Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, (2/3 of) Episode 14 (Leg 3, Day 2) – "Bawian lang yan! Good luck."

AJ & Jody open the next clue telling them to head to the Giant Clam Statue at Dagupan City…

Wait, I think I’m missing something… Oh, this pirated copy of Tuesday’s episode is missing the first 6 minutes. Sorry. =( Let’s try to back up and figure out what in the world is going on here.

Based on the clue teams read at Our Lady of Manaoag on Monday’s episode, teams are in the middle of completing the Road Block.

This Road Block requires teams to hop onto a fishing boat to pick up two banyeras of fish (I assume bangus or milkfish) from somewhere? and deliver them to a marked stall inside the Magsaysay Fish Market.

Jody has just finished the task and Charlie is figuring out he needs two banyeras. But his boat has already left to give way to the others coming into the slip.

Across town, Roch & Eji have arrive at the U-Turn board and vote for Daniel & Charlie before putting on some costumes for some reason.

Oh, teams are supposed to learn a dance, probably a Bangus Festival dance. But I really wouldn’t know.

Back at the Road Block, “rich kid” Yna struggles to get her fish across the plank and RR sees this as her opportunity to get ahead. She gets in front of Yna who then pushes her banyera out of the way. RR decides against getting into a fight, even though she really wants to.

Charlie passes both of them, but RR says that’s okay too since Daniel & Charlie are either forgetful or just “engot-engot” (idiots).

Yna finishes next followed by RR, both receiving their clues. Charlie, already back on the boat, thinks they need to get five banyeras but then sees Yna and RR already with clues.

Charlie doesn’t know what’s going on.

Meanwhile, the Mayor gives Roch & Eji their next clue after happily dancing with bangus. They are apparently in 1st place. (I still don’t know what’s really going on though.)

Matt & Phoebe decide to U-Turn Kelvin & JP because they are resourceful and fast. They dress up. Speaking of, JP arrives at the Road Block and gets started.

Vince & Ed arrive at the U-Turn board and vote for Kelvin & JP too just because they promised other teams. Same reason and team for AJ & Jody.

Matt & Phoebe don’t seem to be getting the dance right at all, but the Mayor still gives them the next clue. Vince & Ed definitely don’t have the dance right, but they think they get approved based on enthusiasm.

AJ, meanwhile, is already frustrated. Memories of Prescilla start flooding back to him.

Tina & Avy are last to arrive at the Road Block and Avy decides to do it. JP takes a while to figure out how to finish the Road Block, but he and Kelvin quickly leave. Avy pushes through the physical task and she gets the clue soon after.

RR & Jeck are looking for a museum (which I assume is the location of the U-Turn board, but I wouldn’t know). They run over to the U-Turn board and vote for Matt & Phoebe because apparently for RR & Jeck, their philosophy is to Race and beat the team at #1, not push off the one at the very bottom. (ORLY?!?!)

Jet & Yna arrive and they vote for Daniel & Charlie because they haven’t seen them and they are strong. Daniel & Charlie vote for Jet & Yna.

AJ & Jody give the dancing a try, but Mayor says they need to go back and practice again. (?!?!) AJ is again upset, he hates “this f***ing dance.” Jody tells him to not get upset, especially when it’s his fault anyway.

AJ & Jody give it another try and Mayor happily claps.

Jet & Yna are next. Mayor happily claps for them too and they get the next clue.

JP & Kelvin arrive at the board and vote for Vince & Ed for bawian or just getting even from last Leg. Tina & Avy vote for Jet & Yna.

The Mayor tells RR & Jeck and Kelvin & JP they were terrible. She tells Daniel & Charlie they have a very different dance.

RR & Jeck give it another try and they get the thumbs up while Kelvin & JP make up their own steps and that gets them the next clue as well. Daniel & Charlie do whatever and that’s okay.

That leaves Tina & Avy in last and the Mayor gives them the next clue.

