Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 18 (Leg 3, Day 6) – “The Amazing Race has made you cry, huh?”

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Teams must now make their way to the Pit Stop at Lingayen Capitol Center where they will be welcomed by Kapatid star Ritz Azul. Ritz has loved her time in Pangasinan.

Matt & Phoebe are on the way to the Pit Stop and Phoebe says Matt should’ve shown their fellow #TheBrainTrust members Jet & Yna what the clue inside the puto tin looked like. But Matt says Jet & Yna didn’t even follow the 10 minute agreement at the MacArthur challenge.

Phoebe is afraid the other teams will badmouth them and get them on people’s bad sides enough to U-Turn them.

Roch & Eji leave the puto next and Roch thinks the Capitol Center is a hospital. AJ & Jody find the correct tin 3rd, but Jet & Yna pass them when AJ has to use the CR. Jody is annoyed AJ always delays them by peeing or changing clothes. Jody drives as fast as he can to try and catch up.

Vince & Ed do not like this feeling of being towards the bottom of the pack. Kelvin & JP are right behind RR & Jeck.

RR suggests they let Kelvin & JP step on the Mat before them since she feels sorry for the other teams ganging up on them. Jeck is speechless. What is she talking about!?

Back to Matt & Phoebe, Matt admits that he told Daniel & Charlie the answer at the MacArthur task. Phoebe cannot believe it. Now they’ve broken their alliance. But Matt can’t believe Phoebe is all about #TheBrainTrust now.

Phoebe wishes Matt consulted her first.

They arrive at the Capitol Center and step on the Mat. Derek asks them what “never ends” and he says a lot of teams are mad at them. Phoebe cries.

“I want to keep the friendship kasi. That’s how you stay long, that’s how you stay long here.”

Derek officially checks them in as Team #1 and tells them they’ve won another P200,000 from Shell V-Power Nitro+.

Roch & Eji and Jet & Yna arrive on the Mat next. Derek asks if them always finishing close together will end their alliance. But both teams say they are out to get Matt & Phoebe. Jet declares war.

Derek officially checks Roch & Eji in as Team #2 and Jet & Yna as Team #3.

Before they leave, Roch gets her Leg 3 hug from Derek.

AJ & Jody step on the Mat. Derek asks AJ about his “expensive” bathroom break and if Jody is upset. Jody says he’s wanted to pee since earlier. But it’s okay since they’re still Team #4.

Vince & Ed are disappointed to be finishing as Team #5.

Daniel & Charlie, in last, are driving very fast to the Pit Stop. No time “for f**king jokes” anymore. Tina & Avy know that any wrong move or turn they may make could open up a crack for Daniel & Charlie to slip through. They too speed to the Pit Stop.

RR & Jeck step on the Mat. Derek asks if they’ve made an alliance and they say no. But it’s okay since they’re not here to please anyone else but themselves. They want to play fair. And even if they are eliminated for not playing that kind of strategy, it’s okay because they know that even after the Race, God will still bless them. Derek officially checks them in as Team #6.

“Derek! Come to Papa!”

Kelvin & JP hop on the Mat. Derek asks if they’re okay with being U-Turn. They say they expected it and aren’t necessarily out for revenge. Just the fact that they’re still in the Race should prove to the others not to try and put down someone who isn’t really doing anything bad to them.

Kelvin starts crying. He’s thankful to JP for helping him this Leg even after his mistakes. (“Tanga ka!”/”Tanga ka rin!”) Derek says that’s good, that’s how a team should be. Kelvin & JP say their friendship is stronger now.

Derek checks them in as Team #7.

It’s a race between the last two teams and it is Tina & Avy who come out on top.

Tina & Avy step on the Mat, unsure of what to expect. Derek asks them about their day. They say it was a rough day. They would always be right there with the other teams only to get pushed down to the bottom over and over. (Thanks luck tasks.)

“I don’t cry. I’m allergic to crying.”
“So The Amazing Race has made you cry, huh? Nakahanap ka ng katapat?”

Derek officially checks them in as Team #8. Tina & Avy are ready to keep going.

That means Daniel & Charlie are last. They step on the Mat and Derek officially eliminates them from the Race.

They say they’ve still achieved a lot on the Race and are determined to work even harder.

Episode Thoughts

It was another long Pit Stop episode. There really shouldn’t be a full episode focused solely on driving to the Mat. And unlike the first two Pit Stops, this one didn’t really have exciting drama (like floods) or a huge meltdown (Luz vs Chen) to make it interesting.

The outcome was pretty much decided in Friday’s episode.

Watching this episode after already watching Legs 4 and especially 5, all my bad feelings about the horrible alliance talk came rushing back. Thank goodness #TheBrainTrust is all but dead now in Leg 5, but EEEK! This Leg 3 Pit Stop episode just reminded me how horrible it was just two weeks ago.

And Derek’s questions can be kinda leading sometimes. It’s very odd. lol

Episode Quotes

Jody: “Laging delay sa ‘yo, umi-ihi, bi-bihis.”

Matt: “I told you in the car, you weirdo.”

Matt: “I ain’t gonna go like that baby in the middle of the bloody road. Are you stupid?”

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