Meet the Teams of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2!

Meet the Teams of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2!

Only a few days to go until the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines premieres on TV5.

On Monday, October 6 at 7pm, 11 brand new teams will set off on the biggest adventure on Philippine TV. After a solid first season cast, if the previews are anything to go by, this new set of Racers look ready to be even more competitive, more fun and especially more dramatic.

The 11 teams are:

Jeck & RR @teamsexybesties

Jeck (28) and RR (30) first met each other through Wowowee host Willie Revillame when RR was a co-host on the noontime show and Jeck was part of Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal. But they became best friends years later when both began dating basketball players from the Barangay Ginebra PBA team. Jeck is married to Rico Maierhofer while RR is in a long-time relationship with JJ Helterbrand.

Jeck and RR actually didn’t plan on auditioning together. Jeck made it a goal to audition for season 2 when she failed to make the first season. RR, meanwhile, auditioned with Pinoy Big Brother alum Wendy Valdez which upset Jeck. But they were able to work things out and are now on the Race to prove themselves. Jeck wants to make her husband Rico proud, while RR wants to prove that she’s a renewed person under God.

While both anticipate the possibility of arguing on the Race, they promise to have God in their midst so they can focus on the task at hand.

Avy & Tina @teamblondies7

While Avy (22) was hesitant at first, older sister Tina (26) convinced her to audition for the Race. Nervous and anxious, Avy & Tina convinced themselves that the challenges on the Race would strengthen their bond as sisters.

They know people will stereotype them as the “dumb blondes,” but they are determined to prove those people wrong by staying focused and calm. As sisters, they are ready to support each other and are motivated not to fail one another. Win or lose, they are out to prove there’s more to them than their blonde hair.

Roch & Eji @teamchefs10

Chefs Roch (34) and Eji (29) may have known each other the shortest out of all the Racers on this season, but they are not going to let that stop them. They both teach at an international school where Eji is the program head for Culinary Studies and Roch is the Pastry Instructor. When they learned they were both Race aficionados, they decided to team up and audition.

Needing to contain their excitement when finding out they made it onto the Race, Roch & Eji felt guilty having to leave their students. But they knew they could not let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass.

Just like in the kitchen, their strategy is to remain serious, focused and time bound. Promising each other to never quit, Roch sees the Race as a chance at a new life. Roch still works for her family, but if she wins the Race, she plans on proposing to her long-time boyfriend with whom she has kept a long distance relationship. Eji promises to share his winnings for Roch’s wedding. And now that they have finally made it on the Race, they are hungry for the win.

Matt & Phoebe @datingcouple

It was love at first sight for Matt (22) and Phoebe (21) when they first met two years ago while auditioning for TV commercials. While Matt wanted to court Phoebe right away, she asked him to wait a month because she had undergone an operation. And when he could finally court her, Phoebe insisted the half-British Matt take it slow and undergo the traditional Filipino way of courtship.

Matt & Phoebe see The Amazing Race Philippines as an opportunity to get into show business. Though intimidated by all the muscular male pairs at the auditions, Phoebe was encouraged by realizing that more women have been winning the Race around the world.

The dating couple know the Race will test their relationship. Phoebe admits knowing she might slow Matt down because of her being a nervous-wreck. But she trusts he will always be there to keep her calm and collected. Matt admits Phoebe is much smarter than him, one of the reasons he fell for her to begin with. Together, they believe that if love made them win each other from the start, it will make them win together at the Finish Line.

Daniel & Charlie @teamjuand2

While many people know Daniel (25) and Charlie (25) as members of the popular Juan Direction, few know of their history. They first met years ago in Cebu, working as models to earn a living. They then moved to Manila with only a few thousand pesos in their wallets where they and a group of friends became YouTube sensations by uploading their adventures as half-foreigners settling into the Filipino culture.

They went through the same tedious screenings and auditions as other hopefuls to make it onto the Race. And they ultimately had to decide whether to take their chances with TAR or proceed with a new season of Juan Direction which was about to begin filming.

They admit they are blindly joining the Race as they haven’t seen an episode of The Amazing Race in a long time and decided to pair up with each other simply because they knew each other the longest. But their game plan is simple: “Wing it when we get on it.” Daniel admits being hyperactive to the point that it may slow them down, but he trusts Charlie’s calm and cool attitude will balance him out. While they worry about having difficulties understanding the Race clues written in Filipino, living in the Philippines has shown them Filipinos will always be willing to help out.

AJ & Jody @teammagama

This father and son from Olongapo may be an unlikely pair, but they claim that is exactly what will work to their advantage. Jody (21) is a Race fan who planned to take his chance as soon as he heard of the auditions in Pampanga. It is when he needed a new partner at the last minute that his father AJ (54) came into the picture.

