Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 31 – The Whereabouts of the Forbidden Fruit

Gaim 31

Roshuo wraps up his introduction to the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge. He tells Takatora that the chosen will receive the power of the fruit to control the forests’ plants and the power to recreate the world as he chooses. But Takatora shouldn’t bother trying to obtain it.

Gaim 31

Why not!? Sagara joins them and says it’s because Roshuo is keeping the humans’ Fruit of Knowledge for himself. The same species obtaining two Fruits of Knowledge is against the rules, Sagara adds.

Roshuo says the humans will all be destroyed anyway, so there’s no point in wasting the Fruit on them. Instead, he will use it for a more worthwhile cause.

Gaim 31

“To save one person you love, you would let 7 billion humans die?”

She is worth it, Roshuo says. He looks into an adjacent room where a coffin lies. He flashes back.

Gaim 31

Elsewhere in the forest. Demushu has just jumped through the Crack into Zawame City and both Kota and Kaito follow. Sid wants to go after them, but Mitchi stops him.

The green Overlord, Redyue has appeared. Redyue attacks and they fight, but he quickly surrenders. Okay, I will show you to the Forbidden Fruit, he says.

Gaim 31

Sid de-henshins and quickly follows. Mitchi is not as eager.

Gaim 31

Demushu looks around this “disgusting” human city and decides to set most of it on fire. The citizens run out of the buildings and it’s chaos downtown as Demushu rampages.

Kota quickly tries to get people to safety as Demushu scoffs at all the weaklings in this world. Why are you doing this, Kota asks.

Demushu says it’s because these humans still have the “glory” they Femshinmu once had. Kaito knew it, this guy’s drunk with power. So Kota, he asks, do you still think you can reason with this guy?

Gaim 31

Sagara tells Roshuo that there is someone in humanity who still holds hope. He says it’s not fair for Roshuo to cheat with two Fruits without giving the new challengers a fair chance.

Gaim 31

Roshuo summons the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge which becomes a Lock Seed. He says this is just another tool of power if used incorrectly would lead to destruction. Roshuo gives it to Sagara and tells him to test his “hope” with it.

Gaim 31

Minato is on the phone with the mayor, trying to calm him down. Ryoma comes on the screen, henshined, and assures the Mayor that he has a plan ready.

Ryoma initiates the Master Intelligent System. After shutting down all communication services in Zawame, Ryoma orders the Kurokages out to find and subdue the Overlord.

“We wouldn’t need to go to this trouble if the Scalar System was working…”

But that’s okay, Ryoma thinks. This is their chance to capture the Overlord alive, find out the location of the Forbidden Fruit and then dissect its body down to his fingertips.

Gaim 31

Kota and Kaito struggle against Demushu. Demushu forces Kota to de-henshin and before he can finish Kota off, Kaito jumps in front of the Overlord’s final strike and gets sent into a nearby tower and trapped in rubble, de-henshined and his Driver out of reach.

Gaim 31

“Why do you hate humans so much?” Kota asks.
“Because it’s fun,” Demushu replies, letting out an evil laugh. He just wants to crush the weak and show off his strength.

Gaim 31

Kota understands now. He takes out his Kachidoki Lock Seed.

“I was an idiot for trying to depend on you. But I know now why your civilization was destroyed.”

Kota henshins. “Your world had a future, but you lost to the forest because guys like you existed!”

“You also rely only on power,” Roshuo counters, “You also seek the Fruit of Knowledge.”

“I’m different!” Kota replies and sends several big single shots from his Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju towards Roshuo before gearing up for final strike.

Gaim 31

Suddenly, Minato fires at Kota from a nearby rooftop. She jumps down with an army of Kurokages and asks Ryoma who their priority target is. Ryoma says Kota, to keep him from killing the Overlord.

Minato and Kurokages attack Kota. Kaito yells out to Minao, What the hell are they doing? Minato says Kaito should help carry out Professor Ryoma’s orders.

Demushu sweeps Kota and the Kurokages up in a tornado and sends them flying around. One of the Kurokages lands near Kaito, knocking his Driver closer to him. Demushu turns back to Kota and takes two slashes to his chest, forcing him to de-henshin.

Gaim 31

Kota collapses just as Kaito breaks free of the rubble, henshined. He charges toward Roshuo, but only to grab Kota.

What are you doing!? Minato asks. Kaito sends a blast their way and whisks Kota away.

“Fools! You could have used Kuzaraba in battle.”

