQgers decide to go in using those cracks. But Akira says he will go look for Schwarz and retrieve Drill Ressha.

ToQger 35

Zett and Marchioness Mork are in the President’s office. She feels something unpleasant here in the heart of the Rainbow Line. She asks Zett to use his power to eradicate it, as well as the unpleasant thing inside of him.

Suddenly, they see the ToQgers running toward the Terminal. Mork, Noire and Nero stop them before they can get close.

The ToQgers henshin.

ToQger 35

Tokatti and Hikari take on Nero, Mio and Kagura take on Noire and Right faces Mork. Meanwhile, Akira meets with Schwarz and they immediately battle. Akira says he wants Drill Ressha.

The ToQgers are struggling. Zett appears and transforms into his Shadow form, sending blasts of darkness toward them.

ToQger 35

Akira uses his shadow power to rain down on Schwarz to allow him to sneak around. But before Akira can take Schwarz by surprise, Conductor and Ticket calls to ask if he’s got Drill Ressha because the others need him right now.

Akira asks Schwarz to hold on a sec while he finishes this call.

ToQger 35

Zett forces the ToQgers to dehenshin. Akira knows there is no time. Just as Schwarz is about to slash him across the head, Akira also dehenshns.

ToQger 35

Schwarz pulls back. Akira has a request. He will accept any condition Schwarz sets, as long as he gets Drill Ressha back. Akira bows his head.

ToQger 35

Zett takes Right by the collar. What would happen if Zett takes Right’s sparkle, he asks. “Would it accept me or disappear?”

Noire realizes all this darkness from Zett might be because something is happening with Gritta inside of him.

ToQger 35

Right tells Zett that will never happen and instead, all he sees is that Zett is going down. Zett proposes they test that theory. Zett has his engulfing claws out, ready to absorb Right. But suddenly…

ToQger 35

Gritta pops out of Zett’s chest and pushes Right away. Everyone is shocked.

Zett is back in his human form. “So that is your answer.”

Mork quickly summons a Kuliner to whisk Zett away.

ToQger 35

Suddenly, the Resshas are arriving. Conductor and Ticket tell the ToQgers to hurry and board. Akira’s gotten Drill Ressha back!

ToQger 35

Mork turns to see Drill Ressha is indeed riding on top of an arriving Build Ressha.

Akira sits quietly in his cockpit. He flashes back.

ToQger 35

Schwarz is amazed to see Akira here before him, bowing his head.

“To have changed this much… is it because what you’re fighting for has changed?”
“For you to say that… means you’ve changed too. You’re talking about yourself as well, aren’t you.”

Akira asks Schwarz if he too has seen the sparkle. Schwarz presents his condition. Akira seems shocked, but he agrees.

ToQger 35

Right thanks Akira, snapping him out of his flashback. Now that they have all 13 Resshas, it’s time. They charge toward the Terminal.

Mork, Noire and Nero watch. They order the Kuliner Robos to hold them off, but they are no match for the ToQgers. They are all destroyed with one shot.

ToQger 35

Mork, Noire and Nero hop into the Kuliners that are pulled into the Terminal. They can’t give up the Terminal now. Accompanied by two other Kuro-piloted Kuliners, they transform into Robos and leave the Terminal.

The ToQgers take the opening and speed toward the Terminal’s platforms. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon are excited to see they’ve done it! President says they will now use Terminal’s special mode.

ToQger 35

The Terminal stands and the transformation is complete. Mork, Noire and Nero are in awe and confused at the same time.

ToQger 35

But the ToQgers have just formed ToQ Rainbow. President gives the ToQgers permission to drive.

But Mork, Noire and Nero also combine their Kuliners into one larger one.

But the ToQgers use their Rainbow Beam Cannon to take care of the two Kuro-piloted Kuliners. They then whip out a Rainbow Blade and then charge up a ToQ Rainbow Final Slash.

That finishes off the Kuliner robo and Mork, Noire and Nero eject.

ToQger 35

The ToQgers are exhausted. Akira tries snapping them out of it.

Back at the Castle, Mork is scolding Zett for not getting rid of that horrible thing inside of him. They would’ve surely won if he did.

ToQger 35

Zett just ponders to himself. Noire realizes she must hurry before Zett just eliminates her for good.

ToQger 35

The ToQgers are back on the Resshas. They think about poor Gritta’s suffering. Right says it’s because of her sparkles. The Emperor wants it. Hiraki says Right better watch out then.

They hear Akira on the tracks playing his harmonica as the sun sets.

What was Schwarz’s condition?

ToQger 35

Episode Thoughts

Yay! Great to have ToQger back. And WOW!!! What an episode that was, yes?

So much amazing stuff this episode, definitely one of my favorites.

First that opening scene of the Kuliners taking over the Terminal! Damn. The Kuliners physically stopping Hyper Ressha Terminal from folding up and hightailing it out of there AND President’s head popping off!

I loved seeing the ToQgers face off against Mork, Noire and Nero again. That whole sequence plus Akira and Schwarz’s fight was amazing. Even more excellent fight choreography that was just as epic as the battle royale between Right, Zett, Noire, Schwarz and Mork a few episodes ago.

I love how Gritta has actually become a huge part of the story. It goes all the way back to when the ToQgers first meet Gritta when she runs away. Seeing their “relationship” with her, especially Mio’s connection with her now leading to them really feeling for her is just great. Then we have Schwarz who has been greatly affected by her sacrifice. We don’t know if he loves her, but he definitely feels indebted to her and owes her his life.

Definitely can’t wait to see what Noire does next to save her daughter. But how Gritta is affecting Zett is very intriguing.

And how about that ToQ Rainbow. That initial toy catalog picture definitely made the thing look blockish as hell. But it looks so much better in motion on the show. You can’t help but just cheer when the Resshas dock at the platforms and Hyper Ressha Terminal literally stands up. The theme is amazing and it definitely helped set the mood. It was awesomely epic.

Then you have the Kuliner Robos actually looking up at the huge thing. It was fun and hilarious and badass at the same time.

Just another amazing episode of ToQger. Anxious to see what deal Akira and Schwarz made.

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