What Does HD Mean for The Amazing Race?

Last week, CBS finally announced that The Amazing Race will begin production and broadcast in high definition next season, TAR18, that’ll premiere in the Spring.

It may seem like nothing important and many might not really care about standard or high definition as long as the show is good. But The Amazing Race transitioning to HD actually very big for the series.

Not only will The Amazing Race look clearer and crisper in HD, the series is probably one the few shows on television outside of the Discovery Channel that would greatly benefit from high definition technology.

The gorgeous, beautiful, exotic backdrops of a Race around the world will look even more stunning. The Amazing Race has been known for their smart production and crew, especially the cameramen. Now they’ve got an even better tool to really show how beautiful the world really is.

About Time
High definition seems to be just one of the everyday parts of life right now. But The Amazing Race in its 17th season and after years of Emmy dominance, is still with standard definition equipment. Survivor upgraded to HD two years ago. The Amazing Race is the only non-HD show on CBS Primetime. It is about time TAR joined the club.

But the biggest thing to take out of this announcement is CBS’ commitment to the show. It was starting to get a little iffy the last few weeks, but CBS upgrading TAR to HD is like a vote of confidence. Otherwise, they would not shell out so much money to make the upgrade. Cost was one of the reasons TAR in HD was only a dream for a while.

Suddenly, CBS has announced high definition Amazing Race and that should bode well for the series. And why wouldn’t they keep TAR around. It is one of the network’s highest rated shows and it regularly wins its 8pm Sunday timeslot (except when football’s around).

So The Amazing Race’s future sounds very positive. And that is definitely great news to hear.

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