Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 41 – A Wizard Fate

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Mayu vows revenge on Medusa for killing her sister. They both henshin and fight. Across town, Wiseman senses Sora is nearby and asks what he needs. But Sora just says nothing and he’s merely doing what Wiseman wants. Around the corner, Fueki’s Familiar is watching.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Meanwhile, Kosuke continues fighting with Sylphi as Yuzuru’s inner Phantom continues to try and break through. Kosuke de-henshins and tries pleading with Yuzuru to think about Akari and wanting to show her how he’s changed. Akari, both in the Underworld and above ground, call to Yuzuru to stop.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

That triggers something in Yuzuru that allows him to suppress the Phantom. Sylphi is shocked and decides to retreat for now. But not without taking Akari and Yuzuru.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Kosuke tries to stop him, but Sylphi only drops Yuzuru before flying away with Akari.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Back at the bridge, Mayu holds her own against Medusa’s attacks. Haruto manages to pull himself back up onto the deck of the bridge and helps out, but Medusa distracts them enough to get herself away.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Medusa is talking with Sylphi and telling him about how the Phantom is still inside the young boy and his power to suppress it allows him the chance to become a mage. So before that can happen, Sylphi resolves to continue to try and drive him to despair, now with the help of the kidnapped Akari.

Medusa says Sylphi better hurry and if he can’t drive him to despair, then kill him.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Everyone’s back at the shop. Mayu asks Yuzuru if he would like to become a mage. He’s earned that right, the right to use the power to defeat Phantoms.

Kosuke speaks up, Yuzuru’s only in middle school!

“Well I’m in high school, but I’m a mage too!”

It’s your choice, Mayu says.

But Haruto also speaks up. The White Wizard is also making her do this, but who is he really? Mayu says she too does not know, but he did say this: They need two more mages and when that happens, they will have the power to defeat all the Phantoms.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

At Department 0, Kizaki checks up on Rinko who jolts herself awake. Before she leaves, Kizaki asks her if she wants to join his department. She happily accepts.

After she leaves, Kizaki sees the composite and recognizes the man.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Back at the shop, Koyomi collapses from lack of magical energy. Haruto stands to go give her some, but Mayu offers to take care of it. More mages mean more people who could help Koyomi, Wajima notes.

Kosuke tells Yuzuru not to become a mage for everyone else’s sake. Becoming a mage means risking your life and they all do it for themselves. Kosuke relates his story to Yuzuru and says he has to think carefully before making his decision.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Suddenly a paper airplane hits Kosuke in the head. It’s a note from the Phantom saying Akari’s at a quarry on the edge of the city. He tells Yuzuru to head back to the shop, but he insists on coming.

Haruto, Mayu and Shunpei come running toward them. They warn him of the danger, but Yuzuru says he wants to come, not just to save Akari, but to see how mages fight first hand so he can make his decision.

Sylphi is waiting for them as Haruto, Kosuke and Yuzuru walk into the quarry. The Phantom makes Yuzuru appear and tells them not to do anything stupid or he’ll drop a couple of steel beams onto her.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Well, he’ll do it anyway and he snaps the cables to drop the beams right on top of Akari. But just like that, Mayu and Shunpei appear and he uses a Gravity spell to hold the beams and direct back at Sylphi instead.

Shunpei takes Akari to safety and Haruto and Kosuke charge toward Sylphi.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Medusa watches nearby and decides she must eliminate the Gate herself. But Sora pops up and stops her. He wants her to come with him to check on something.

Kizaki researches the composite and finds a record on Fueki Sou. But he suddenly hears a wind instrument playing. He stands to see where it’s coming from but then…

Sylphi summons some Ghouls and Haruto and Kosuke henshin. Sylphi fights back with big explosions.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

A henshined Mayu promises to protect Yuzuru and tells him not to run, since this is what he came to see.

Haruto and Kosuke go Infinity and Hyper to finish Sylphi off.

Yuzuru’s back on the bike to practice some more. He’s joined by the three Kamen Riders. Mayu asks if he’s made his decision and he tells them that he will not become a mage. He honestly says it’s kinda scary and that Akari is what’s most important to him right now.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

As Yuzuru and Kosuke head back up the trail, Mayu turns and starts to walk away.

You’re going to leave just like that, Haruto asks. Mayu says she won’t force him to become a mage. In fact, she impressed that he has someone who is so important to him. While fighting, she’ll be on the lookout for people who do want to become a mage.

Just then, Haruto gets an urgent call.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Meanwhile, Kosuke says since Yuzuru chose not to be a mage, they should take care of the Phantom. He henshins and is about put the Engage ring on Yuzuru when the White Wizard shoots at Kosuke.

White Wizard tells Yuzuru that he has earned the right to become a mage and that this is fate. He chains Yuzuru up and says he is “the final hope.”

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Kosuke gets back up and attacks, but White Wizard catches every single one of Kosuke’s strikes. White Wizard says there is no use for Beast and sends an explosion (Now!) hurling toward Kosuke, causing him to de-henshin and fall unconscious.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

White Wizard takes Yuzuru as Sora watches from up a tree. He is intrigued.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Across town, Haruto heads to meet Rinko after her call. They’re in Kizaki’s office and it’s been turned upside down. Haruto finds his glasses on the floor, covered in blood.

Kamen Rider Wizard 41 Kamen Rider Wizard 41

Episode Thoughts
Aww shiii… now we really are in the home stretch. Things are happening left and right and back and front. It’s craziness!

I think it was pretty expected that White Wizard would be very duplicitous. He’s got his own agenda and would definitely use whomever and whatever he pleases to reach his goal, whatever it is.

I wish we saw more of Mayu and Kamen Rider Mage fighting, but hopefully there’s more as we near the finale.

I am fully expecting everyone to get into the mix sooner or later. Everyone’s lives getting endangered. I think Wizard is the kind of show that would go there. I mean, Haruto watching his parents die, Sora being a sexual predator and serial killer. It’s not Doctor Maki killing his sister, but it’s still pretty dramatic stuff. So I see some shocking identities and friends on the brink of death in the near future.

Should be very exciting. =]

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