Which Amazing Race Teams Really Have Unfinished Business?

First of all, let us be clear, The Amazing Race 18 is NOT an All-Star season. Despite the rumors, TAR18 is not a 2nd All-Star season, but rather as was officially confirmed and introduced last Sunday, subtitled “Unfinished Business.”

Now, CBS has not officially released the cast list for next season, but the full list of teams is already out there. In fact, the Race just finished a few days ago and many teams are already back home.

The question is, however, what in the world were the criteria for Bert and Co. when actually choosing the participating teams for TAR18:UB? Because looking at the list, especially for any longtime TAR fan, it seems hard incredibly difficult puzzling paradoxical… there isn’t a word to describe it.

While I won’t spoil the teams here, I will give you a fair warning… don’t get your hopes up.

The phrase “Unfinished Business” brings up a lot of things, but basically in our TAR context, it would/should mean teams that didn’t win but have something to prove. Teams that were eliminated before their time. Teams that were screwed over, whether by other teams, by TAR production itself (though TAR would never admit it), or by extraordinary circumstances. Teams that seemed like they were deservedly on track for the million but got stopped short.

Now remember, this criteria is completely different from the criteria that would be used for an All-Star season. An All-Star season would consist of teams that either dominated the Race or were big, memorable personalities, teams that were fan favorites or the villains that fans loved to hate.

By tagging TAR18 with the subtitle of “Unfinished Business,” it leaves them free to pick teams who fit none of that All-Star criteria.
So, which teams from ALL 17 seasons of The Amazing Race can legitimately say they have Unfinished Business on the Race? Here are my picks in order of season.

And again for full disclosure, I’ve come up with the following list of Unfinished Business-worthy teams with full knowledge of which teams actually will be taking part next season. Though there’s still that tiny glimmer of hope that we’ve been fooled and the real cast of TAR18 is amazing. (Yeah right.)

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