Episode Thoughts

Well this might have been an amazing episode!

If I actually were able to watch it. =(

Hope you pardon those screencaps (except for the first one from @teammagama). Those are caps from the upload video of the episode I watched. I promise Filipino primetime TV does not actually air looking like that.

I must take this moment to thank to all those Filipino TV pirates out there who record every network’s entire line-up to upload online and allow others to post the videos on blogsites full of ads and pop ups. If it weren’t for you, TAR fans from around the world wouldn’t be able to watch The Amazing Race Philippines. And believe me, there are a lot of people around the world who would love to watch the show. I’ve been asked for links, but I have nowhere to point them to. =/

I was so looking forward to seeing this too:

Yna’s fish falling into the water was one of the biggest scenes from the full trailer and pre-show promos. And now I have no idea if that even made it into the episode thanks to the missing six minutes.

(But to whoever the kind soul(s) recording TARPh episodes is/are, it’s definitely not your fault that Saturday’s Pit Stop episode or Sunday’s recap episode isn’t online or if your video recording quality is low or if you’re missing six minutes from this episode because it really isn’t your responsibility to be providing full episode uploads anyway. You’re doing this out of your own time with no obligation to even put a single minute of the show online if you didn’t want to. So thank you. It is very much appreciated.)

The Road Block itself was great. It was a physical task that teams actually had to do themselves. It’s good to have these TARPh teams actually doing some difficult, physical task. TARUS should definitely recreate this task when they return to the Philippines. (*crossesfingersTAR26willevenexist*)

On the flip side, the dancing task would’ve been great, but it looked like there were no rules or guidelines at all! Just like Tina & Avy did not need to waste so much time memorizing the prayer at Our Lady of Manaoag when teams could just read off their paper anyway, here at the dancing, you apparently didn’t even need to know a single step of the dance.

At least, that’s judging from the first few teams getting the clues easily when they obviously were completely wrong. And yet, later teams had to go back and practice and then repeat? I doubt that the Mayor was the one giving the thumbs up herself, but what was the point of the task if there were no set rules? And if there actually were rules, why weren’t they followed? Ayan tuloy, some teams have fallen behind because they were very careful to follow rules and actually do the tasks correctly while others just do whatevia and get the next clue regardless. The Road Block also seemed to have no set rules either because some teams stacked banyeras, others filled up the red banyera instead. WTF?


My Subjective Team Rankings for (2/3 of) this Episode

I didn’t see Jody doing the Road Block, but AJ & Jody are tops this episode by only a small, tiny margin if only because of AJ reliving the horror of the Resorts World Prescilla task was hilarious. (lol) Tina & Avy have been one of the few teams who have never given up this Race so far. They’re now in last thanks to the unclear rules and them wanting to do things right on the Race.

Happy to see Roch & Eji still in first, but they were barely in the 2/3 of the episode I could actually watch. I don’t even know who did the Road Block between them.

Daniel & Charlie are great bottomgoddeses. It is just so strange (and funny) to see them at the back of the pack all the time and making such careless mistakes.

I’m starting to feel bad for Kelvin & JP and the other teams seemingly “ganging on them” even though they haven’t really been that strong of a team, or at least as strong as the others are making them out to be. I did love their “Bawian lang yan” at the U-Turn board. Nice. But I’m more excited about the big blowup on Wednesday’s episode. (If I can watch it.) Jet & Yna would be much higher had I actually been able to see Yna doing the Road Block. But the other teams targeting them for being “rich kids” is lame, but not as lame as other teams forming alliances and choosing at random.

Matt & Phoebe didn’t do the dance task properly it appears. Neither did Vince & Ed. Lucky them.

But RR & Jeck though. I absolutely agree with their sentiment that they shouldn’t be targeting the very last team, they should be going after the strong teams at the top. But when I remember them actually targeting the very last team in the first Leg, I just have to laugh. It’s like we’ve gotten two different RRs & Jecks between the first Leg and this Leg.

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