Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 17 (Leg 3, Day 5) – "You were moaning at us earlier!"


Teams must now drive to Bella’s Calasiao Puto and Pasalubong Center where they must search through stacks of puto trays to find Race colors on the base of the tin puto mold at the bottom.

Matt & Phoebe leave (what I assume is) the Detour at Lyceum-Northwestern University first. AJ & Jody, Roch & Eji and Jet & Yna are next.

RR has apparently stirred the pot at the Detour by telling the other teams that Matt & Phoebe gave Daniel & Charlie the MacArthur answers even though they aren’t in #TheBrainTrust. Jet & Yna cannot believe their alliance member would betray them like this.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at a Bella’s Calasiao Puto stall and hurry to get on aprons and wash their hands. But seeing how this seems to be a small area for all the teams to gather at, they reread their clue and realize this is the wrong Bella’s. The tinderas point them to the Bella’s puto factory instead.

AJ tells Jody to slow down his driving again. Jet & Yna are surprised Roch & Eji are fast drivers as well. They scream out the window to try and get directions. Eji is upset when Roch reminds him to look for the marked parking area. Matt & Phoebe argue about which one of them is always right.


Tina & Avy are 5th out of the Detour followed by Daniel & Charlie and Vince & Ed. RR & Jeck and the U-Turned Kelvin & JP are last.

Roch & Eji meet a police officer who offers to guide them to Bella’s. Jet & Yna sees them getting led by the cop, (“Sosyal!”) so they follow. AJ & Jody also get their own police escort.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at Bella’s first and get started. They need to use a stick and some margarine to remove each cooked puto from its tin until they find the one tin with the Race colors inside.

Roch & Eji and Jet & Yna arrive at Bella’s and Jet & Yna immediately tell their fellow members of #TheBrainTrust about Matt & Phoebe’s betrayal. As soon as they join the Dating Couple in the room, they confront them. Phoebe says she really didn’t know, so when Matt confirms that he did tell Daniel & Charlie, Phoebe denies it to the other members of #TheBrainTrust.

Jet & Yna realize that while they were upfront and loyal to the alliance, they shouldn’t have expected others to be that way too since this is a game, after all.

AJ & Jody arrive next. But Matt & Phoebe keep their lead when they find the tin first.

Yna approaches and asks if she can see what the thing looks like, but Matt says, “Should we? Because you were moaning at us earlier.”

Jet & Yna are shocked, again, when Matt decides not to show them.


Matt & Phoebe open the clue telling them to head to the Pit Stop at the Lingayen Capitol. Matt says they have no “pakialam” to Jet & Yna who are always bossy.

Jet & Yna tell the remaining members of #TheBraintrust that it’s time to Yield Matt & Phoebe next chance they get.

Roch & Eji are next to get the tin while AJ & Jody leave just as Tina & Avy arrive. The Blondies’ initial excitement at catching up to the leading teams disappears when Jet & Yna leave and they are again towards the bottom of the pack.

Contrary to their calculations, Vince & Ed actually arrive at Bella’s after Daniel & Charlie. RR & Jeck are next with Kelvin & JP still in last, even with a police escort.


Vince & Ed and RR & Jeck find the flagged tin and leave. Kelvin & JP manage to find the correct tin quickly on just their first tray.

Now it is between Tina & Avy and Daniel & Charlie.

And Tina & Avy are the next to get it, on their 4th tray. That leaves Daniel & Charlie in last.


Episode Thoughts

Zomg! I was actually able to watch an episode of The Amazing Race Philippines!

I’m still sad I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s episode. I was really looking forward to seeing the murder task ever since the first spoilers from Pangasinan came out. The teams running through the Lyceum and Derek standing next to a dead body were the first major spoilers I think. And the idea of a task involving a dead body was amazing.

But I guess the episode is now forever lost. That is, until TV5 decides it’s a good idea to actually upload full episodes to YouTube for which TAR fans from around the world, Filipino or not, would be so grateful for.


This episode was all about ANOTHER luck task. And right before the Pit Stop too. That feels really… eh… Like, another Leg to be decided by luck and chance? Not a fan of that, at all.

The task itself is fine, but considering last Leg had TWO luck tasks and this Leg had that MacArthur guessing debacle, having another one of these needle in a haystack-ish tasks is just too much.

I think these luck tasks are a direct result of the daily format. And I guess that’s just another downside to it. Needing to come up with 2x more tasks than a normal TAR Leg, we may be getting a lot more of these simple luck tasks. =( I’m starting to really miss season 1, to be honest.

For this task though, I think the teams should’ve had to eat every puto they removed from the tins. That would’ve made things a lot harder and actually a little more enjoyable to watch. I immediately thought of Charla in TAR5 having to eat all the chocolates just to find one with the correct filling. Or Charla & Mirna in TARAS having to eat through boxes of cookies.

So they could’ve had a marked tin in every tray, but teams had to eat every puto they removed from a tin.

Interesting that there was no full opening/intro/OBB with this episode. I hope that won’t be the norm like TAR did for TAR24. I don’t know if there really was a need for that extra minute in the episode. Unless it was for commercials which is great! More sponsors for TARPh, more chance for season 3! =)

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Episode


OMG Please Tina & Avy be safe this Leg! What horrible luck for them. They’ve been Racing very well (and on their own!) and to get thrown into danger by a dumb luck task?! I don’t even want to think about it. I just hope they’re safe this Leg. Kelvin & JP meanwhile have gotten a good mix of luck and great Racing. They were U-Turned again, but have been able to get themselves out of last. Again. Definitely still rooting for them.

I would totally separate Matt & Phoebe in this ranking if I could. I can’t help but love Matt for what he did to #TheBrainTrust. So hilarious. It’s definitely shady, but since I am so anti-#TheBrainTrust, I must cheer him on. Not only did he tell a non-alliance member (but pre-show friend) the answer earlier, his snubbing of Jet & Yna was epic. I was just as shocked as them! I just hope that opens everyone’s eyes that NO! Alliances have no place on The Amazing Race. Phoebe needs to not be so overly concerned about other teams and instead focus on her and Matt. I might cringe at her getting upset over betraying #TheBrainTrust in the Pit Stop epiosde. I did love their Alain & Audrey, British accent fight moment though. More of that and less alliance please.

AJ & Jody‘s bickering continues with little spats in every episode. It’s very amusing. Roch & Eji are starting to get testy with each other too. That definitely adds to their fun, but I still do like their competitive spirit. They know this is a game and a Race. But they’re still in #TheBrainTrust. =(

RR & Jeck were alright this episode. But if there’s a lucky team, it’s them. They don’t Race particularly well, but they’ve gotten so many lucky breaks.

Daniel & Charlie are just kinda helpless at this point. How can they continually put themselves in the bottom? Their confessionals can be amusing, but I wouldn’t be upset if they’re the next to go. Jet & Yna! I really hope they did realize that alliances are not always a good idea on the Race. It’s kinda naive of them to think other teams will be loyal to them at all times. Instead of trying to rely on other teams or make deals to get ahead, they need to just focus on themselves because they can certainly handle it.

Vince & Ed have really devolved from being a pair of nice geeky nerds into a pretentious, uppity “I’m better than you” overconfident team. Now that’s! surprising.

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