Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 10 (Leg 3, Day 2) – “Buwisit, mamamatay na ako!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 10 (Leg 3, Day 2)


Boom & Cheng, Dani & Mish, Saida & Jervi and Ed & Angel set off from the Kimakims Chicken Farm while Sheena & Gee go straight to the drop off point first.


Boom & Cheng keep their lead.  Saida struggles since she chose fat chickens and now has to carry a heavy load.  Ed’s string holding the coops to the bamboo breaks and Sheena & Gee pass them.


Meanwhile, the two lead teams hop into jeepneys to the rice terraces.  Marc & Kat find a clue telling teams to each carry a 20 kilo sack of rice up to the Pit Stop with them. 


They struggle with using the scale, but without any doubt, Marc & Kat step onto the Mat first and claim another P200,000 (!) and the Express Pass.  LJ & CJ follow up the marked path and check-in 2nd.

On the other end of the spectrum. Fausto & Dayal and Pamela & Vanessa only just arrive at the Kadchong Bridge.  


While the other teams finish the Detour, Boom & Cheng arrive at the Plaza.  They make fun of the costumes while Boom basically stands there and receives the clue (like Kat and CJ did of course).

Saida starts the Road Block, but grows increasingly frustrated by Jervi’s distracting screaming/encouragement as she has to start switching out with Mish.


Episode Thoughts
A MUCH better episode than yesterday’s.  I guess Marc & Kat and LJ & CJ are just boring teams to watch for 30 minutes. 

The tasks seemed much less lame with the other teams too, but the Road Block was still a wasted opportunity.  They pretty much dumbed down what could be such an excellent task that could bring hilarity as well as drama.

But having teams just stand there balancing the pot erases any challenge as well as the cultural aspect of the task itself.

Anyway, I might have been less frustrated with Wednesday’s episode if they didn’t mention the Pit Stop so soon, especially when other teams hadn’t even gotten to town yet.   They should’ve just directed teams to the Rice Terraces and that rice carrying clue instead of mentioning the Pit Stop already.  That extra task is actually a good one, but the impression of such a short leg made Wednesday’s episode that much more unimpressive.

Marc & Kat
 LJ & CJ
Boom & Cheng
Saida & Jervi
Dani & Mish
Sheena & Gee
Ed & Angel


In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang may matatag na ulo? / Who has a strong head?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
2 Marc Kat 1
2 LJ CJ 1
1 Cheng Boom 2

Not yet completed
1 Saida  Jervi 2
0 Dani Mish 3
1 Sheena Gee 2
0 Angel Ed 2
1 Vanessa Pamela 1
0 Fausto Dayal 2

1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 10

Saida: “Hirap na hirap ako, may kasama akong kabayo.”

Jervi: “Kaya ko to, ako ang nag-iisang chicken queen.  Go!”

Saida: “Buwisit, mamamatay na ako!”

Sheena: “I kinda feel like I’m Jesus right now.:”

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