Power Rangers Samurai Premieres Monday, February 7th

Nickelodeon has confirmed that the all-new Power Rangers Samurai will premiere on February 7th. And while the character promos have been pretty bland and too 1995, the newest minute-long promo is more promising and shows how much potential the re-energized franchise has.

It is very cool, for me, to see and recognize all the scenes from their respective episodes (and/or movie) from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. This promo also doesn’t aim to highlight what could be the actors’ weakest line delivery and the show’s cheesiest lines (almost) like the character promos do. Still kind of disappointed that they went with a remixed version of the original theme song instead of a brand new one, though I understand the reasoning behind it.

My expectations are very high for February 7th.

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