Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (14) 37 – A Crack in the World


The Rangers are training when Kevin suddenly realizes something. They head inside. Kevin plots out on the map where Serrator appeared or was involved in an attack and sure enough, it forms a straight line.

“Serrator’s definitely up to something.”
“And knowing him, it’s probably something really bad.” (Ya think!?)

Xandred is still soaking in the Sanzu, so Serrator sees this as an opportunity to finish his plan. He calls on Nighlok Pestilox to create human misery at the specific spot where the final wedge will be placed.

Antonio catches a big fish and decides to take booth pictures with it. Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike are doing tai chi. (Yes, important stuff.)

OOH-AH-OOH! Octoroo tells Serrator he’s figured out his plan. The wedges will crack open the Earth, allowing for easy flooding access. But Octoroo is worried this plan is too risky. He then realizes Serrator needs someone filled with both human and Nighlok rage to deliver the final strike… Deker. Serrator laughs at Octoroo’s intuitiveness. This plan’s been in the works for over 200 years.

In the forest, Dayu wants to pay Serrator back for deceiving them, but Deker says not until he gets his sword, Uramasa back. “You’re a fool,” Dayu says, if he thinks Serrator is actually going to help him.

The alarm sounds and the Rangers head out to where Pestilox is infecting people with stomach bugs, literally. Serrator pops up to help.

Serrator: “Oh, you’re so annoying!” (I agree.)

Antonio, Mike, and Kevin take on Serrator while Jayden, Mia and Emily take care of Pestilox and the sick people.


Suddenly, Deker arrives to collect his sword, Uramasa. But Serrator celebrates the near-completion of his plan to split apart Japan the Earth, which he goes through all over again.

Jayden uses the Bullzooka to finish off Pestilox’s first life and the people recover. Pestilox embiggens and they call on the zords. Jayden, Mia and Emily hop into the Megazord while the other shoo the people to safety. The people’s misery is seeping into the Earth, but Serrator tells Deker before he can get Uramasa back, he needs to do him a favor by giving the final strike.


Jayden, Mia, and Emily bring all their zord artillery as well as Shogun mode to finish off Pestilox and an army of Moogers and Spitfangs.


Back on the ground, Serrator takes out Uramasa and again asks Deker to deliver the final strike. But Deker says he just wants his sword, Uramasa. Serrator knew this would happen, so he made sure to have all Deker’s pent up rage contained inside Uramasa. So the only way for Deker to release all his pain is to take the sword, Uramasa, and strike before the wedge explodes. With one slash, the curse will be broken. Dayu watches from nearby.


Suddenly, the wedges explode and the energy surges out, causing destruction along the line. Serrator says he will locate the weakest point between the two worlds for where Deker will strike. He taunts the Rangers as he watches from the sky.


Episode Thoughts
A typical start to a Samurai episode, but a truly great final half. It’s no coincidence that the best parts of the episode had as little Rangers as possible. And credits rolling over the final minute, I almost expected a “POWER RANGERS RPM” title card smash at the end. In fairness, the last scene was worthy of RPM. Crazy, I know. But it was exciting and a real cliffhanger.

Serrator has been a great villain. Smart, clever, and badass, unlike others on the show (OOH-AH-OOH!).

It’s definitely great to have the show back finally. (Yeah, I just said that.) Because we can finally get the rest of Samurai over and done with. (There you go.)

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 42 – The Two-Hundred Year Long Ambition

The incredible amount of pointless scenes at the beginning of the Samurai ep was to make up for scenes in Shinkenger that pointed out how Genta never went through formal Samurai training like everyone else as well as his surprise Christmas tree for everyone.

Otherwise, both episodes played out identically at the end except for what’s really contained in the sword. In Shinkenger, it was the souls of Juzo’s family filling the sword. (Dark!)

So a relatively good Samurai episode. Excellent if we didn’t have any of that nonsense in the beginning.

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