Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 11 – "We looked like a couple of idiots."

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 11 – Put the Fun Back in Fundy


Teams must drive themselves in a brand new Chevrolet Trax to a birthday party at the local DQ in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Sukhi & Jinder are happy to have each other as family on the Race. Meaghan is still upset about losing to Sukhi & Jinder. Mickey & Pete are “hungry hippos” and hate being the “bridesmaid.”

Not far from the Pit Start, Sukhi runs a red light and they are immediately penalized 15 minutes.


That allows Natalie & Meaghan and Mickey & Pete to arrive at the DQ first where they must take the orders of waiting customers at the party and correctly serve them their Blizzards and cake.

Teams must now travel to Hopewell Cape and find the Albert County Museum where they get the clue for the Detour.

For this Detour teams will get to experience the landscape of New Brunswick.
In By Land, teams will get a chance to geocache, a worldwide treasure hunt using GPS. They must use a GPS to find 10 geocaches in the area.
In By Sea, teams must make their way to the Hopewell Rocks and use international signal flags to spell seven universal messages using a nearby codebook.

Natalie & Meaghan, who have chosen By Sea, “looked like a couple of idiots” when they can’t even see the list of messages on the lid of their flag box. Meanwhile, Sukhi & Jinder pass the museum and run into Ryan & Rob when they finally find it.


All the teams catch up to Natalie & Meaghan and all find the task is not as easy as it seems.

Natalie & Meaghan and Mickey & Pete fail their first inspections. When Sukhi & Jinder get started, they realize they don’t have their Additional Info clue. They ask Mickey & Pete if they could see their paper, but they pretend they don’t have theirs. Ryan scoffs at the idea of helping the team that U-Turned them.

But Meaghan, who earlier was still peeved at Sukhi & Jinder trying to point them in the wrong direction, decides she wants to win this Race fairly and lets them see the clue. Sukhi & Jinder are immensely grateful and say they owe the girls BIG time.

But all the teams are failing miserably. Natalie & Meaghan decide to switch Detours, but when they search for their clue paper in the box, they see there is a flag similar to the one they have up on the line.

They double-check and find that is the correct flag, so they clip it up and on their 12th inspection, they finally get the thumbs up. Mickey & Pete find the same flag is wrong and they get it right on their 10th inspection.

Mickey & Pete give Ryan & Rob the important clue and they also switch the yellow and blue flag, but they are still wrong.

Turns out, both Ryan & Rob and Sukhi & Jinder have the same checkered flag wrong, but Ryan & Rob realize it first, putting Sukhi & Jinder in last.

Natalie & Meaghan arrive at the Route Marker at Cape Enrage and find the Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams will rappel down to retrieve one half of their clue then rock climb up to find the second half.


Natalie gets started with Mickey close behind.

But it is Natalie that finishes first and she and Meaghan head to the Pit Stop. After following a marked path, one team member must correctly secure their partner onto the zipline before flying to the Mat at the lighthouse.

With the linear fashion of the rest of the Leg, Jon officially checks them in as Team #1 and they win tickets to any US Air Canada destination plus $5000. Mickey & Pete take 2nd and Ryan & Rob take 3rd.

That means Sukhi & Jinder are still in last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

“Nautical phrase?! Ano ‘yon?!”

The Leg was pretty much decided at the Detour. It would’ve been nice to have something after the Road Block, but it must be the American influence. #LinearLegs. Yuck.

The DQ task was alright. The Detour was interesting enough since the nautical flags tasks from TAR18 and TARPh were both solid. It sucks no one tried the geocaching though. That sounds like fun.

But the Road Block and the ziplining to the Pit Stop was a slow way to end the Leg which ended up being pretty bare, almost like the Croatia Leg of TARAu this week.

Very sad about Sukhi & Jinder, so now I don’t really have a team in the Final Leg. It’s not as bad as TARPh1’s unrootable trio, but my only hope going into the finale is Ryan & Rob DO NOT win. And maybe to make it more exciting, see Natalie & Meaghan actually not win either. Which I guess means I’m rooting for Mickey & Pete by default?

My Subjective Team Rankings


Sukhi & Jinder definitely had a bad Leg. Just mistakes everywhere, which was disappointing considering how well they’ve been doing and how much they’ve stepped it up in recent Legs. You could see how much they wanted it at the end.

Mickey & Pete have, for the most part, run their own Race and have been relatively fun and enjoyable while doing it.

Kudos to Meaghan for letting Sukhi & Jinder read their clue. It makes up for her being pissy last Leg for no reason even though she would be justified in not letting the siblings see the clue. (Unlike the other two teams.)

Ryan & Rob. Ugh. It sucks that there are several other teams who deserve that spot in the finale more than them, but what can you do.

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