Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-busters, Mission 33 – Morphin! Powered Custom

Gobusters 33

Just as the Go-busters are realizing the Vaglass is far from being defeated, a Metaroid appears. It drills into the ground and creates some sort of sand portal that sucks a high school and the students in, somehow converting them into data.

Gobusters 33

Enter appears and reintroduces himself to the Go-busters. He mocks them about believing Messiah could be destroyed so easily. Enter explains he’s made backups of Messiah and stored them into 13 cards that work like seeds. This first Metaroid, Sunadokeiloid, grew out of an hourglass. He throws the other 12 cards into the air and they fly away looking for a place to collect data and grow.

Gobusters 33

Enter summons Buglars and the Go-busters henshin. Yoko and Ryuji take on the Metaroid while Hiromu takes on Enter. Enter expresses his frustration of how a mere human like him, even with the vaccine, could win a fight like they had in the subdimension. That’s partly what the cards are for, as they grow, they’ll collect human data.

Gobusters 33

Meanwhile, Nick tries to get people to safety and goes to help one student from falling into the sand. But as he gets the student to safety, Nick himself falls into the sand.

Gorisaki calls the Go-busters back to command center. He explains that he’s finally found a way for them to use the Protectors Jin and Yoko had tried out earlier. The power is in the Buddyroids and they need to use the teleportation technology to convert matter into data. Kuroki says that would put a burden on the Buddyroids, but Usada says so what, they want to defeat the Vaglass too.

Gobusters 33

Kuroki gives the okay.

Escape pops up in front of Enter and Sunadokeiloid, angry about Enter scattering her Papa like scaps of paper. Enter explains this is all to help Messiah grow using human data. The more human data they have, the closer to perfection Messiah will be. He holds his arm sword to her neck and says “Don’t force me to cut you down. You will obey me right, mademoiselle?”

Gobusters 33 Gobusters 33

Ryuji hands Hiromu his visor Custom visor, saying his and Yoko’s are delayed. They get ready to face the Metaroid, but Kuroki has something to say first.

Gobusters 33

“We cannot afford to lose here. Don’t betray the faith that the Center Chief and his staff placed in you three. And no matter what, protect this world.”

This time, the Metaroid is attacking an Engineering College The Go-busters along with Jin and J arrive, henshin and take the battle outside.

Gobusters 33

They realize they must attack the hourglass on the Metaroid’s chest to release the humans, but the Metaroid puts up a tough fight and at one point, Messiah voice comes through.

The Metaroid is putting a beating on the Go-busters and back at Command Center, Morishita asks Kuroki to give the order to retreat.

No, he says. He’s sure they will defeat the Metaroid at all costs, knowing their newfound resolve. The Go-busters flashback to the Christmas Eve their families were lost to the subdimension and reaffirm their vow to never let anyone else go through that ever again.

Gobusters 33

Hiromu takes his Custom Visor and attaches it to his morpher. Hiromu charges while Ryuji and Yoko cover him and Jin and J hold the Metaroid in place. Hiromu punches the Metaroid’s hourglass, releasing the humans as well as Nick who teleports directly into Hiromu’s Custom Visor and morpher.

Hiromu is officially wearing his new Powered Custom armor. Ryuji and Yoko get their Custom Visors and Gorisaki and Usada join them, allowing them to get their armor as well.

They first take on Buglars in their powered up forms. Hiromu’s superspeed is even faster, Ryuji’s super strength is even stronger, allowing him to pull steel beams out of buildings and Yoko is now able to walk on air all while the original theme song plays.

Gobusters 33

Turning their attention to the Metaroid, Yoko’s airsteps her way to a kick, Ryuji pulls a boulder up from the ground and Hiromu unleashes his Volcanic Attack to officially finish the Metaroid off and destroy the first Messiah card.

The Go-busters celebrate with their Buddyroids. Kuroki says to himself that this is only the beginning and that the battle is going to get harder while the Go-busters head off to take care of the incoming Megazord.

Gobusters 33

Episode Thoughts
This was a great episode. Basically resetting the story and saying, That midseason finale was pretty satisfying wasn’t it? Well, the Go-busters aren’t done yet!

Enter making backups of Messiah is certainly not that surprising, especially considering the whole technology aspect of the season. And we can already see that at the very least, the next 12 episodes will deal with destroying the remaining 12 backup cards?

But still, I think we can safely expect something more. Kuroki’s ominous words and the Go-busters having that resolve to never let families be torn apart ever again are great in raising the stakes as the season moves forward.

Their Powered Custom power-ups are alright. The armor looks good with their regular suits and their enhanced powers are interesting and badass. The problem with having power-ups is always the question of Why won’t they just go straight to the power-ups when fighting baddies in the future instead of having to struggle then using it? But they did a good job explaining and setting up that using Powered Custom would be burdensome for the Buddyroids. So I guess, using it too long or for something that requires that much power, would be disastrous for their best Buddyroids, so they’ll only use it when they have to.

Also, Go-busters has been creative with the Sentai/Power Rangers episode formula and this episode was another example of that, actually pushing the Megazord/mecha battle off screen. I thought that was awesome. They episode itself was pretty full even without the mecha battle.

So overall, a very good episode.

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  1. from what i have seen, go-busters is a deconstruction of the typical sentai series, so it’s not surprising they are pulling this kind of episodes a lot. this one seems to be a nice take on the usual sentai episode where the heroes get power ups and defeat the monster without having to use their mechs, used to emphasize how much stronger they have become..

    i also like the explanation of why they don’t use the powered custom from the start. very good. btw, some fans actually predicted that the buddyroids can become armor, so this sort of a confirmation.

    and they have also released info on next year’s series. dinosaur themed daw uli. jopefully, that would be able to match go busters’ excellent run.

    1. Go-busters has definitely been a sort of experimental season. From the non-spandex suits to the change of episode formula right from the beginning, Toei has definitely made a point of doing something different with this season. Unfortunately, the ratings aren’t matching the show’s originality and creativity highs. =(.

  2. The problem is that Yasuko Kobayashi series are always a slow burn. She’s been building up to something, and if the course of the future is altered so that something may never come to pass, Busters will end up appearing uneven. She should have learned something from the Timerangers eh? :eusa_thin I mean even during Timeranger (and to a lesser extent) Shinkenger I still enjoyed the never-ending filler episodes and felt like they added depth and characterization to the season. Not so much with Gobusters. If they are forcing her to shake up the season, that might not be such a bad thing because her seasons seem to always have that weakness of an endless slog of fillers to get to the true meat of the season’s storyline. Of course it depends on what they want to do to get Gobusters to start appealing to kids.

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