It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 7.08 – The ANTI-Social Network

The Gang is at a gin bar which Dee found out about from Facebook. They hate the idea of a gin bar, but they like its business model. They don’t even have a sign outside, yet thanks to Facebook, the place is packed.

Maybe the sign was blown off in a storm. Or the owner blew it off intentionally, Charlie thinks. Mac goes on a rant about Egypt, Japan, and Jews, and the five of them start talking over each other about various things until some hipster shushes them. How offensive.

They decide they need to get Paddy’s “connected.” The next day, they set up a Facebook page for the bar and they find the gin bar’s Facebook has 50,000 friends already (or likes). They decide they should make a viral video and Frank suggests they emulate the gin bar by serving weird drinks in spaghetti cans and having a sign-less bar.

Charlie’s already one step ahead as he walks inside with the Paddy’s sign in hand.

Dennis interrupts the viral planning though because he can’t get over the guy that shushed them last night. Charlie can’t either so they decide to go look for him at the gin bar. Frank goes to get his video camera as Dee has already found the shusher on Facebook through the gin bar’s page.

Now that they’ve seen his face again, they decide to send a friend request so they can shush him back.

While Dee and Mac wait, Charlie and Dennis are at the gin bar and ask the bartender about the douchebag shusher. The bartender doesn’t see what the big deal is about the shusher.

“The sign is down, okay? The sign. Is down.”

The bartender doesn’t know who they are describing, so Dennis has an idea to go to the police station and get the guy’s face by getting a sketch done.

“I don’t like people with almond eyes, I think they’re creepy.”

The detective comes in and asks them about their complaint. They are claiming assault, but shushing is not assault. They try to embellish a little and it ends up becoming a rape case. Or not…

“He really kind of made soup of your insides.”
“He barely made it in there.”
“Yeah, but he bit his dick.”

The detective says if they are filing a false police report, they are definitely not going to make it out of the precinct with the picture. Instead, they get a caricature of the guy which they bring back to the gin bar. The bartender still is no help and is actually being douchey himself, so Dennis decides to make a sort of Wanted poster with the caricature and put his phone number on it so people can call with info on the shusher.

Dee and Mac are still waiting for the guy, Dylan Toback, to accept their friendship, and it’s a long wait as Dee keeps refreshing. Frank comes in with the camera and he asks Mac to say “I got infected!” He then gets Dee to say “Bugs!!’

Franks says he thought the “virus video” was their priority. Mac corrects him about the “viral” video and they say they need to take care of the douchey shusher first. They tell Frank to do what he can and they’ll fix it later.

Dee and Mac read through Dylan’s status updates; “I hate women.” “I am a liar.”

They see that he’s at Toodie’s to buy a silk sash. So they decide to go see him there and give him a shush. At the store, they have a “sort of transgender situation” when they mistake a woman for Dylan. But a woman comes up to them and says Dylan was her ex-boyfriend and she made the Facebook to get back at him.

He gives them his address but when Dee asks if she wants to come with them to get revenge, she says they actually never met and she’s only sent him nude pics and her hair.

They think she’s even douchier than Dylan so they leave to go to the address the woman gave.

The door opens and they shush, but it’s an older black woman. She invites them in and explains that she is Dylan Toback. Being bored caring for her husband on life support, she created Dylan and a dozen other personas, including a guy Dee thought she had met and sent her hair to online. Her real name’s Catfish and Dee and Mac have no idea what the hell is going on. She shushes them and they leave.

The Gang converges back at Paddy’s, unsuccessful in their search for the douche. But all is not lost since Frank has already made the video and posted it on Facebook. He shows it to them, promoting Paddy’s as the oldest pub in America, serving liquor in strange containers with celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, The Situation and Snooki, Dennis Rodman and O.J. Simpson. Plus they have cock fighting, strippers, donkey shows, Motley Crue and cake. And best of all they have no sign!

The Gang likes the video, Frank actually did a good job for once. But wait! There’s the best part…

Frank dressed as a doctor…
“So spread the word to all your friends. At Paddy’s Pub, you’re guaranteed to catch a virus.”
Frank inserts the clips of Mac and Dee earlier talking about infections and bugs.
“So spread this video to all your friends because it is a COMPUTER VIRUS!”

“Take it from me. I am a doctah. Dr. Toboggan. MANTIS! Toboggan!”

They can’t believe it. Frank said they wanted a virus video, so here it is. They don’t even know what to say, this whole day has gone to waste.

But suddenly, someone comes in the bar and whistles at them. It’s the douchebag shusher! He with his two friends walk in and like this exclusive, sign-less bar. He asks if they are open.

Yeah they’re open and the Gang lights up. Dennis tells Charlie to lock the doors.

Episode Thoughts
Another winner! Hilarious episode all around. Incredibly random and more importantly, basic and simple. Just the way I like it.

We got the return of the duct taped video camera and Frank’s Dr. Mantis Toboggan alter-ego. (And again, I love how Sunny has amassed this huge library of gags and inside jokes to continually draw from without ever being old or used.)

It would’ve been nice to see a reference to Dee’s own viral video ( PatheticGrrl43), but they can’t include everything I guess.

It is also nice to see the episode with the Gang not being screwed for once since they usually are.

Overall, a great episode. That’s two in a row! Sunny is on a roll. I like it.

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