The Amazing Race 17 Season Wrap-up

Season 17 of The Amazing Race ended with history being made. Nat & Kat are officially the first all-female team to win the original, American Amazing Race. 17 seasons, almost 10 years and finally an all-female team crosses the Finish Line first.

This is definitely a big deal, after many less than stellar, maybe undeserving, or worse unlikeable winners, we get a team that fully deserves the win. A great ending to one of the better post-All-Stars seasons. Having Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire as Teams 1 and 2 couldn’t have been a better way to cap off the season. Two teams who have not only done well, but dominated the Race. Two teams who didn’t just fall onto the Mat at the Finish Line, but worked their butts off the entire Race to get there.

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