Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 24 (Leg 8, Day 2) – “Hindi ko in-expect na lalabas ang weewee ko!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 24 (Leg 8, Day 2)


At the Detour, Marc & Kat decide to switch over to the crabs and Boom & Cheng follow.  They have trouble walking in the mud, but Marc & Kat finish first and head off to the ferry as Saida & Jervi and LJ & CJ arrive.

LJ & CJ decide to switch over to the coconuts while Saida can’t hold it in and decides to pee in her shorts.  When Boom & Cheng and Saida & Jervi finish, LJ & CJ decide to switch back to crabs and crawl through the mud.

Meanwhile, Sheena & Gee hop their jeepney onto the ferry to Misibis Bay Resort where they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must deliver four cocktails to a room that will open using a key card they will choose at the front desk.  They must only use one hard to carry the tray of cocktails.

Sheena starts while Gee is ushered poolside where she gets pampered.

Back in Legazpi, Fausto & Dayal arrive at the halo-halo and Dayal says they’ve reread their clue and thinks they both must raise their hands to receive the next clue.  But Fausto, deciding to drink every last drop of halo-halo in his bowl, finds the sticker at the bottom and they finally get the next clue.

At Misibis Bay, Marc, Boom, Saida and LJ catch up.  Sheena finds the right room, but she’s dropped two cocktail glasses.  Marc also finds his room, but his glasses aren’t full so both must return to the lobby.

All the way back at the Pit Start, Ed & Angel finally get started on the Leg after finishing their penalty.

Episode Thoughts
Another good episode of competition.  So at the Detour, Sheena & Gee seemed to have an easy time retrieving the crab baskets, but suddenly the other teams are struggling to crawl through the mud.  What happened?  Did TARPh totally dump more water in the field to make it more muddy?

Whatever happened, it made the task more fun to watch.

Hopefully not a spoiler, but Sheena looks so down in their confessionals.  I wonder if that tells us something about this Leg’s result.

Seems everyone hates Fausto & Dayal and I definitely haven’t been a big fan of theirs.  But there’s certainly other teams that are less likeable (yeah I’m looking at you unfunny Boom & Cheng.  Put some pants on for goodness sakes.).  And while their delusions in the first few Legs are annoyingly, but hilariously cringe-worthy, I think their incompetence and Dayal’s vanity are becoming more fun to watch especially with Dani gone.  Also, they seem to now accept and acknowledge that they’re idiots.  That makes them more likeable than they were before.

Umm… ewe at Saida’s pee break. Lol And WTF at LJ & CJ’s Detour switching.  A waste of time that surprisingly might not matter considering they caught up at the Road Block.

I hope Ed & Angel can catch up somehow.  The end of the Leg looks like it’ll involve a classic TARA and most recently TARAu task where teams have to build rafts.  That could be a huge game changer.


Legazpi Boulevard – BreakwaterLegazpi, Albay

Fasuto & Dayal 8:36am
Marc & Kat 8:37am
Boom & Cheng 8:55am
Sheena & Gee 9:06am
LJ & CJ 9:10am
Saida & Jervi 9:13am
Ed & Angel 11:54am

Lana’s Halo Halo, Legazpi Public Market

1. Sheena & Gee
2. Marc & Kat
3. Boom & Cheng
4. Saida & Jervi
5. LJ & CJ
6. Fausto & Dayal
7. Ed & Angel

Sheena & Gee
Marc & Kat
Boom & Cheng
Saida & Jervi
LJ & CJ < x2


In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Quotes from Episode 24

Jervi: “Hindi ‘day, gaga!  Ililigtas nila tayo.”

Saida: “Hindi ko in-expect na lalabas ang weewee ko.  … Naramdaman ko na, so tinuloy ko na.”

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