Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 16 (Leg 5, Day 2) – “The pad!! It’s the pad!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 16 (Leg 5, Day 2)

Dani freaks out about the kitties while the other teams have caught up to Marc & Kat at the Road Block.  Marc is still struggling with his big fingers and Sheena has no knowledge of Filipino history.  Saida meanwhile has to wait for Jervi to calm down as he screams and cries just from hanging.  

It’s Marc & Kat’s 4th attempt, but he is incorrect.  Kat doesn’t want to drop anymore and Marc suggests they use the Express Pass.  Boom gets it correct on his 2nd attempt and he and Cheng leave.

Teams must drive to Global Ship Terminal to bust open a concrete tube to obtain their next clue.

Just then, Dani & Mish arrive to find out they’ve been Yielded.  Dani can’t believe their friends LJ & CJ voted for them.  As Fausto & Dayal finish and are ready to leave, Dani hysterically begs Dayal to tell her the answers to the Road Block.  Dayal gives her the paper with the proper order.

But that’s against the rules, so Dani & Mish have to tack on another 20 minutes to their Yield.

The other teams continue failing with the puzzle.  Ed & Angel and Saida & Jervi are the next ones to get it, on their 3rd attempts.  Jervi slaps the bungee guy on the arm before they leave.

Boom & Cheng and Fausto & Dayal get to the Ship Terminal together while LJ & CJ finish the Road Block.  Marc fails his 6th attempt and Kat doesn’t want to fall anymore.  She is pissed Marc can’t do a simple puzzle so she tells him to pull out the Express Pass.

Marc & Kat continue arguing on the way to the Ship Terminal while Dani & Mish still wait out their Yield.  Sheena & Gee fail their 5th attempt and Sheena suggests they take the penalty.  Gee asks her to do it one more time.

Episode Thoughts
Finally!   Some real Racing!  It was definitely fun seeing Marc & Kat not only struggling, but exploding at each other.  Finally some personality!  

On the other hand, Dani is showing a little too much personality that it’s hurting their Race.  Her craziness got them an extra 20 minute penalty.  What was she doing?  

Barring some major collapse by the other teams, looks like their streak is finally over.  But ewe at the thought that Boom & Cheng are the ones that’ll break that streak.  Go Daddy Angel!

The Road Block was crazy.  Ordering the last six Filipino presidents seems too easy, even with trial and error for the expat contestants.  So kudos to the production team for making the task harder than it would likely be on TARUS. (lol)  Having the puzzle mess with the teams, I love it.  And I also love torturing their teammates.  TARUS should do more of these kinds of Road Blocks.

A great, exciting episode.  You didn’t know who’d be first or last.  It was crazy.  

Who did the Road Block?
Who’s up for a challenge?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
1 Cheng Boom 4
2 Fausto Dayal 3
2 Angel Ed 3
2 Saida  Jervi 3
3 LJ CJ 2
4 ε Marc Kat 2
3 Sheena Gee 2
1 Dani Mish 4

2 Vanessa Pamela 2
1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 16

Angel: “The pad!! It’s the pad!”

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