(Real!) Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 16 (Leg 3, Day 4) – "Oh my gosh, nakaka-high blood."


Teams must drive to Lyceum Northwestern University, where they will find the Detour for this Leg of the Race.
In Imbestigasyon, teams must correctly identify the relevant pieces of evidence at the scene of a MURDER!
In Operasyon, teams must correctly identify five medical instruments the surgeon will ask of them in the operating room.
For both Detours, teams must take part in briefings to help them complete either side.

Matt & Phoebe first choose Imbestigasyon, but later switch to Operasyon. Roch & Eji and AJ & Jody choose Imbestigasyon. Leaving the elementary school, Jet & Yna think the others have all chosen Imbestigasyon because of their alliance, but they think Operasyon is easier, so they choose that instead.

Tina & Avy also choose Operasyon.

At the Lyceum, Matt & Phoebe go into the briefing first and by themselves. The teacher explains each of the medical instruments on the table.

AJ & Jody and Roch & Eji both sit in on a briefing in the Criminology department for their side of the Detour to learn what and how to identify at a crime scene.


On the way to the Lyceum, RR is upset that after she had defended Jet & Yna to the bottom group earlier, they were yelling about alliances and threatening Yields as soon as they arrived. RR has a plan. She’s going to snitch on Matt & Phoebe to the other members of #TheBrainTrust for telling Daniel & Charlie the answer. She’ll then sit back and watch them implode.

All the teams catch up to a waiting Jet & Yna. And that’s when RR enacts her plan. #TheBrainTrust, especially Jet & Yna are shocked and upset and asar.

Despite hurrying over to the classroom since the clue told them “first come, first served,” Tina & Avy end up in last. Avy cries out of frustration.

Matt & Phoebe’s briefing is done and they go up to the operating room.

Though all teams are waiting, only Jet & Yna are invited into the classroom for their briefing.

On the other side of the Lyceum, Roch & Eji and AJ & Jody go investigate their crime scenes, but the lead investigators tell them to go back to the classroom to get briefed all over again. They’ve failed.

Matt & Phoebe pass their first attempt and now they must find the Reveal Board on campus to see if they have been U-Turned. They are surprised to see RR & Jeck have voted for them, so they decide on the next Leg, they will return the favor.


AJ & Jody and Roch & Eji get scolded by their Criminology teacher before heading back out to the crime scenes. Both teams get it on their second attempts. AJ hugs the investigator, Eji happily shrieks and Roch kisses the dead body.

Meanwhile, RR & Jeck are surprised when all the teams get into the briefing at the same time instead of joining Jet & Yna earlier who have now already passed the challenge.

In the middle of the briefing, Vince & Ed decide to leave so they can get ahead of the other teams. Aba! RR is not going to let the atatitat Nerds get the advantage.


With the other teams backing them up, they complain about Vince & Ed and the producers call them out of the operating room to issue them a penalty. Charlie comments on RR making a big deal about being a Christian earlier, but now resorting back to her “bitchy” ways.

RR & Jeck walk into the operating room next, but they are not able to hand the doctor the correct instruments before the patient flatlines. Kelvin & JP, however, do pass on their first attempt with the help of JP’s nursing assistant experience.


Kelvin & JP head to the Reveal Board and find they have been U-Turned for the second Leg in a row. But they expected it and are ready to push forward.

Daniel & Charlie and Tina & Avy are next in the operating room. Team Juan D manage to get through it with just guessing while the Blondies are able to quickly overcome the stress of the people in the room.

Tina & Avy check-in at the Reveal Board, but Daniel & Charlie repeat their mistake from last Leg and already leave the Lyceum. They have to turn back.

Vince & Ed finally get their first attempt in the operating room and are happy RR & Jeck failed their first try.

Meanwhile, Kelvin & JP are having fun at the murder scene. They fail their first attempt and must return to the briefing.


Daniel & Charlie return to the university and are greeted by screaming fans. They catch up to Vince & Ed who are also at the Reveal Board before they leave.

RR & Jeck finally pass on their 3rd attempt and they walk back to their brand new Kia Sportage.

Kelvin & JP go for their 2nd attempt at the crime scene and they pass.

Episode Thoughts

Yay! Thanks to TV5 finally uploading full episodes, I actually finally got to watch last week’s missing Detour episode. And it was very good!

Like I said last week, I was really looking forward to this Detour and was sad no one uploaded it. But now that I’ve watched it, I really enjoyed it. It was a fun, creative Detour. Imagine, investigating a murder scene! That’s awesome. One of the most creative Detours in recent TAR memory I think.

It wasn’t without its flaws though. Why were Jet & Yna allowed to get a solo briefing even though all the teams were there? I don’t think that was fair at all.

But LOLOL at RR & Jeck stirring up drama TWICE this episode. First with tattling to #TheBrainTrust and then leading the charge against Vince & Ed’s circumventing the rules. I must really LOLOLOLLL at the fact that the teams actually complained to the producers and directors there at the Lyceum to even get them to tap Vince & Ed on the hand. That is absolutely hilarious.

I only wish they raised a fuss at Jet & Yna getting a headstart too.

But anyway, it was a great episode and I’m very happy to finally get to see it too.

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Episode

For this episode, RR & Jeck were absolutely hilarious. LOVED them stirring the pot with #TheBrainTrust. That was awesome. Even more awesome was helping to knock Vince & Ed down a peg. lol Plus, they were also fun in the operating room as well.

Gotta root for Tina & Avy. They’ve definitely not had luck on their side, so it was sad seeing them so frustrated at the Detour. Kelvin & JP are just awesome. Being able to get through two U-Turns now is a big accomplishment. And not letting it get them down is great too.

Daniel & Charlie can camwhore a little, but they were more fun this episode. As much as I love RR & Jeck’s antics, I do agree with Charlie’s assessment of RR’s hypocrisy, basically. But that MacArthur challenge hopefully opened RR’s eyes to also realizing this is a Race and not a “bait-baitan” pagaent.

AJ & Jody and Roch & Eji did fine this episode. Thank goodness they chose the Investigation side of the Detour. Otherwise we wouldn’t have it seen it other than Kelvin & JP’s U-Turn. Yay for Eji’s shriek returning and Roch kissing the dead body. lol

Jet & Yna being annoyed at being betrayed is kinda fun to see. I’d say I hope it opened their eyes to the negatives of an alliance, but it doesn’t seem like it since then. Without any English accented arguing and now dominating these two Legs, Matt & Phoebe have become very boring. Especially this episode. And Vince & Ed are hilarious to watch when they realize they actually have to work and do stuff on the Race and that they really won’t be in the front all the time.

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