Demushu turns his attention toward Minato and the Kurokages and Ryoma tells her to focus on capturing him. The Kurokages uses a “photochemical smog” to blind Demushu and then fire to try and subdue him.

Gaim 31

Redyue leads Sid and Mitchi to Roshuo’s lair and tells them they will need to take the Forbidden Fruit by force. No problem, Sid says as he walks ahead.

Redyue asks why Mitchi does not seem as interested. “You’ve got to be kidding,” Mitchi replies. “This is obviously a trap.”

Mitchi theorizes that Redyue wants Sid to fight off whoever has the Fruit of Knowledge so he can take it for himself without dirtying his own hands.

Redyue laughs. Mitchi is very amusing.

Gaim 31

Kaito carries Kota into the Garage.

Gaim 31

Mai, Zack and Peco hurry over and Zack takes Kota in his arms. Kaito tells them he’ll be fine and just to treat him. But as Kaito turns to leave, Kota tugs on his coat.

“What is the strength that you seek?” Kota asks as he struggles to get up on his feet. The Overlord said earlier that it is only natural for the strong to torment the weak, is that the same strength Kaito believes in?

Gaim 31

He’s right, Kaito says. That is the true nature of those with power. Kota grabs on to Kaito’s coat. “Are you going to become like him someday!?”

“Weaklings have no choice but to become prey for the strong. That’s why power is needed. The power to face any enemy!”

Gaim 31

Kota collapses and Kaito grabs his jacket.

“Kazuraba, you need to get stronger too! That is your purpose.”

Kaito gets up to leave and Zack says he will come. “Prepare for the worst.”

Gaim 31

Sid meets Roshuo as well as coming face to face with Takatora for the first time. Sid doesn’t really care though and just tells him to watch as he henshins and takes on Roshuo.

Gaim 31

Roshuo shows Sid the Fruit of Knowledge and he starts drooling. But Roshuo proceeds to use the forest to defend and push back against Sid who is going full force.

Gaim 31

Roshuo tells Sid to leave the forest without making any more fuss, otherwise he will take his life. Sid is insistent. “I’ll never be any one’s lackey ever again. No one will ever talk down to me again!”

Gaim 31

Takatora watches as Sid struggles to walk through Roshuo’s blast of wind energy. The wind affects Sid’s Driver and he de-henshins.

“I will surpass humanity!!!!!!!!!!”

Roshuo scoffs. “So you give up your life for your own foolishness.” He delivers the final burst that sends Sid toward a newly opened crack in the rockface.

Gaim 31

“Pay for that mistake with your life!” Roshuo slams the mountain together with Sid inside.

Gaim 31

Back in Zawame, Minato and the Kurokages are being completely overpowered by Demushu. Minato tells Ryoma that it will be difficult to continue the battle. But Ryoma says a few casualties are acceptable as long as capturing the Overlord is their top priority.

“Yes,” an exasperated Minato replies.

Gaim 31

Kaito and Zack arrive. They henshin and charge.

Episode Thoughts
This was definitely an action packed episode and all action that would seem to be fitting for the first half of a two-parter. It definitely felt like it was setting up Episode 32 which is definitely looking to be a HUGE episode.

But this one was just as important though. First of all, Sid is dead. Or is he? Who knows. But dude, getting slammed in between the g-damned mountain! His death was definitely as sudden as Hase’s, but not unexpected considering his increasing hubris these last couple of weeks.

I am liking Minato’s subtle doubts in her Professor Ryoma’s ways. I would love to see her eventually break off from Yggdrasill and Ryoma as he gets more mad scientist-y.

Kaito, man. Mitchi is still my favorite and most well-developed character on the show, but Kaito has always been a close second. You just never really know what he’s up to. Yeah, he seems to be just as obsessed with power and strength, but for what reason has always been unclear. Definitely excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve next.

I can’t help but love Mitchi. That asshole, sonuvabitch Mitchi. That shot of him with Redyue, framed as if he was bigger than him:
Gaim 31

That could be very telling, maybe foreshadowing, but I just loved that illusion that Mitchi is just bigger than everyone else here. I would not be surprised if he ends up being the big bad. They could go so many places with that.

Kota definitely struggled this episode, which only means he’s going to be getting a pretty prize next episode. It was good to see Mai, Zack and Peco, but WHERE ARE THE REST OF GAIM!? Come on Toei! Spare a couple of yen for them to show up on the show. I loved when they were part of the Kachidoki episode where Mitchi brings them to the evacuation centers. I wish they were part of these episodes too.

Anyway, great episode that I think is a very exciting set-up for the next one.

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