Recap: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Brave/Episode 7 – Angry! Daigo’s Big Pinch

Kyoryuger 7

Daigo’s drawn a colorful chart of what they need to do; Revive the Ten Great Zyudenryu and the Guardians’ power then defeat the Deboss Army. A little too simplistic, Torin says, but still correct.

Daigo clutches his necklace and Ian notices it looks very similar to the stone he and Shirou found. Ian asks Daigo if he can borrow the pendant for his research and Daigo happily says That’s fine.

Kyoryuger 7

Anything else his father left? Just a farewell letter and the tools in his bag… which Daigo realizes he left on the island.

Kyoryuger 7

Meanwhile, one of Dogold’s monsters is chosen for the week, Debo Yakigonte. Luckyuro asks what he’ll do to anger humans. Debo Yakigonte calls a Zorima over, stamps his face between his two steam iron hands and it turns into a copy of Luckyuro.

Torin takes Daigo to the island while Ian is at a café studying Daigo’s pendant.

Kyoryuger 7

A couple is fighting at the next table, but when the guy leaves, he passes someone who looks exactly like him. Turns out, the guy the woman was fighting with was just a Zorima. Ian follows it as it meets back up with Debo Yakigonte and he calls the others.

The four Kyoryugers split up to try and find the monster. And Debo Yakigonte thinks this is the perfect opportunity. He turns four Zorima into Kyoryuger copies and sends them off to anger the real Kyoryugers with insults.

Kyoryuger 7

FakeSouji calls Nobu’s old man gags boring.

Kyoryuger 7

FakeAmy calls Souji lame for being a coward.

Kyoryuger 7

FakeIan stares at Amy’s ass thighs and calls them fat.

Kyoryuger 7

FakeNobu tells Ian that he can’t be trusted.

Debo Yakigonte laughs as the real Kyoryugers meet back up and express their anger at each other. Their teamwork is shot, now they can attack.

Kyoryuger 7

Both Dogold and Debo Yakigonte hop down to fight the Kyoryugers and Dogold’s sword attack forces them to de-henshin.

Kyoryuger 7

Meanwhile, on the island, Daigo happily finds his tent and his father’s stuff still there. He remembers his father giving him the pendant, saying it is a guide to become a strong man. Daigo smiles, saying he’s become a Kyoryuger and wonders if his father is close to becoming a strong man as well.

Kyoryuger 7 Kyoryuger 7

He suddenly hears something and goes to see what it is. It’s Chaos. He introduces himself, then ties Daigo up before sending fireballs his way. Torin quickly arrives and sends Daigo back to safety and to help the others.

Kyoryuger 7

Torin challenges Chaos to a duel, but Chaos merely laughs.

Back in Tokyo, Daigo sees Souji, Amy and Nobu arguing some more. Ian walks up to him and he asks what happened. Ian says it’s all Daigo’s fault for not being there since he’s such an idiot.

Ian then takes Daigo’s pendant and shoots it, causing it shatter. Turns out this is FakeIan. Dogold and Dobu Yakigonte have the real Ian tied up.

Kyoryuger 7

The others stop their arguing and tell FakeIan how cruel for him to have done that. Daigo kneels on the ground, picking up the remnants of the pendant.

“I hate you. An idiot like you fails as a leader.”

“Unforgivable,” Daigo says as he slams the ground. He stands up, “Like you said… I fail as a leader. I can’t forgive myself.”

Kyoryuger 7

Daigo says he is so pathetic, he doesn’t even remember what he did wrong. He starts crying, so FakeIan tries to hurl more insults to get him angry instead. They don’t work and Daigo asks FakeIan to tell him what he did wrong.

Debo Yakigonte is so frustrated, he yells over to the Kyoryugers and unwittingly lets Ian go. Souji turns to shoot at Debo Yakigonte which also breaks what’s tied around Ian who in turns shoots at FakeIan, revealing he is really a Zorima.

Kyoryuger 7

Ian pulls out Daigo’s real pendant and explains to Debo Yakigonte that Daigo is an idiot “who trusts his comrades to a foolish degree.”

“Kiryu Daigo is, despite being an idiot, a King.”
“You’re making me blush.”
Nobu, Amy and Souji: “That’s not a compliment!”

Oh, Daigo says, but anyway, Sentai teams must always trust each other.
They henshin.

Dogold shoves Debo Yakigonte aside and wants to take care of the Kyoryugers himself. He fights with Daigo while the others take on the Zorima.

Kyoryuger 7

Debo Yakigonte makes another set of Kyoryuger copies, but Ian knows exactly who’s real or not. He’s slipped little flowers into his comrades’ belts.

They call Daigo over so they can use the Kentrospiker to finish off Debo Yakigonte’s first life. Luckyuro embiggens Debo Yakigonte who then morphs a Giant Zorima into an embiggened Dogold.

Back on the island, Torin and Chaos are still facing off as Torin announces the Kyoryugers have defeated the monster. That’s not going to affect my plans though, Chaos says as he sends some kind of spell to a volcano unleashing Pteragodon, the invincible Zyudenryu.

Kyoryuger 7

Torin sends Gabutyra to help the Kyoryugers who quickly hop into Kyoryujin. Torin tells them to use Zyudenchi 17, Ovirappoo, which can release powerful tear gas from behind… in other words, a fart.

“Bravely burst one out!”

Kyoryuger 7

They manage to temporarily blind Debo Yakigonte and FakeDogold with toxic farts and then call on Ankydon to help finish this.

Back at the Spirit Base, Ian tells Daigo he’s done collecting data from his pendant.

“Looks like your dad was no ordinary man,” Ian says, “I’ll continue looking into it.”

Kyoryuger 7

While the others talk about their biggest worries having been revealed thanks to the Debo monster, Torin worries about Chaos taking Pteragodon. But is reassured that Chaos can’t use its full power without a Kyoryuger.

Down in the castle, Dogold is upset his image was made a mockery of like that in the battle. But Chaos says, no, no, Dogold’s done a good job because he allowed them to obtain a grand new power. He hands the 9th Zyudenchi to Dogold who doesn’t see a purpose for it until he presses it.

Kyoryuger 7

Episode Thoughts
A zord whose specific power is farting for goodness sakes! lol
Man, Kyoryuger, you are insane! They are definitely perfecting absurd hilarity.

I mean, you’ve just had the last memory of your father shattered to pieces and you only care about being a pathetic idiot, Daigo!

Just stuff like that, that is so obvious, yet oddly enjoyable and fun.

Kyoryuger doesn’t have much of a story yet, or any inkling at an endgame, but it doesn’t even matter. They’re dancing about farts! What else do you really need?

(Though, maybe Toei will want to go back to the drawing board for Sentai 2014. I think one season of this would be enough.)

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  1. Even fake Ian is a prev. Well bad luck Ian Amy likes someone else. Oh shoot. Anyway Daigo-kun will be able to see the ToQger Ressha with believing stuff what Fake Ian 2# said that means that Daigo-kun has too much IMAGINATION!!!!! Heh

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