Knowing he is the oldest person on the Race this season, AJ and son Jody know they can’t Race the fastest. Which is why they will Race smart. Jody, an athletic scholar who is a particularly good swimmer, is willing to do most of the physical challenges while AJ will use his wisdom to remind them to slow down and think. Still, being father and son, they admit their tendencies to clash and be hot-headed.

AJ & Jody believe making the Race is God’s gift to them and their family. Before finding out they made it on, a series of misfortunes struck their family: AJ’s older brother suffered a mild stroke and their family business endured hard losses. Now, they are motivated to reach the Finish Line to help bring back the smiles to their family.

Vince & Ed @TeamNerds6

Vince (24) and Ed (21) met in high school and became much closer in college at UP Diliman where together they co-founded “Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid,” a non-government organization that sends less fortunate kids to college. Vince is a former Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian and Ed is a fellow “Iskolar ng Bayan” and Magna Cum Laude candidate.

They see The Amazing Race as an opportunity to raise funds for their cause as well as prove that winning the Race is not just about brawn, but most importantly, about brains.

Their game plan is to try and maintain their nerdy and underdog image in order to not appear as a threat to the other teams. However, they admit they are willing to scheme in order to outsmart the other Racers. Team Nerds promises to do everything to win, simple because they do not like losing and will never get used to it.

Zarah & Osang @travelbuddies11

One of the very first featured TARPh2 hopefuls from the Davao auditions, Zarah (24) and Osang (25) are often mistaken as twin sisters. Being raised in families composed mostly of boys and men, they found a sister in each other and have been near inseparable ever since. They enjoy traveling and eating together, so The Amazing Race Philippines was their perfect chance to do both, for free.

Already experienced in traveling abroad, they already have a strategy for the Race: Zarah is the thinker, Osang is the doer. While they anticipate the possibility of arguing along the way, they know blaming each other will only be heavier baggage for them to carry. And they plan on traveling light.

Both dreaming to become plus-size models someday, Zarah & Osang want to inspire other women to feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves. They believe their strength lies in their optimism and positivity.

JP & Kelvin @teammrpogi

JP (25) and Kelvin (23) instantly clicked when they first met as finalists in Eat Bulaga‘s Mr. Pogi competition. Becoming good friends, they found they had a lot in common and their happy-go-lucky attitude drove them to audition for a chance at the adventure of a lifetime.

They admit they don’t have a game plan for winning the Race. But they do want to keep the right attitude and remain calm and collected as much as possible. As “bros,” they’ve already gone through petty arguments, so they are confident they will be able to surpass their tendency to argue on the Race.

While JP & Kelvin admit they have some weaknesses, they are determined to win the Race for each other; Kelvin has a family to support and JP hopes to use the prize money to get a US Visa to finally be with his family again.

Jet & Yna @teammagkapatid

For Race fans Jet (29) and Yna (28), knowing they are part of the Race is like a child opening presents on Christmas day. Making it to the second round of the audition stage for season 1, the siblings were determined to try again for season 2. And now that they are in, they plan to go all the way.

They believe the fact that they don’t have pity stories to share is what makes them different from other teams. With this idea, they want to prove that Filipinos can have a fighting chance and live a comfortable life in the Philippines.

Jet & Yna are the only ones who admit to sizing up the competition. They also plan on splitting the challenges based on their individual strengths: Jet is street smart and Yna is detail-oriented. While using public transportation may prove to be a disadvantage for them as they do not how to commute, they promise not to let that minor roadblock get in their way.

Luz & Chen @pinayworldchamp

Luz (36) and Chen (28) have been training buddies for almost 3 years now and each has a long list of accomplishments on the world stage.

Luz first bagged the Ms. Fitness Philippines title in 2006 and since then has gone on to become a bodybuilding champion in the Philippines and around the world. She says bodybuilding has given her confidence and boosted her emotional and mental stability, proudly stating that she’s gone from selling goto to becoming a world champion.

Chen, meanwhile, may be one of the most unnoticed athletes in the country. She started boxing in Puerto Princesa before eventually becoming #3 in the world of Women’s International Boxing. She currently holds a title in both Women’s Boxing Council (WBC) and in Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA).

For the Race, it was actually Chen’s husband who was supposed to audition with Luz, but as fate would have it, Chen ended up auditioning with her friend and from then on, was confident they would make it onto the Race. They plan to use the same instincts that made them world champions.

Luz wants to win the house and lot grand prize to secure a future for her child while Chen wants to start a gym business that will train future chapions. But Luz & Chen also hope to use The Amazing Race Philippines as a vehicle to let people know that women like them have been bringing pride and honor to the Philippines.

An accomplished set of teams from different backgrounds and walks of life and with unique experiences and talents they hope will get them to the Finish Line and win the grand prize worth almost P10 million.

Which of these teams will go all the way? Find out starting Monday, October 6th at 7pm only on TV5!

Be sure to follow the teams on their official Twitter accounts listed above and also follow The Amazing Race Philippines‘ social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the latest!

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