Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 7 (Leg 2, Day 2) – “You sound like my mom!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 7 (Leg 2, Day 2)

Pamela & Vanessa are just leaving the Market on their way to Brgy. Pagburnayan.  Sheena & Gee are gutted to be in last place. 

The Housewives arrive at the Intersection, but they pass right by the cluebox.  Seeing the other teams loading pots up onto carts , Pamela & Vanessa do the same.   Anton & Armand and Boom & Cheng try to salvage the in-tact pots they have left. 

When Sheena & Gee arrive, they notice there are two clues in the cluebox.  They see Fausto & Dayal and Dani & Mish who say they have their clues, so they realize it’s Pamela & Vanessa.  The Housewives choose to ignore everyone else until Sheena & Gee literally pull them away and read to them the Intersection instructions.

Dani screams some more as their pots seem unstable as they move their horse towards the road.  Mish decides to just stay quiet to keep from making Dani get any more upset.

Meanwhile, Marc continues taking control over his three girls as they maintain their lead with Ed & Angel and Saida & Jervi close behind.  Marc & Marc’s Angels unload their pots.

They are now separated and open the next clue revealing the Road Block.

In this Road Block,  teams head to Quirino Bridge.  The team member doing the Road Block (based on the clue and not Derek’s explanation) must kayak to under the bridge where they will have to catch their teammate rappelling off the deck and bring them back to shore.

Back at the pots, Pamela & Vanessa and Sheena & Gee are in chaos.  Their pots start falling.  Pamela insists she knows what to do, so Sheena & Gee give way and Pam lead.

Fausto & Dayal and Dani & Mish are just starting to leave when Pamela & Vanessa and Sheena & Gee finish loading their cart.  Both pairs have carefully, but quickly head off, dropping pots along the way.

Ed & Angel and Saida & Jervi deliver their pots and only lost 3 so they are free to move on.  On the road, Boom & Cheng and Anton & Armand’s horse continues to not cooperate.  When they deliver their pots, they find they’ve lost 14 pots, so they receive a 14 minute penalty, a minute for each broken pot.

On the road, Fausto & Dayal insist on rearranging their pots, though Dani & Mish just want to go. 

At Quirino Bridge, Marc and LJ decide to kayak while Kat and CJ do the rappel.

Marc & Kat keep their lead and open the next clue directing them to Plaza Burgos where they must play pukpok palayok, the traditional Filipino version of piñata.  One team member will try to break a hanging pot containing their clue while blindfolded with their teammate directing them using a tambourine.

Ed and Jervi set off in their kayaks with Angel and Saida rappelling.  At Calle Crisologo, Boom & Cheng and Anton & Armand finish their penalty and head to the bridge.

At Plaza Burgos, Marc easily breaks the pot and they get the next clue pointing to the Pit Stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral on the edge of the Plaza.

Marc & Kat run towards Derek and step on the Mat, the winners of their 2nd leg in a row.  And as the winners, they win ANOTHER P200,000 from American Tourister!  (What!?)

Episode Thoughts
Well, certainly not as exciting as Saturday’s episode, but still good.  This leg is flying by though.  Is this leg going to be over in 3 episodes?  Questions about the format will certainly be reignited if we get 5 eps for the first leg (which was too long) and 3 eps for this leg (which might be too short?).  Average that out, it would seem like 4 episodes per leg is the way to go if they aren’t necessarily doing one leg a week, which is alright.

And the Pit Stop prize.  ANOTHER P200,000!? When the grand prize is P2 million, if Marc & Kat go on a Davechel-like run, they could win most of the grand prize just winning legs.  Eeek.

Now on to production questions.  The Road Block was described as a task.  The way Derek’s spiel went, it seem like it was a double Road Block since both team members had  to do something, according to his spiel.  Really though, according to the clue asking “Sino magaling mag-sagwan?” or “Who is good at rowing?” it would appear the person kayaking is the one completing the Road Block. 

This Road Block reminded me of the 1st one I think of TAR20 where the person doing the Road Block would drive and meet their partner who was doing the big challenge of jumping out of a plane.  So here, while the rappelling might be the bigger task, the Road Block was the rowing.  Which is great when you trick teams like that.  But it wasn’t described well by the show.

Anyway, a solid episode and a leg that seems very well suited for a current era TARUS leg.

Barangay Pagburnayan, Vigan

Intersected pairs, in order of completion
Marc & KatLJ & CJ
Boom & ChengAnton & Armand
 Ed & AngelSaida & Jervi

Not yet completed
Fausto & DayalDani & Mish
Pamela & VanessaSheena & Gee

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang pwedeng mag-shoot? / Who can shoot?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
2 Marc Kat 0
2 LJ CJ 0
0 Angel Ed 2
0 Saida  Jervi 2

Not yet completed
0 Cheng Boom 1
1 Anton Armand 0
0 Dani Mish 1
0 Fausto Dayal 1
1 Sheena Gee 0
1 Vanessa Pamela 0

0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 7

Pamela: “Concentrate!”
Vanessa: “Hindi ko sila pinapansin, bakit bawal ba tumingin?” / “I’m not paying attention to them!  Can’t I even look?”
Pamela: “Ay, prend, kasi, isang tingin, nawawala ang concentration.” / “Oh, friend, one look, you lose concentration.”

Sheena: “Oh my God!  You sound like my mom!”

Jervi: “Hindi ka mahuhulog dyan.  Pag nahulog ka, water, it’s safe!” / “You aren’t going to fall.  If you fall, water, it’s safe!”

Saida; “Wooo!  Darna!  Chareng!”

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