Recap: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.05 – "You just ripped a hole in my mind."

Episode 9.05 – Mac Day

Sunny 905

The Gang has been taking part in days devoted to whatever each of them wants to do without complaining. Otherwise, an extra day will be added on. They are, however, allowed one scream into the designated pillow.

They went searching for ghouls on Charlie Day and now it’s Mac Day where they will go through the seven days of Creation.

Sunny 905

Starting off with a reading from the Book of Genesis, Mac gives them a seven hour lecture, including five hours devoted specifically to the dangers of homosexuality. During which, he had an erection the entire time.

Now it’s time to inject some badass-ness into the religious proceedings. Mac wants them to shoot a Project Badass video at the Schuylkill River and they’ll be joined by his cousin, Country Mac.

Sunny 905

They head to the river by Strawberry Mansion Bridge and Mac says he will jump from the bridge into the water. But not really, he’ll just draw it in later as a post-effect. The badass part of this video will be their reactions to him jumping. He also suggests they carry him through the streets of Philadelphia like Rudy as a practical effect.

The others have no idea what’s going on.

City Mac and Country Mac head up onto the bridge where City Mac explains that he’ll run up, pretend to jump then get back down safely.

Sunny 905

The others are in front of the camera and are struggling with their unprepared badass lines.

“Suicide is badass!”

They stop and try to get on the same page, but they hear a splash and realize someone’s jumped. They hurry over.

Mac comes power walking towards them and says they day is over because Country Mac is dead. But they look towards the river and there’s Country Mac walking out of the water, beer in hand.

Sunny 905

That’s badass. They feel compelled to carry him around Philly like Rudy, but Mac says it’s time for Day 4 of Creation when God created the stars. How about Day 3? Mac says that doesn’t matter since it was only the leaves and trees and nature stuff.

They head to the Planetarium and before Mac can start his lecture, Country Mac suggests they integrate Day 3’s herbs into this by smoking a joint. They pass it around and take a puff, expect for Mac.

Sunny 905

There is nothing badass about breaking the law, Mac says. This is about converting them to believe in God. They need to fear God and believe in him otherwise they will be destroyed by tornadoes and famine. Just like God gave the gays AIDS.

But Country Mac says yeah, there’s lots of bad stuff, but how about sunsets, french kisses and the smell of rain? He believes in God, not because of the things he takes away from us, but because of the things that he gives to us.

“You just ripped a hole in my mind.”

Sunny 905 Sunny 905

Dennis, Dee, Charlie and Frank are stoned as they all take a chips break. Dennis says all this time, he thought he hated karate, Project Badass and God, but really he’s just hated Mac. Mac has made all these cools things suck.

Mac brings them to the site of his Day 6 experience where he shows them beautiful men in the image of God.

Sunny 905 Sunny 905

They’re at a bodybuilding competition. They head backstage and Mac tells them they will grease up these beefcakes. Frank is not happy about this, but they tell him to calm down before they get an extra day.

Mac goes to grease one of the guys when Country Mac pops up. They ask him to help them get out of there. But Country Mac is loving it here, he’s gotten numbers left and right.

There’s chicks here? Chicks? No, Country Mac is into dudes.
He’s gay, loud and proud.

That’s nice, they say and they tell him to go have fun. That was very refreshing, having someone be honest and open about their sexuality.

Sunny 905

Unlike someone they know. They all acknowledge Mac is gay and he walks over to them to get them to stop chatting and get to greasing up some dudes.

Mac tells them not to blow their wads on these guys because they still have a karate tournament to go to for Day 7. He’s not fighting, they will just judge the people who will fight.

Dennis has an idea and they head over to the karate tournament.

They tell Mac they’ve signed him up and he’ll be fighting a black belter. He is wearing a black belt, after all, including a full gi.

Mac isn’t really receptive to the idea, but goes with it when Country Mac says he’ll sign up instead.

Sunny 905

As Mac psychs himself up, the Gang reasons he has to get beat up for his own good.

The match starts and Mac’s block of the guy’s kick scores him a point which he prematurely celebrates before getting kicked in the face. This riles up Country Mac who attacks the black belter, clearing the stands and causing all hell to break loose.

Sunny 905


The Gang is tired of Mac’s delusions of being a badass and they let him know it.

Suddenly, the black belter comes outside with a large man wanting to confront Country Mac. But Country Mac quickly pulls a knife out of the large man’s boot.

Sunny 905

“Bring a knife to a fight, you better be ready to use it, you jabroni.”

The black belter and the large man retreat inside and the Gang applauds Country Mac. How did he know he had a knife on him?

Country Mac says he gave the guy an ocular pat down and assessed the threat level.

Mac says he has to go change out of his gi because he had an accident. The others can believe Country Mac gave the guy an ocular pat down and it actually worked! Mac tries to downplay it.

“You made a poopie in your pants! Did anybody else do a poo poo in their pants? This is our head of security!”

Mac goes to change his pants and The Gang says he’s in absolute denial about every aspect of his life. Frank suggests they swap City Mac for Country Mac in their group. It might make them more bad ass.

They ask Country Mac and he says Yup.

“I just go with the flow. Let the wind blow through my hair.”

He drives of in his motorcycle, then tips over.

Sunny 905

Fast forward to Paddy’s. Country Mac is dead.

City Mac is giving a eulogy saying Country Mac’s evil, reckless, homo ways have now gotten him into hell. But he will be praying for God’s forgiveness now while doing karate moves.

The rest of the Gang says riding a motorcycle without a helmet and drunk is not badass.

“You know what’s badass? Being alive.”

Mac says they’ll be going to the country o bury Country Mac’s ashes, but Frank says, nope, it’s time for his day.

He dumps Country Mac’s ashes into the toilet.

Sunny 905

Episode Thoughts
The episode definitely went by fast.

We finally get back to the Mac is Gay storyline and it was a hilarious way to do it. Addressing Mac’s greater sense of delusion (as opposed to the rest of Gang’s own delusions, of course) and denial for an entire episode made me wish each member of the Gang got their own episode. I’d love to watch a ghoul searching episode for Charlie Day.

Great to see Seann William Scott. While I’ve always wished he do some big drama project, he was funny here as Country Mac, the uber-likeable and most of the time badass long lost cousin. Absolutely random, but it was a great guest spot by him.

Overall a solid, fun episode.

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