Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 26 – The Fight That Started in a Bathhouse

ToQger 26 ToQger 26

The ToQgers think it is odd that they’ve encountered Kuros, but no Shadow Kaijin at a regular station. Conductor and Ticket call them back to the Resshas to tell them the trains are acting weird, as if they’re actually at a Shadow Line station.

ToQger 26

The ToQgers decide to take a look around town, but Akira will not be joining them. He’s got somewhere to be.

Over at the Castle, Zett is listening to Baron Nero as he explains his plan with Coin Shadow.

ToQger 26 ToQger 26

As the ToQgers enjoy the nice town, they realize Kagura is not with them. She’s gotten herself lost, but stumbles upon Akira excitedly hurrying somewhere. Kagura follows and they end up in front of a bathhouse.

Kagura says Akira can use the showers on the Resshas, but Akira says he loves bathhouses.

ToQger 26

Suddenly, they hear a loan shark hounding the owner of the bathhouse to pay off his debts by tomorrow or else. Kagura stops Akira from henshining to take care of the douchebag. The loan shark just laughs as he walks past them and tells them debts must be paid or there will be consequences.

Kagura approaches the owner of the bathhouse to ask what’s happening. The owner explains that fewer and fewer youths had been coming in, so when the guy appeared with some ideas to bring in customers, he jumped at the chance.

ToQger 26

But both ideas ended up as disasters. First, a misunderstanding over an idea to have people compete to get in the bathhouse and not putting iris leaves and petals in the bath. Then, having the bathhouse turned into a supermarket instead of just a full service Super Bath.

The owner needing to put the bathhouse back to its original state just added more to his debt. And that’s why he’s in a pinch. As long as that contract exists, his hands are tied.

The others finally find Kagura and the owner offers they all take a bath on the house. Especially since this is the bathhouse’s last day.

ToQger 26

Tokacchi and Hikari are not that excited for a dip in the baths. But Akira slaps their towels off their naked bodies and begins reciting the Rules of the Bathhouse.

Rule #1: Don’t be embarrassed!

ToQger 26

Right is a little more excited and hurries to jump in, but Akira stops him. Rule #2: You must clean your body first before jumping in.

ToQger 26

The guys are now in the bath. It’s a little too hot for Tokacchi, but Rule #17, no putting cold water in the hot water!

ToQger 26

Suddenly, they hear Mio and Kagura enjoying the bath next door. They listen as the girls have fun together.

ToQger 26

Fresh from their relaxing (or not) baths, Akira gives them Rule #219: Enjoy a coffee milk with their hands on their hips.

The girls come out of the changing rooms and Akira thanks the owner for a nice time. The owner says it’s nice to end it all with happy customers, but Akira says this bathhouse cannot close. He’s never been in such a nice bathhouse before. Kagura agrees.

Akira suggests they forcibly take the contract, but Kagura says they should properly pay back the loan. She has an idea!

ToQger 26

The ToQgers henshin and go about the town promoting Hironoyu Bathhouse. Akira is the most enthusiastic.

The ToQgers even do a little show, complete with transfers to entertain the possible customers. That evening, the bathhouse is full of excited people.

ToQger 26

But when they count up the day’s earnings, they only have a bucket full of 10 yen coins. Turns out, Akira had written on the fliers that baths would be 10 yen as a promotion.

The owner thanks them for all their effort anyway, but Kagura and Akira will not give up.

ToQger 26

Next morning, they work together with Build Ressha to pull the bathhouse right off of its foundation to transfer it to a vacant lot nearby. The others try to calm Kagura down and explain how things are not that simple.

But suddenly, they see what Akira describes as a Mass of Darkness. This is a place where negative human thoughts naturally gather. You could call it a reverse power spot. (Places to get good energy.)

ToQger 26

Akira now understands. It is this Mass of Darkness that has been keeping customers away. And likely what the Shadow Line is after.

Indeed, says the loan shark. He thanks them for removing the bathhouse for him and asks the ToQgers to leave.

Akira says the contract the owner signed is invalid. What good is a contract between a human and a non-human. Akira demands this person reveal his true identity.

ToQger 26

Turns out it is Coin Shadow. This is not just for a station, but for a brand new Shadow terminal.

The ToQgers henshin. Kagura takes over Right’s “Shuppatsu shinkou!” and Akira speeds past them to take on Coin Shadow.

Coin Shadow knocks Akira around and the others hurry over to help only to get hit with a coin barrage. Akira charges toward Coin Shadow. Kagura shoots at the kaijin, then takes Right’s Ressha to allow her to transfer to Red.

ToQger 26

Kagura knocks Coin Shadow to the ground and Akira uses Drill Ressha to finish off Coin Shadow’s first life by knocking him into the hole in the ground.

But Coin Shadow absorbs the entire Mass of Darkness as he embiggens. Akira looks at Build Ressha which still has the bathhouse dangling in the air. He asks Right if he can use Diesel-tachi.

The ToQgers form ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh. But Coin Shadow is too powerful for them.

ToQger 26

They decide to combine to use Cho ToQ-Oh’s cannon. Coin Shadow feels dizzy and Akira explains like hot water, the Mass of Darkness has all gone to his head.

Kagura has an idea, she summons Fire Ressha and after telling a riddle, uses Fire Ressha’s water and fire to create a hot bath to defeat Coin Shadow once and for all.

ToQger 26

Akira returns the bathhouse back to its place. The owner runs out and thanks them for all their help. But Kagura and Akira have a request. They would like another bath before everyone else.

ToQger 26

Episode Thoughts

This was definitely a filler episode, but boy what an enjoyable filler episode it was!

It was absolute fun. The idea of Akira loving bathhouses is hilarious and kinda creepy at the same time. (lol) But Kagura teaming up with Akira made the whole fight to save it very sweet and again very much in line with ToQger’s overall sentimental and nostalgic vibe.

ToQger has done a great job of pairing the ToQgers off with each other and they did it again here with Akira and Kagura who were great.

Another excellently designed kaijin. And plenty of gratuitous skin. You will definitely not see that on Power Rangers. lol

Kagura mimicking The “Alright! Alright!!”s of Drill Ressha was adorable and Right feeling down whenever Kagura stole his thunder was hilarious.

Overall a great, fun episode of ToQger.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 26 – The Fight That Started in a Bathhouse

  1. Kagura is quickly become one of my most fav pink rangers, or, scratch that, one of my most fav female rangers until now. I wasn’t usually went gaga over her type of character but there something charming and earnest with Kagura that capture my heart, even her bumbling in battles weren’t annoying but fun to see. Not to mention her habit with super girl-like imaginations to fight powerfully is kinda unique. Her twin-tailed semi gothic lolita appearance also kinda fresh, first time I see it in toku girls. She will make a fine design in manga/anime pictures.

    And, it doesn’t hurt that she’s also so shippable with male ToQgers members.

  2. Wow Kagura had tons of episodes with someone else
    Episode3-Right and Kagura
    Epiosde7-Hikari and Kagura
    Episode16-Tokatti and Kagura
    Episode21-Mio and Kagura.
    And now Kagura and Akira.
    To me Kagura is awesome.

      1. Yeah my favourite scene was when Right Hikari and Akria was listening to Mio and Kagura. They would be called “perverts” by Mio and Kagura if the guys got caught.

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