Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 30 – The Birthday Celebration

ToQger 30

Kagura has a dream remembering celebrating Mio’s birthday on September 28 when they were young. Well, it just so happens today is September 28 and Kagura wants to plan a surprise party for her good friend.

ToQger 30

While Mio is out running, Kagura talks to everyone else about it. Mio doesn’t even know today is her birthday. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon leave to take care of their part while the others decide what they should do. Kagura decides she will be baking the cake.

ToQger 30

But Kagura’s first test cake, while beautiful, tastes horrible. She realizes not everything can be solved by playing pretend, like her Sweets Girl Imagination.

Kagura decides she’ll head into town and learn from a professional patissier. She convinces a nice patissier, Airi, to teach her.

ToQger 30

Kagura gets started mixing a bowl of ingredients which she must stir for 15 minutes. But the others call when a Shadow kaijin appears in the city.

The other ToQgers meet Wig Shadow and they henshin. But after they take care of the Kuros, Wig Shadow fires and attaches wigs onto each of their heads. But not just any ol’ wigs, wigs with a chick’s nest on top.

ToQger 30

Wig Shadow says they better take good care of those chicks, because if the chicks die, they die too. Their lives are connected by the wigs. Good luck, Wig Shadow says before he leaves.

Kagura finally arrives and apologizes for being late. But Right says it’s okay since she would’ve gotten wigged too if she had been there.

ToQger 30

While Akira grows a little more comfortable with the chick on his head, Mio is very upset. The others try to comfort her and say they’ll find a way. She then thinks maybe the reason they’re peeping so much is because they are hungry.

ToQger 30

Over at the Castle, Madame Noire tells Zett that this is the perfect and easiest plan to take care of the ToQgers. Baron Nero agrees. But Marchioness Mork questions Noire’s dark resolve.

ToQger 30

“The result will speak for itself,” Noire says.
Wig Shadow promises the ToQgers will die whether or not they take care of the chicks. He’ll make sure of it.

ToQger 30 ToQger 30

The ToQgers head back to the Resshas and Right and Akira take turns feeding each other’s chick with feed. Akira has already named his chick Ichinojou.

Tokacchi and Hikari are reading books about caring for chicks. But Hikari tells a worried Kagura to go back to her baking. They’ll be fine here.

ToQger 30

Kagura returns to the bakery and starts baking with the guidance of her new Sensei.

As Kagura puts the icing on the finished cake, Airi-sensei asks what Kagura thinks is the most important part of baking one. Unsure, Kagura answers that the flavor is most important. Airi-sensei asks her to think it over. Why did Kagura want to bake a cake in the first place? For Airi-sensei, she thinks there’s something more important than flavor.

ToQger 30

Finished with her cake, Kagura hurries back to the Ressha, but she runs into Wig Shadow. She tries to keep her cake safe by running, but Wig Shadow shoots at hear and the cake box goes flying. Kagura hurries over and finds the cake is ruined. She is pissed.

ToQger 30

Kagura faces Wig Shadow and prepares to henshin when the others arrive, careful not to let their chicks fall out of their nests.

The ToQgers henshin.

But Wig Shadow reminds them moving too fast may be harmful to the chicks. He sees an opening and fires at Mio, sending her the ground. Tokacchi makes sure his chick, Piyorina II is okay as Akira feeds Ichinojou some grass. This is another opening for Wig Shadow to shoot at them two.

After Right and Hikari get hurled back, Kagura charges toward Wig Shadow and does all she can to fight him off. Kagura a couple of punches, but she stands her ground.

ToQger 30

Kagura uses her Imagination, but Wig Shadow manages to tie her up in hair and send her flying back toward the others. Wig Shadow sends a huge fireball at them and he readies a Final Strike.

ToQger 30

But suddenly, the chicks glow and grow up to become full chickens. They fly out of the nests and attack Wig Shadow. No one has ever raised the chicks before, Wig Shadow exclaims as the chickens run past the ToQgers.

The nest wigs finally disappear.

ToQger 30

Wig Shadow turns to leave, but Kagura stops him. Right pulls out Hyper Ressha, but Kagura takes it and uses it for herself. Mio steps forward toward Kagura, but she also steps right in the path of Hyper Ressha which ends up attaching to both Mio and Kagura by connecting them.

Wig Shadow laughs at them looking ridiculous, but Kagura says outside appearance is not what’s important. It’s the feeling. Same goes for baking a cake. The desire to create something delicious for someone dear to you and thinking about those feelings while baking it is the most important thing.

Cake? Mio does not understand. The others shush Kagura, but she says she wants to save people in trouble, just like she wants to protect the people dear to her.

Mio has no idea what Kagura is talking about, but she agrees with the sentiment. She and Kagura decide to use Hyper Ressha together as Wig Shadow charges toward them.

Kagura and Mio do a double kick as the boys watch, amazed. They call the others so they can use the Daikaiten Canon and they fire a Hyper Renketsu Crash to finish Wig Shadow.

Wig Shadow embiggens and the ToQgers decide to go straight to Cho-Cho ToQ Dai-Oh. They beat him down a little before using an Imagination Express to finish him off for good.

ToQger 30

Back on the Resshas, the boys call Kagura and tell her it’s okay to bring Mio inside.

SURPRISE! Mio is touched the others would do all this for her birthday, especially Kagura who remembered it. They go to the booth to see the cake Kagura made for Mio. It’s all smushed and Kagura apologizes, but Mio says it’s fine and she’s happy. Hikari reminds Kagura that it is not the appearance that’s important, right?

ToQger 30

Mio thanks Kagura and they all dig in to the cake. Which is delicious!

ToQger 30

Right spots something out the window and they all go to look.

ToQger 30

It’s their chickens, running alongside the trains.

ToQger 30

Conductor, Ticket and Wagon come in with their special present for Mio’s birthday. The guys hurry over to see what they have: Wagon’s special… roasted chicken.

ToQger 30

The ToQgers are not really in the mood for chicken right now, even Right. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon are confused why they wouldn’t want any.

ToQger 30

Episode Thoughts

It was another fun, yet touching episode. We tend to forget just what the ToQgers themselves have forgotten; their names, their families. They’ve also forgotten their birthdays.

So it was great to see them happily celebrate their best friend’s birthday. And it was great to see them showing how strong Mio and Kagura’s friendship is as well.

The chick nest wigs is so absurd that it ends up being so awesome. But that the ToQgers were the first ones to actually take care and raise the chicks, according to Wig Shadow, shows their pure and kind-hearted nature. The chickens growing up and attacking Wig Shadow was hilarious, but the last scene with the chickens running alongside the trains was actually very sweet and touching.

Though I will assume this will definitely not be Hiromu’s favorite ToQger episode. (lol)

Conductor, Ticket and Wagon being completely oblivious to what the ToQgers just went through and then serving them chicken is a simple, yet effective little closing gag.

Kagura’s lesson from her patissier-sensei is definitely nothing new, but it helped with the overall purpose of the episode of course.

Also, Kagura was so badass taking on Wig Shadow on her own. That was awesome, as was Kagura and Mio’s double kicks.

One interesting little detail though. In Kagura’s dream about Mio’s birthday, the date on the calendar was SATURDAY, September 28th. The year the 28th of September fell on Saturday was LAST YEAR!

ToQger 30

Hmm… What could that mean?! 😉

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  1. I know how Kagura feels about making Mio happy no matter how bad she made a cake she kept on trying to making a nice cake for Mio. They are deferntally BFFS

      1. Yep Tokkati became close with Hikari
        Kagura and Mio became even more close then they are I hope Kagura gets close to Hikari.

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