Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 44 – The Son’s Keepsake

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Haruto leaves, saying he’ll go out looking for Phantoms. Koyomi tells him to also be careful of the White Wizard and he remembers the revelation that Koyomi is Fueki’s daughter.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

As Haruto walks outside, a man is looking for Omokagedo and seems to recognize Haruto. Inside the shop, Koyomi tells Wajima that she is worried about Haruto not being his normal self lately and keeping to himself a lot more. The man walks into the shop and overhears a little of their conversation and realizes, he indeed does know Haruto.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Across town, Medusa reports that she’s already sent a Phantom after a Gate. You do as you like, as usual, she says and adds that she be free to do what she pleases as well.

Sora wonders what she’s got going on.

Meanwhile, Haruto is on a bridge, alone with his thoughts. He wonders why Fueki would leave Koyomi in his care and then realizes all the other questions about White Wizard he has no answers to.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Just then, the man from earlier pops up and tells Haruto not to jump! Quick cuts to what appears to be both Haruto and the man from years earlier.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Haruto recognizes the man after he slaps his forehead. Kumagai Sensei, his elementary school teacher.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

He takes his sensei to Donut Hungry. Kumagai tells Haruto he was at the shop to find a memento of his little son who passed away ten years ago, a plane he used to love. But he was burgled and the plane was stolen. Only then did he learn that it was a rare antique with only one in existence in Japan.

He had tracked the plane to Omokagedo, but Wajima says someone had come in to buy it last month. Wajima was nice enough to give him the address of the buyer and he’s on his way there now.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Koyomi arrives and is happy to see Kumagai has found Haruto, but her spidey senses start tingling and she realizes the hot pantsed-lady waiting for her donut is actually Phantom Siren.

Donut cart owner and worker hide behind Koyomi and a shocked Kumagai falls to the ground as Haruto quickly henshins.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Sensei is confused while Donut cart owner and worker are shocked. (Oh shit, it’s their first time seeing him!?)

Donut cart owner cheers Haruto on as Koyomi tells Kumagai that Haruto is a wizard.

Both donut cart owner and Kumagai worry when Siren sends Haruto flying. But Siren retreats.

Haruto tells Koyomi to bring Kumagai back to the shop, but Sensei wants to go with Haruto to check on the plane with his own eyes.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Donut cart owner and worker catch Koyomi who has collapsed. Haruto gives her some magical energy and she apologizes it had to be now, especially when she already got her fill yesterday.

Koyomi regains her strength and says she’s fine. She tells Haruto to hurry and protect Kumagai’s final hope, his son’s plane.

As Haruto and Kumagai run off, red cracks begin to appear on Koyomi’s hand.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Siren heads to Omokagedo and uses her siren ways to hypnotize Wajima into giving her the information about who bought the toy plane.

Siren gives Wajima a kiss just as Shunpei walks into the shop.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Kosuke heads to Yuzuru’s home and sees Rinko come out. He wants to apologize to the family, but Rinko says National Defense is dealing with the family. She tells him a mage appearing would just confuse the family more.

Kosuke feels helpless. Rinko notices his concern and says he sure has changed a lot. With that feeling, Kosuke will be sure to save Yuzuru.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

While Haruto and Kumagai are running to the buyer’s house, Haruto sees a father and daughter and stops. He begins thinking about Koyomi and Fueki again and why he would entrust her to him without any information.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Kumagai snaps Haruto back to Earth. He says Haruto is still the same, keeping things to himself. He reminds Haruto that he is not alone and to not keep things boiling inside.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Flashback. Kumagai tells Haruto to lay his troubles on him, but Haruto says he’s fine.

Back in the present, Kumagai hopes this time, Haruto can confide in him and allow him to be his hope.

Shunpei comes running to tell them about the strange, kissy woman and they hurry.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Medusa is telling Wiseman about Sora snooping around. He thanks her and tells her to go back out to look for Gates. But she demands to know why he gave Sora so much authority. Is it related to the Philosopher’s Stone?

She wants him to tell her about it. He says the Stone has enough magical energy to engulf the world. There’s only one in existence and he has it. He says Sora asked him to give it to him.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

You’re not thinking to actually giving it to him, Medusa asks. But no, Wiseman says he’s only using it to string Sora along. He assures her that she is the only one he trusts.

Sora listens from around the corner.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Haruto, Kumagai and Shunpei arrive at the home of the buyer, but Siren is already there and she’s holding the plane.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Haruto and Siren take the fight outside. Haruto manages to knock the plane out of Siren’s hands. She slaps him and the plane goes flying in the air. Just as Siren is about to blast it out of the air, Kosuke arrives with Griffon who grabs it.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Haruto and Kosuke henshin.
Siren summons Ghouls to keep the two busy for a little bit as Shunpei and Kumagai watch.

Suddenly, the White Wizard’s familiar shows up and Haruto decides to follow it to find Fueki, leaving the others stunned.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Kosuke finishes off the Ghouls and Siren decides to come back later. Haruto follows the familiar through the forest, but loses it.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44 Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Back at the shop, Wajima worries and hopes nothing bad happens. Koyomi comes stumbling in and Wajima notices the red cracks on her hand.

Kamen Rider Wizard 44

Episode Thoughts
Of course these final episodes will probably be filled with emotions, happy and sad.

I didn’t realize donut cart owner and worker have never seen Haruto henshin before. I thought it was kind of like an understood thing that they knew he was Kamen Rider Wizard and had found out sometime even if we didn’t see it.

But it’s a good time for them to finally find out and they played that scene very well.

And what better way to bring about some MaGMCMs than to bring in Haruto’s kind hearted childhood sensei. And of course, his son died to make the whole affair even that much more emotional.

I definitely welcome it though. I like it when I am compelled to tears by a “children’s program.”

With Koyomi, damn, want to add a few more theories to what’s going on? And for someone who has lacked emotion all season, those red cracks on her hand and ending the episode with her collapsed at Wajima’s feet was more than effective.

And the whole Medusa-Sora-Wiseman dynamic. I kinda wished Medusa wasn’t such a Wiseman fangirl and I still hope she’ll wake up to what’s going on sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere, yay! A new location! Those steps! I definitely don’t recognize it! Maybe a not-often-as-used location, but I like seeing places I don’t immediately associate with another Sentai or Kamen Rider scene. Hehe.

Anyway, excellent episode. I really enjoyed it and I definitely enjoy the increasingly more heavy stuff.

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  1. My favourite bits were when the donut manager ran holding the tray and got up and said “Haru-kun” lol. And I know that Nito and Rinko aren’t a couple it just showing hints of them. In epsidoe 24 he thought he had a date with her. In epsidoe 26 she was showing jealousy when she said “what’s wrong with men?” They’re always walking in missions together and they have each other’s phone numbers.

  2. Is this a wild thought but I think to much mana is poisoning her. I could be wrong it’s just she fainted and she had some mana YESTERDAY. It’s weird. She’s not going in despair because those cracks are purple. Hers is red. What’s going on with Koyomi?

  3. Hold on if the teacher didn’t go in despair that means he still has a phantom inside of him. and the white wizard didn’t come to kidnap him? Woohoo! No white wizard! No white wizard! He can just find people who wants to be wizards not people who doesn’t.

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