Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 29 – The Evolving Wild Beast

Haruto uses Drago Time to help get Nakamoto to safety and Sora off of Kosuke. Everyone’s back at the shop. Nakamoto listens as Shunpei and Rinko point out that Kosuke will die when his magical energy runs out since he can’t eat anything without the belt.

Wizard 29

Haruto gets an idea, maybe he use the Please Ring to transfer some of his magic energy to Kosuke like he does to Koyomi. Koyomi reluctantly hands the Ring over to Kosuke, worried it will drain too much from Haruto.

Kosuke puts the Ring on, grabs Haruto and puts his hand over his crotch the Driver, but it only says “Error.” Guess it won’t work.

Shunpei suggests Haruto just enter Kosuke to defeat Chimera, but Kosuke says he’s already said no to that idea and he won’t have his rival dying inside of him.

Haruto, Kosuke, Rinko and Shunpei head to Nakamoto’s lab. Rinko asks Nakamoto about seeing Gremlin taking Kosuke’s belt. But both Rinko and Haruto suspect it was Nakamoto and they tell Kosuke who hurries back to the lab to confront him.

Wizard 29

Nakamoto denies it and pushes them out of his lab. Haruto asks Shunpei to run out and get something for him.

Wizard 29

Meanwhile, Sora is telling the Phantom Spriggan about the Gate’s weakness. He tells Spriggan and Medusa how he managed to persuade Nakamoto to get Kosuke drunk to take the belt and ring for himself.

Medusa is still suspicious of Sora, but he says all he wants to do is learn; learn about the Sabbath, Mages and Wiseman.

Wizard 29

Haruto and Rinko are trying to comfort Kosuke who looks a little weaker now. Rinko says she’d never be able to forgive Nakamoto if she were Kosuke, but he says he doesn’t blame him. In fact, he knows how he feels.

Wizard 29

Nakamoto hears Shunpei calling for Haruto and goes to see him holding what looks to be Kosuke’s belt. He hurries back to his lab to see if the belt and rings are still there… which they are. But now he’s revealed that he did indeed steal them as Haruto-tachi catch him.

Wizard 29

Shunpei had gone back to the shop to ask Golem to make a fake Beast belt for them. Nakamoto explains that a superior had taken credit for a big find of his and he felt the belt and rings were his last chance to be recognized.

Kosuke suddenly collapses. Chimera is hungrier than he thought. Haruto thinks it really is time to use the Engage Ring, but Kosuke refuses. He explains that while he was afraid of Chimera possessing him at first, he quickly realized that it was a chance for him, just like Nakamoto.

Wizard 29

Spriggan arrives and Haruto lures him away from the others using the fake belt and a Fall Ring. He henshins.

Back upstairs, Kosuke takes his belt and rings back, but Nakamoto tells him to wait.

“You’re risking your life for your dream. But all I’ve done is try to wipe away an old regret and ending up victimizing someone else, just as I was back then.”

Wizard 29

He hands Kosuke the artifact and ring he had dug up himself.

Kosuke hurries outside to join Haruto and henshins, but he’s still too weak from lack of food. He decides to use the ring Nakamoto gave him, but he immediately comes face to face with Chimera.

Wizard 29

Chimera says this must be the end of the line for Kosuke and that they must part ways. Kosuke demands to know how the new ring is used.

Chimera says using the ring would manifest him in reality, but Kosuke couldn’t possibly handle it in his current state.

Kosuke insists, “Life risking gambles are my way of life. A pinch is a chance. I will definitely win.”

Wizard 29

Okay then, Chimera says as he enters Kosuke. The ring activates and Kosuke powers up to become Kamen Rider Beast Hyper. The artifact turns out to be a weapon, the Mirage Magnum, which breaks free from the stone.

He uses it as well as his arm tassels to slap Spriggan around while Sora watches from above.

Wizard 29

Kosuke inserts the Hyper Ring into the Mirage Magnum and uses a Hyper Magnum Strike to finish off Spriggan.

Wizard 29

The gang sees Nakamoto off at the airport as he goes off on another excavating trip. He says he remembered his dream was not to be recognized, but to unravel the mystery of unknown ruins.

Wizard 29

Shunpei asks Haruto what his dream is. For right now, he replies, it’s to defeat the Phantoms.

Meanwhile, Sora heads to a cave where a man he calls Naito is chained up.

Wizard 29

Episode Thoughts
New toys!

It was a very solid episode and definitely one that teases stuff that’s coming up. I assume.

What’s Sora got up his sleeve? (Or tied up in a cave?) What is the Sabbath? What is Wiseman up to? And what in the world could Haruto’s dream be? Is it related to sugar donuts?

Anyway, I enjoyed it. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing big story moves soon.

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