Supernatural, Episode 7.07 – The Mentalists

Dean heads to Lily Dale, New York to look into two psychics (insert airquotes) being murdered. It’s a town full of ghostly communicators and auras and energy. He heads into the local diner, the Good Graces and it is here he sees Sam for the first time in a week and a half.

Sam stays quiet for a while but Dean convinces him to work together on this case, at the very least. Nikolai, a spoonbender, senses their auras as gentle FBI agents and he and his wife offer their help if they can.

“He broke my spoon.”

They notice the two victims had a necklace and they go to the grandma psychic’s granddaughter to see if she has it, thinking maybe a cursed object. But the granddaughter, a more modern, less smoke and mirrors psychic, says she doesn’t have it. (And gives the bros an impromptu spot on “reading.”)

They head to the store where the necklace is at, but after getting mentalized again, they find the necklace was made in Taiwan. So much for that.

Meanwhile, Nikolai gets dropped onto his bendable forks and knives, literally. The sheriff tells Sam and Dean Nikolai had a vision of his own death and that the clairvoyants of the town believe it’s all ghosts.

They get a call from Melanie, the psychic granddaughter. They head to her house and she tells them her grandmother also had vision of her own death and had left a message on her answering machine before she died. The bros tell her they’re hunters and conclude because of the coldness, it probably is indeed a ghost.

Dean accompanies Melanie to her friend, also a psychic, who’s just had her own death premonition. She has a security camera and they watch the tape to find a ghost has been giving these people the visions directly.

Melanie says she recognizes the lady from a picture at the museum. Dean and Sam head over and they find the picture, a picture of two sisters. The tour guide tells them they are the Fox sisters. The younger one was the star, the older one, not so much. They’re buried at the cemetery. Sam leaves first, but the tour guide stops Dean.

“Do you know an Eleanor or Ellen? She seems quite concerned about you. She wants to tell you, pardon me, if you don’t tell someone how bad it really is, she’ll kick your ass from beyond. You have to trust someone again, eventually.”

Before going to the car, Dean lets it out. He wants Sam to stop being a dick and a bitch. He couldn’t kill Amy, so he had to do the dirty work.

They go dig up the younger sister’s grave and before they can light it up, she appears and pleads with them to listen to her. But they don’t and they poof her away.

Melanie is with her psychic friend Camille grabbing some of her stuff at her home so she can stay with Melanie for a few days. But the clock strikes 2am, just like in her vision. Melanie calls the bros just as she appears. It’s the older sister that’s killing. The non-star.

The bros tell them to get salt and iron, but no good. Camille is dead.

They go to the older sister’s, Margaret’s, grave but her coffin is empty. They realize all the deaths so far have been those that would have headlined the convention in town. And now Melanie would be next in line.

They go back to the store/pawn shop and Sam asks for the address of whoever had bought the ingredients for a spell that could harness the ghost. But it turns out it’s the pawn shop owner that’s behind all of this.

Sam goes to the guy’s apartment. While Dean and Melanie try to hold off Margaret, the guy explains he’s a real deal psychic. But he’s not charismatic or pretty enough to make tons of money like all these fakes. So he and Margaret have a kinship and she is more than happy to kill all these stars for him. Sam manages to shoot the guy and then find the bones (in his bed) and burn them before Margaret can kill Melanie.

“Ugh, I can’t believe he was boning her.”

Melanie comes to the Good Graces. Sam leaves the two alone and Melanie tells Dean she wishes they had met during a better week. They share a cutesy moment about maybe meeting in the future.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Dean finds Sam loading his stuff into the trunk of the old Dodge Charger. Sam says Dean was right. If Amy was any other monster, he might not have felt any hesitation in killing her. But Dean’s also got to let it all out. Dean admits he has a hard time trusting people, especially since Castiel. And he’s been drinking all over the place because lying to Sam didn’t sit well with him.

They get in the Charger and drive off.

Episode Thoughts
Good episode. Fun and light, but progress. And yay for a good ending for once!

I gotta say it is awesome how Jewel Staite’s Amy has factored in so much these last couple of episodes. It all actually ended up well, highlighting how it is and has definitely been hard for the Bros to let their emotions not affect their responsibility to protect.

An A-ha! moment when Dean admits he has trust issues thanks to Castiel’s greediness. Cute little Ellen mention to get him to realize it too.

Supernatural has always done well being able to make filler episodes count at least somewhat and this was one of those episodes.

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