Review: TV5’s Bagets: Just Got Lucky a Refreshing Contemporary Update to Classic Film

Teen and youth-oriented shows in the Philippines are never anything to write home about and at most are merely vehicles to introduce the public to the network’s newest young recruits.

But sometimes there are shows that are actually enjoyable and appealing, much like TV5’s update to the 80s teen classic film series Bagets.

This new generation of Bagets, subtitled Just Got Lucky features a likeable cast of fresh-faced rookies who exhibit strong potential with bringing to life a contemporary script.

A wide range of typical Filipino teen life, both at school and at home, with family, friends and loves; the writing stands out from other teen shows with its natural, realistic dialogue. This is how teens actually speak and act, not the overdramatic and contrived way you might see on other series.

Bagets also has a fresh look, a step up over other productions, yet still simple.

But the main draw of the series will be its main cast. Though a few are still rough around the edges, the young talents are charming and are not asked to contend for Oscars or Emmys. Instead, they are made to do their best impression of themselves, their lives and the everyday lives of friends in high school. Which makes the series organic and easy to watch. Nadine Lustre is especially charming and likeable as George who has gotten the most solid material so far.

Teen shows can try too hard and attempt to make some kind of social statement, but in the end just feel forced and fall flat. Bagets is easy going, laid back and relaxed which is definitely out of the norm in the genre on Philippine TV.

Bagets: Just Got Lucky is fresh, breezy, and enjoyable and does a great job at introducing the country to TV5’s roster of equally fresh young talent.

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